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 Issue #2: "Hero or Villain?"

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PostSubject: Issue #2: "Hero or Villain?"   Wed Jan 17, 2007 6:18 pm

"What the hell is a T-bot?"

Adam surveys the lab, still weary and confused. He notices all types of different designs on the walls, and nameless gadgets and gizmos that adorn the shelves.

"Project T-Bot... Teen-Robot... It's just a nickname I referred to it by in order to get the funding and parts that I needed. I convinced everyone that I was creating an Android in the likeness of my deceased child, to help cope with my loss. They don't know that you're real, Adam."


Adam approaches a mirror, he sees the same face he has always seen in the mirror, but his brain rejects the image and the eyes do not recognize what they see. He presses his fingers to his face, but feels nothing.

"This isn't human."


Adam Sanderson smashes the mirror with his fist. Shards of glass go flying in each direction. His natural instincts fail as a large shard flies backwards and cuts him just beneath the eye, without even a flinch to guard himself.

As the glass drops downwards, it casts the reflection of the wound right back at him. Adam sees a tear of blood dripping just beneath his right eye.

"..Adam's dead. I can't be him. I'm just science's abomination."

He walks over to get a closer look at his Father's early plans for his "resurrection".

"T-Bot.... that's stupid."

Adam leaves the lab and walks towards the exit as his father chases him, shouting his name. As he exits the building, he slams the doors behind him, shattering the glass and breaking the enforced hinges on the door.

Walking down the street, odd glances continue to exist beyond those that witnessed him destroying the door to his Father's building. The onlookers notice that Adam is dressed for a sunny day, ignoring the cold rainfall torrent.

An open window at a residential house lets out the sound of a newscast, the name "Mayor Kingsley" causes Adam's ears to perk. Peaking in, Adam discovers that the report is not about the Mayor, but one of his aides, who has just been found innocent on rape charges. Adam recognizes the man as one of the men who assisted Mayor Kingsley in his death. Adam's eyes widen as the memory of his death returns to him more vividly than before.

Noticing the locale as the town court house, Adam realizes his chance at getting his revenge. Already a dead man, Adam has nothing left to lose.


"Mr. Stapleten, now that your name has been cleared of the allegations against you, is there anything you would like to say to the accuser?"

"Ah yes. I would like to apologize to the citizens of this great city over having to endure this entire ordeal with me. I am very grateful that justice has been served and my name has been rightfully cleared. Thank you, no further questions please."

"And there you have it. Today at this court house, justice has been served. For WBCB news, I'm Marcia Gonzales. Back to you in the studios, Craig."

A limousine awaits the arrival of Mr. Stapleten, who quickly rushes through the crowd to get inside, away from the press and the rain. The limousine starts to move as Stapleten picks up his coffee. The vehicle suddenly comes to a halt and the coffee flies into Stapleten's lap. Visibly upset, he knocks on the tinted window that divides his comfortable side of the limousine with that of the driver's.

"Hey, what gives? Why did you stop like that, asshole?"

"I'm sorry, Sir! There's some kid standing in the way."

"So? Deal with it."

He returns to reading his paper and sipping what is left of his coffee as he hears the driver's door open. Only seconds later, something rams into the car, forcing it to stand on it's right two wheels. The car drops back down on each tire with a loud thud and a few violent shakes. As the vehicle settles itself, Stapleten exits from the unharmed side of the car to find panic in the streets. As he stumbles around to the damaged side, he sees the limp body of his limo driver against the dented frame. A ghost then stands before him.

"You! You were there with the Mayor."

"Holy shit!"

Adam's devious grin haunts the man. Under no possible miracle could this kid have survived the stabbing.

"Do I look familiar?"

"This can't be real! This can't be real!"

"Look at me!"

The man covers his eyes as he slowly backs away, refusing to accept what he sees before him. Adam walks over to him and kicks him to the ground, yelling at him.



As quickly as he notices them, Adam points to the television cameras that are recording the event.

"Tell them what you did to me!"

"You're not real! You can't be!"

In all the commotion, Adam had not heard the police shouting threats at him. Certainly, the gun shots received his attention as they opened fire. As a volley of bullets pounded his body, he is knocked down. Refusing to yield, Adam reaches over and grabs the leg of Stapleten as he attempts to escape.

Adam stands up, much to the shock of all witnesses, as bullet holes litter his body, and blood draining from each wound. The police open fire again, as Adam quickly grabs Stapleten and uses him as a human shield. Police Chief Myers immediately orders his men to stop shooting.

Chief Myers
"Everyone, hold your fire! I repeat, hold your god damn fire!"

Barely alive, Stapleten turns his head to look at Adam, a teen who should be dead twice already.

"...Not real.."

The police watch cautiously, not wanting to open fire while he has a hostage in his hands. Enraged that he died by the police's bullets and not by his own hands, Adam slams Stapleten's head viciously into the ground with each word he speaks, talking to him as if he is still alive.

"Kingsley will die by my hands!!"

The police resort to anti-riot tactics and launch several canisters of tear gas towards Adam. But Adam, both he and the police unaware of his superhuman speed, is able to escape unseen and before the gas has a chance to react.
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Issue #2: "Hero or Villain?"
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