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 Read First: Prolouge

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PostSubject: Read First: Prolouge   Sat Jan 20, 2007 9:00 pm

The Legend of Zelda: Midna Chronicles

Twilight Princes Spoiler Warnings


One Year since Link and Midna fought the ferocious Battle against Ganandorf and Zant. The Twilight Princess Midna ressumed her posistion as the Ruler of the Twilight Realm, After destroying the Mirror of Twilight She was cut off from the Light Realm, This didn't Upset her, the thing that upset her was the Fact she would never see Link again, Espescially since the Mirror is Unrepairable.

Midna assumed her Posistion at the Palace of Twilight, Sitting in her throne she was bored as Hell. She heard her Door Smashing wide open and a member of the Twili Race Approached her looking Distressed. This is no Ordinary Twili, he is Midnas supreme Warrior of the Twili Army; his Name is Shadi. He has Silver Guantlets and Silver Iron Capped Boots, And Sword on his Back.

"Princess! Quick there is a visitor in the Downstairs Chamber"

"So? What's he want? give me a speech about how to control all of the Cats in the Twilight Realm? Or threaten me too Reduce Taxes?"

"He's from the Light Realm!"

Upon hearing this; Midna Ran downstairs into the Palaces main chamber as fast as she could, Excited about who the visitor might be. It could be Link... Zelda? or maybe even Ganondorf, He might not be dead. She Pushed the door open with all her force, Knocking out a Guard on patrol next too the Door.

"Skull Kid?! How did you get here?"

The Skull Kid from the Sacred Grove stood before her (If you haven't played TP it is not the one from Majoras Mask). He also looked distressed as appose to his usuall playful nature.

Skull Kid:
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Read First: Prolouge
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