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 Volume 1: Escape the Twilight

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PostSubject: Volume 1: Escape the Twilight   Fri Jan 19, 2007 4:23 pm

"Link... KIDNAPPED?"

Skull Kid:
"Yeah, he came back to the Sacred Grove looking really angry. I asked him What was wrong and he Ignored me, picked up the Master Sword and was just gone!"

"Then how'dya Know he was Kidnapped if he Just Vanished"

Skull Kid:
"Oh Yeah... he got trapped in a Crystal first, then screamed, THEN vanished!"

"We've Got To help, He saved my life... My World and made me Beautiful again!"

Midna Posed and Winked at a Nearby Guard who gazed at her like a Zombie. Drool Fell from his mouth Staining the Brand New Carpet.

"THAT'S A NEW CARPET! Anyway... Skull, How did you get here?"

The Skull Kid turned his head away from Midna, he as if he couldn't look her in the eye. He turned back to her, He had a Mischevious Grin. His grin Turned into an Evil glare and Out of Nowhere A Peice of Fused Shadow (The one that Imp-Form Midna wore on her Head) Had appeared in the Skull Kids Gloved Hands.

Skull Kid:
"A Mere Light Dweller could Never make it to the Twilight Realm without the Mirror, You're a Fool Midna!"

The "Skull Kid" charged at the Tall Twilight Princess and Knocked her too the Ground. He Kneeled on her Chest and thrust on her face; the piece of Fused Shadow. Midna threw the Skull Kid onto the floor about 10 Feet from where she was Now lying but The Fused Shadow had been Cursed.


Her Body was dragged up into the air like a Ragdoll and She Shriekd with Pain so loud the Windows Exploded. This caused Shadi To Charge in the Room. He was a Normal Looking Twili but he had Silver Metal Gauntlets and Boots and a Sword attatched too his Back. He shot an Evil Look at the Laughing Skull Kid and Jumped on him, Drew His sword and held it to Skull Kids throat.


Skull Kid:
"Ahh Shadi... you were always a Great slave to My Uncle... do you Remember? The True King of Twilight... Do you remember my Uncle?... Zant!"

With that the Skull Kid let off an Explosive wave of energy Knocking Shadi flying and out cold. In the Middle of the Room the Long Cloak Midna had Just worn was just a pile on the Floor and underneath them sat the Imp form of her that helped Link throughout his whole adventure. Midna stood up, She looked at her hands, they were like Tiny claws again. Her Body was Black and a Pale Green Colour, Her hair was Bright orange again and could Turn into a Giant hand.


Skull Kid:
"Midna... You've always been Ugly... Consider it revenge for Killing The True King of Twilight... My Uncle, Zant."

"Your Uncle... Zant was a ruthless person who acted as a puppet for Ganon."

Skull Kid:
"What's a Ganon? Well I will not make the Same mistakes as he made."

"You were banished to the Light World Years ago Xan... How did you get back..."

Xan (Skull Kid):
"Well Princess... as we Both know In the Light World, Unless someone gives us their life of their own free will, we can only exist as a Shadow or we will eventually Die. I found The Skull Kid in a Forest and inhabbited his body as a Vessel, I then made a Deal with a man who seemed very interested in your Friend Link so I Trapped him in an Energy Crystal and gave him to the Man. In return I was sent back here to my World and I am about to Rule it just as My Uncle did."

Before Midna Could comment a Shadow arrose from the Skull Kids Body (The Body lay on the floor unconcious). This is Xans True form but Midna didn't have time to observe it and see what Xan looked like. Infact She didn't have time to even look at Xan before he created a Twilight Portal.

"Goodbye Princess!"

Midna, Shadi and the Skull Kids Limp body were turned into the little black Twilight Particles and sucked into the Swirling Vortex to the Light world.

(Twilight Particles are Just Little Black Squares that peopke and things turn into when going into a Twilight Portal, They Re-group and turn back into the person or Object when they Reach their Destination)

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Volume 1: Escape the Twilight
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