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 The Beyonder's Chronicles: Dragonball Z/Inuyasha crossover

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The Dark Angel

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PostSubject: The Beyonder's Chronicles: Dragonball Z/Inuyasha crossover   Tue Feb 06, 2007 1:54 pm

A being appears out of nowhere in a mysterious room.

Being: I am The Beyonder. I am neither living or dead, I simply am. I am not a God. I am neither good or evil. I have not brought happiness to mankind nor have I brought them terror.

Millions of windows appear in the room. Each window looking into a different dimension.

The Beyonder: I see all, every world of every dimension of every universe. I know every living and non-living thing that has ever existed and will ever exist. I am simply a watcher. Every now and then, I will bend universes and move beings into places they do not belong. Sometimes I will create an existence of two entire dimensions existing as one. These "crossovers" if you will, happen outside the existence of time, unbeknownst to the beings of each universe, for as long as I see fit. When I move them back into their universe, all memory of the events that took place are erased and what happened simply never happened. This simply serves as a study for the higher beings.

A window grows larger showing a small group of heros searching for jewel shards.

The Beyonder: A world of humans and demons with everyone looking for the sakred jewel shards. and an unlikely groupof heros. Kagome, the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyou. A young half demon, Inuyasha. A monk, Miroku. A young fox demon child, Shippou. And a demon hunter, Sango. There are others also in that world. Inuyasha's older brother, Sesshoumaru. The priestess, Kikyou. And the evil Naraku.

Another window grows larger showing another group of heros.

The Beyonder: A group of heros who search for the seven dragonballs. The saiyan, Goku. Goku's son, Gohan. Goten, Gohan's little brother. Vegeta, the saiyan prince. Vegeta's son, Trunks. There is also many others. Babidi, the son of evil wizard, Bibidi. And an evil creature known as Majin Buu.

The Beyonder combines the two windows.

The Beyonder: What would it be like if these two dimensions co-existed as one?

I am The Dark Angel, the darkness that the light shines.
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The Beyonder's Chronicles: Dragonball Z/Inuyasha crossover
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