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 Dragonball F

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SS3 Gogeta

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PostSubject: Dragonball F   Wed Feb 07, 2007 11:52 pm


dragonball fusion is about all new characters. It takes place 100 years after the end of Dragonball GT. All of the Z fighters have died expect Goku that never returned from the mystic dragon realm, Piccolo, and that old Perv Roshi. So get ready to read some action packed fun and some comedy on dragonball F.


chapter 1 The Beginning

we start are journey at Grandpa Gohanís House with two boys. one looks just like goku in his orange clothing and the other boy has black hair but he has red hair in the down the center of his hair. His hair is as long as a ssj3's hair. He is wearing the same thing as the other boy. they both have swords.

Boy one: hey Sephi lets go get something to eat?

Sephi: yeah I am so hunger so what do you want Kenshin.

Kenshin: how about so fish?

Sephi: yeah we have not had fish in ages.

Kenshin: we had it yesterday.

Sephi: yeah that was ages ago.

Kenshin: what every, lets get some fish.

Sephi: yeah lets go

kenshin and sephi were now at the river.

Kenshin: Iíll go first.

Kenshin took of his shirt and his sword then dived in the water. Then a minute later a gigantic fish came out of the water with kenshin kicking it in the head.

Sephi: nice work I donít even have to go in the water.

Kenshin: yeah yeah your just to lazy to get in the water

then kenshin pushed sephi in the water.

Sephi: hey stupid what was that for

Kenshin: damn I thought you would melt like in the wizard of oz.

Sephi: shut up.

Kenshin: ha ha ha, lets go home.

Sephi: fine loser.

Back at there house they ate the fish.

Kenshin: its getting cold and dark out.

Sephi: itís getting close to winter maybe we should go to mollyís house for the winter.

Kenshin: I think your right lets get ready to go.

Sephi: Iím ready lets go.

Kenshin: yeah me to lets use my instantransmission.

Narrator: well here we go kenshin and sephi are off to mollyís house. Next time on dragonball f we get to see who molly is and terrible news for sephi and kenshin find out next time on dragonball f.
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SS3 Gogeta

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PostSubject: Re: Dragonball F   Wed Feb 07, 2007 11:53 pm

Chapter 2 molly and the bad news

Sephi and Kenshin were both in front of a big building. Kenshin Knocks on the door then a girl with black hair, red t-shirt and black jeans answered the door she is about the same age as kenshin and sephi around 15 years old

girl: hey you guys come on in.

Kenshin: hey molly nice to see you

Sephi: yeah hi molly.

molly: so i guess your here for the winter.

kenshin: yeah how did you know that.

molly: i know because you do this every winter.

sephi: yeah she has a point there kenshin.

kenshin: so what is your newest invention molly.

molly: i built a spaceship that can serveve warp drive but i don't have a power source to power it.

sephi: cool it's the color red.

kenshin: hey i got an email on my labtop that you what to talk to me what did you want?

molly: oh, over here look at this.

then kenshin looked though the telescope and saw a black ship.

kenshin: what is that ship thing.

molly: it's an alien space ship coming for earth in about 1 year.

kenshin: WHAT coming here!

sephi: so what if they come if they are not good i will kill them.

molly: it won't be that easy i used a sayian scoter and the power levels are in the billions.

sephi: what we can't even beat them.

kenshin: we can if we go in the hyperbolic timechaber then we can do training out here.

sephi: yeah and we can get help for new plant vegeta.

kenshin: yeah but we have to ask king Trunks Jr.

sephi: yeah he is so strong.

molly: well you can ask him tomorrow.

kenshin and sephi: fine

kenshin: jixs you owe me a soda.

sephi: shut up you owe me about a billion sodas.

molly: shut up and go to bed you two!

Narrator: Wow can kenshin, sephi, and molly get the sayian army to help them save earth from this foe find out next time of dragonball F. next time on dragonball F kenshin, sephi, and molly go to ask king trunks Jr. for help will he say yes find out next time on Dragonball F
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SS3 Gogeta

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PostSubject: Re: Dragonball F   Wed Feb 07, 2007 11:53 pm

Chapter 3 King Trunks

molly: Breakfast come and get it you two

kenshin: i'm coming


kenshin: wake up you idiot

then kenshin punched sephi in the head.

sephi:owwwwww what was that for.

then a big bump was on his head.

kenshin: lets just go down stairs.

sephi: fine idoit

then they both were sitting at the table eating

kenshin: so molly do you still fight.

molly: yeah i do it every day

kenshin:cool you can help us with those bad guys

sephi: are we going to see king trunks Jr. today

kenshin: right now.

then all three of them stood up then molly and sephi put there hands on kenshin then they were on a weird plaint.

kenshin: witch way do we go.

then three sayians start to attack kenshin and the others. kenshin uses a kamahamaha way on all of the guards but then the guards turned ssj2.

kenshin: so these guys can go super sayian 2 well lets show them what we got.

then kenshin turned ssj3, sephi turned ssj3, and molly turned ssj2.

guard 1:what these people are sayains

kenshin: we are here to see the king

guard 2:fine put you have to defeat all three of us.

sephi: thats all we have to do.

guard 3: yes that it

sephi:let me handle all of them you two stand back.

kenshin: fine

then sephi pulled out his sword the he teleported behind the gurads a cut them all in half.

kenshin: you di have to didn't have to kill them.

sephi: he said defeat so i did.

kenshin:lets go to the castle

sephi:where do you think it is.

molly: i think it's that buliding.

sephi: how do you know

kenshin: maybe it's the big sign that say king on that buliding

sephi: ok lets go.

Narrator:so are z team is of to see the king next time dragonball f. next time on dragonball f they get there answer from the king and they get there team name next time of drasgonball f.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragonball F   Fri Feb 16, 2007 9:21 am

PM Andy to get a new Board for this story, he'll move it to it's own board that you can moderate.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragonball F   

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Dragonball F
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