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 The Silver Oozaru Saga

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PostSubject: The Silver Oozaru Saga   Sun Jan 14, 2007 6:59 am


Dragonball 3


The remaining defenders of Earth have lived in fear these past seventeen years. Training in the daytime, sleeping in the afternoon, and running for their lives during the night time, the Saiyan menace that threatens them and the whole universe for that matter, has nearly destroyed what mankind had accomplished, and what Goku and his friends had fought so hard to protect.

The Monster could Easily of destroyed the Planet; seventeen years ago when it was just an infant, When the Demon was just a baby he had a power level exceeding that of a regular Super Saiyan. The second son of a Deceased and Pathetic Saiyan warrior was born Alive into the world of the dead and because it is Alive it was possible for the child to stay in the Living world when transported there.

The Second Son of the Saiyan known as Paragus was a monster…Out of all the fighters of the Earths special forces only three remained, Three Humans. After Goku left earth on Shenron 780 Years ago these 3 Fighters sought out the Fountain of Youth, they vowed to protect the earth as best as the could with Eternal youth.

None of the 3 Humans warriors were that strong, one was about equivalent to a Super Saiyan while the others were weaker. But the second son of Paragus had achieved a level that is only known as a Kaio-Saiyan…He took the Form as a Silver Oozaru, (NOT A SUPER SAIYAN 5!) The Name Kaio-Saiyan came from his Mother. The was the Female Supreme Kai of Hell was his Mother, and his father Paragus the Saiyan…The 3 Warriors have tried to Battle the Beast, Cutting off its' tail, Destroying the Moon they even tried a Spirit Bomb on the Kaio-Saiyan but nothing has worked.

The Saiyan will not revert too his Humonoid form on one condition; He returns to hell in the daytime and back too The Living world at night…He is toying with Earth, Making it suffer before he moves onto the Rest of the Universe…Why? He is searching for Goku.

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PostSubject: Re: The Silver Oozaru Saga   Sun Jan 14, 2007 7:00 am

Silver Oozaru Saga

Episode 1: Introducing the Heroes:

Narrator: The three warriors that have been granted Eternal youth by Dende and with help from the fountain of youth are Training in a clearing just west Of the Korin Tower.

Yamcha still wears his Old Turtle School Clothes which have been Ripped and torn Quite a lot so After some Adjustments they Now have Half of a Saiyan Armours Chest Plate and a Shoulder Pad on the Right hand side of the tattered Shirt. He wears Two Saiyan Boots, all of this he found at the remains of Capsule Corporation, Which has been destroyed and this wiped out all of Vegetas’ Descendents. Yamcha has his hair tall and spiky like it was in the Cell Saga

Tienshinhan wears a blue T-Shirt with a white Sweatshirt underneath (the white sleeves are visible) he wears Piccolos’ old Cape and still has no hair; he has now got a few Scars on his face though.

Uub, The third and strongest Human warrior still wears Majin Buus’ clothes and still looks exactly as he did in Dragonball GT except for a few Scars on his Face and he is now a bit taller and older looking.

Tien: Yamcha think fast! DODON RAY!

Yamcha only had time to produce a weak Kamehameha to counter the Dodon Ray Uub Flies back down to the ground after Practicing his Transformation Beam on a few Trees; He turned them all into one Gigantic Tyrannosaurus that Rampaged at the three warriors. Yamcha and Tien carried on firing Ki at each other as Uub Squared off against the Dinosaur.


He punched the Dinosaur in-between the eyes, the dinosaur flew backwards as Uub charged up a Blast


The Blue Bolt of Energy hit the Dinosaur before he touched the ground and he was barbequed.

Uub: Yamcha…Tien! Dinner is served!

The two warriors came and sat down to a grilled T-Rex Sandwich.

Tien: So what’s the plan for tonight? Flee or Fight

Yamcha: he he….that rhymed

Uub: Be serious Yamcha…I say we should fight tonight, I almost got him speaking last week remember?



He’d Just Blocked an attack from hitting Yamcha, He was flying level with The Giant Apes head, weary from battle, he had scratches all over him and he had his arms out stretched and one eye closed (Just blocked an attack from the Oozarus Mouth).

Oozaru: Family…Send me…kill…GOKU!!!!!!!!!!

Just then he Punched Uub and continued his Rampage

-End Flash Back-

Tien: Yeah…he must be related to one of Gokus' enemies, Maybe Vegeta or that other one, the one that he told us about…Turtle or Turles or something

Uub: I think it’s related to a Saiyan Goku told me about he was insane, lost his mind at the sight of Goku…always shouting “Kakarot”…a Legendary Super Saiyan.

Yamcha: Tien tonight will be a perfect time to try out our new move

Uub: New Move?

Tien: Exactly…how are Master Roshis’ Students getting on Yamcha? Have any of them gotten any stronger in this past year?

Yamcha: Well the two 8 Year olds have nearly learned how to fly, the 9 Year old Can Fly, Use Kamehameha and is getting pretty strong now, he’s nearly ready to train with us when he learns to control his Ki…His power level isn’t high at all he’s at about 10,000-ish but that’ll be where we come in.

Tien, Yamcha and Uub continued their training after their meal Yamcha and Tien went off to practice their “Secret new move” and Uub went to Visit Master Roshi.

He flew across the ocean not far west from the forest they were training in, he saw the Bright pink house on the Tiny Island below him and Landed.


A Boy approached him, he had long black hair and Master Roshis’ Turtle School Uniform only this Uniform was a Very Dark Grey (nearly Black) and Red as appose to the Normal Bright Orange and Blue, He was about 9 Years old.

???: Master Roshi is out swimming, he says he saw a Mermaid the other Day…Hi I’m Riosan but everyone calls me Rio

Uub: You’re Roshis’ Star Pupil I take it, Knows Kamehameha and everything?

Rio: (Blushed) Yeah I’m him are you Mr. Uub?

Uub: Yeah I’m Uub; I need to speak to your master can you tell him to go to “The lookout” tomorrow morning please…and to take you and the other Students with him.

Rio: The lookout?

Uub: He’ll understand

Rio: Yes sir

Uub: Thanks see you tomorrow.

Uub flew off without another word leaving Rio amazed by the power he sensed and he already knew why he wanted to see Roshi and Himself tomorrow.

Nightfall crept over the Land, a light mist covered the ground, a hole opened up in the sky far away, something flew out, the hole closed and everything went Silent and in the distance an astonishing power could be sensed.

Narrator: Is the Mysterious Kaio-Saiyan as strong as everyone says and will the Warriors be able to survive the fight? Find out next time on Dragonball 3.
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PostSubject: Re: The Silver Oozaru Saga   Sun Jan 14, 2007 7:00 am

Dragonball 3

Silver Oozaru Saga

Episode 2: The Bonds of power:

Uub, Tien and Yamcha knew that tonight will bring a lot of pain, Yamcha and Tien Seemed confident with their new Technique and Uub knew that a powerful technique would take time so he would have to fend for himself for a while.

The Z-Fighters Reached South City, the Giant Silver Ape was already on a Rampage.
As they tried to get closer they were nearly hit by a dozen Mouth Beams.





The warriors 3 most powerful attacks all made a direct hit on the Oozaru, They had planned to weaken it with a powerful attack, eat a Senzu Bean to restore energy and then go in for the kill.

The Stunning Blue and Yellow Waves hit him in the stomach as the Spirit ball Went straight for the face, hammering is eyes trying to Null the fiends vision.

These three powerful attacks affected the Beast more than they hoped as they used a combined Solar Flare to stun him some more Uub charged straight at the Temporally Blinded Monster

Tien and Yamcha Covered Uub From Behind with a Duo Technique they called
“Kame-hame-pa” A mixed version of the two blasts; Dodonpa Wave and Kamehameha. Yamcha invented the crap Name Kamehamepa.

Yamcha: KA-ME-HA-ME-

Tien: DO-DON-

Yamcha & Tien: KAMEHAMEPA!

This Blast hit the Beasts head which knocked him over allowing Uub to Grab his leg and spin him round and round and round and then throw him. The beasts Armour (That was an exact copy of Bebi’s armour but It was silver instead of yellow) was smashed a bit and he was dazed and confused lying on the floor.


Tien and Yamcha flew over a building. Uub was confused

Uub: Kaiosen!

Uub Paralyzed the beast with his Electrical “Kaiosen” attack, he struggled to keep the powerful attack alive expecting a blast to fly at the Silver Oozaru at any minute.

Uub: HURRY UP! I CAN’T HOLD IT…I CA…I can’t hold it- I ca-

Uub Fainted and fell to the floor, The Kaio-Saiyan planned to squish the KO’ed warrior but he was stopped.


A giant shot of yellow energy hit the Ape and went straight through its chest, missing his heart by inches.

??? : I am the hope for people with none; I’m the one that destroy you! WOLF-FANG VOLLEY BALL FIST!

A tall figure charged at the Ape he punched him in the stomach, then the man flew To the exact point where the Oozaru would land and Punched him into the air, he then curled into a ball, flew into the air and Punched the Monkey with a loud “HIYEE!”


Then the man came under the light, he was tall, wearing the usual Fusion outfit he had Tiens’ Head Shape but he had Yamchas’ Trademark Scars on his Face, he had three eyes like Tien and the front half of his head was Bald while the back had Yamchas’ Spiky hair.

Uub: Somehow I expected that, but we’re still never going to win without help even if we combined an attack we probably wouldn’t we need…the Dragonballs

Tiencha: Hey Uub stop laying around and talking to yourself I need help here.

Uub (Angrily): Tiencha power up your strongest attack, I’ll use a Thunder Kamehameha… my new move.

Giant Silver Oozaru: GOKU…WHERE GOKU?!

The ape charged at them…He suddenly stopped as if he were paralyzed the Two Fighters looked down to See…

Uub & Tiencha: MASTER ROSHI!

Roshi: I can’t hold him for long; Kaiosen takes a lot of energy, Hurry!

Narrator: So Master Roshi Has stepped into the Fray, can he hold The Anonymous Oozaru while Tiencha and Uub Power up…then what? Find out Next time on DRAGONBALL 3
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PostSubject: Re: The Silver Oozaru Saga   Sun Jan 14, 2007 7:02 am

Dragonball 3

Silver Oozaru Saga

Episode 3: The Gift of Time

The three fighters flew up in front of a skyscraper.

Uub: KA-ME

Multiple Thunder bolts Crashed down into Uubs’ Aura

Uub: HA-ME

Tiencha on the other hand Created Three tiny Balls of yellow energy that converted into Triangles that kept getting bigger. They became About the Size of Tienchas' head.

Roshi: HURRY UP! IV’E GOT AN APPOINTMENT WITH A WRESTER WAITING FOR ME…in my bedroom…and she’s a woman…

Roshis’ attack was broken and The Oozaru Charged at them Again.

Uub: HA!!!!!

The Blue Kamehameha wave launched From Uubs’ hand the beam surged with Electricity and too add to the pain many Thunder blots also struck the Ape from the clouds.

Tiencha: Triple Spirit Wave…GO!!!

Tiencha Controlled the three Triangles like he did with the Spirit Ball, They didn’t hit The Ape though, they got positioned; One by his head one by his chest and the other Pointing in-between his legs at his (For some reson) Non existent Knob.

Tiencha: He he couldn’t resist


Tiencha: Fine… (Mumbles: ) no fun at all

Tiencha FIRE…NOW!!!!!!

The three Triangles Emitted a Giant Triangle Beam of energy each hitting him in the designated areas, Head, Chest and…balls

The Oozaru shrieked with pain he was an inch from death

Tiencha: finally after all these years! YAHOO WIPEE WOO-

Tien & Yamcha: -HOO

They had De-fused into the separate Beings again

Uub: Doesn’t Matter, we can still finish him off

A strange Echo of a woman’s Voice boomed through the city


The Hole in the Sky Re-opened and the Oozaru was sent back through.


Roshi had woken up

Roshi: He he we’d more so laugh than fear a name like Kai

Uub: Did you speak too Rio?

Roshi: Yeah, they’re at the lookout now we should head up there too plan our next move

Yamcha: Well let’s eat a Senzu Bean I Got from Korin and get up there.

Yamcha pulled the beans out from a bag on his belt and handed them out to everyone present they all ate one and the Magic Beans restored every ones energy.

They all then blasted off at full speed to the Lookout, Yamcha Carried Master Roshi because he can’t fly properly. And as they saw the underside of Dendes lookout they saw a Blue Beam coming from the palace, the Beam got a fair distance then it vanished.

Roshi: That’s Rios’ Kamehameha wave.

Uub: Why didn’t I instant Transmission us here?

Yamcha: Because you’re a fool?

Uub: Yeh…I totally agree but I you don’t shut up you’ll be in my advent calendar next Christmas

They landed on the lookout where they were greeted By Dende, who they hadn’t seen for years, Uub, Yamcha and Tien expected him to look like Kami did in his old age but it turned out that he looked Like The Namekian Elder Guru (Because Yamcha, Tien, Uub, Roshi and His students had never seen Guru they thought he’s been wolfing down donuts)

Dende: Don’t be surprised *choke* all Nam-*cough* Namekians look like this when they *cough* get to be 917 years old.

Uub: Hey Mr. Popo how are ya?
Mr. Popo: Fine thank you Uub.

Uub: I’m really Sorry Dende but I think we need a new Kami…we need some Dragonballs

Dende: not on earth we don’t remember what happened with the Evil Shenron

Uub: What about the Black Star Shenron, if Me, Tien, Yamcha, Roshi, Rio and Mater Roshis other two Students Jump and grab the Dragonballs before they Fly off then we can stop the planet from blowing up because we’ll have all seven

Dende: Too risky anyway I’m not sure if they’re still active, I THINK Piccolo is dead…*cough* I’ve been told he has been let out of H.F.I.L for defending it.

Uub went inside the Palace, Past Dendes Chair and into the next chamber where the Black Star Dragonballs live and he looked at the Dragonballs, they were still glistening a golden colour with the Black-stars on each of them.

Uub: Still Active and hey that means Piccolo is a live and Might be able too help us fight “Kai”.

Tien: In all respect Kami Dende we could Take them to an un-inhabited planet and make a wish

Dende: you could but is it worth it? What would you wish for?

Uub: Goku, we would wish for Goku to be bought back

Dende: Goku isn’t dead

Uub, Yamcha & Tien: HE’S ALIVE!!!?

Dende: What he is doing is top secret.

Uub: Then what about Vegeta? He could help us.

Dende: Yes A Great plan but why not let him train in Other World First, I’ll contact him later, and he could train a lot better up there than down here.

Uub: Sure thank you Dende…anyway Master Roshi I need to speak too you

Tien: Thank you Kami Dende

Yamcha: Yea thanks

Roshi: What is it Uub

Uub: How about we Train Rio, he has acquired your techniques and fighting style but then we can train him.

Yamcha: Yeah and what abou-

Yamcha was cut off mid sentence, he looked like he’d been punched in the stomach, but there was nothing there… he flew backwards and smashed a bit of Dendes Palace

Tien: YAMCHA!!

Tien flew over to Yamcha, Yamcha Looked at Tien, then his eyes closed and his limp and lifeless Body fell to the ground. He had died.
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PostSubject: Re: The Silver Oozaru Saga   Sun Jan 14, 2007 7:03 am

Dragonball 3

Silver Oozaru Saga

Episode 4 Blind Vengence

Tien looked at the corpse of his friend; there were no wounds at all, not one.
He swung around too see the stunned Faces of Uub, Dende, Mr Popo, Roshi, Rio and two kids, a young Boy and a Girl the same age, Behind them was a figure floating in the air, Tien didn’t even take in what the person looked like, he just charged at it.


Tien went to punch the figure, he looked stunned as the person disappeared, Tien searched around for the figure but was punched in the head before he could do anything, the Man who was dressed in Ninjas clothing, had a black scarf type thing on his face; used as a mask, and a red pair of sunglasses that served as a Scouter.

??? : Pathetic, you’re not worth it, just like your friend.

His voice was really deep but it was obvious he was using a voice scrambler to protect his true identity; He then shot a red Ki-blast at Tien blasting him to the ground.

Tien got back up and flew above the man, put his hands by his forehead and screamed


??? : Please, I’m wearing a mask and goggles, come on fool wake up.

The blinding light shone and seemed to have no affect on the stranger who then flew up and hit Tien really hard with the heel of his foot, right in the stomach.

Tien: *Cough* what *choke* Power

??? : I’ll show you how it’s done, Tienshinhan.

Tien: you know my name?

Tiens mysterious attacker flew up into the air; he put his hands by his fore head and also shouted at the top of his voice


Tien, who was not only stunned by this light couldn’t open his eyes, everything was white, he was like this for a couple of minutes until he finally dared open his eyes, he couldn’t see, he rubbed his eyes and opened his 3rd eye, he still could not see a thing, everything was white but it slowly darkened down until he could only see black, Tien was Blind.


Uub: Tien…Yamcha…WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?

Uub flew in front of the mystery assailant and blocked him from finishing off Tien; he grabbed his hand before he could punch him and started crushing it, just as Goku had done to Frieza upon turning Super Saiyan.

Uub: How do you feel like being turned into Chocolate?

??? : Let go of my hand, please, ARRGH

Uub increased the pressure, his hand Glew Purple, he sent this purple onto the Assailants body like an Aura of energy, this was supposed to turn him into chocolate but before he could finish the move the man in black blasted him with his other arm.

??? : This was nothing personal; I’m a Galactic bounty hunter.

Uub: who employed you?

??? : It was just a job

Uub: WHO!?

??? : Shen the Crane hermit, I swear


??? : No, Just 2 people, a man called Roshi; I tried his island he wasn’t home, and a “traitor” called Tienshinhan

Roshi: Uub finish him off

Uub: Why?

Roshi: DO IT UUB!!


Roshi: He was way too dangerous too be left alive Uub.

Uub: I missed, accidentally on purpose.

Roshi: Why?

Uub: he doesn’t deserve it

Tien: Where? WHERE IS HE!?

Tien closed his useless eyes to tried and sense the being; he disappeared and re-appeared behind the man.


Yamchas murderer was destroyed

Tien fell to the floor of the lookout and his eyes were instantly healed by Dendes Namekian Healing powers.

Tien: I remember that guy, he’s a human some how with a REALLY long life span, he killed My best friend Chaoutzu about 800 years ago, I just killed the assassin for Chaoutzus Vengeance, I also killed Tao Pai Pai 800 years ago for hiring him to kill Chaoutzu, Sorry Uub, Mater Roshi, Kami Dende.

Suddenly a really strong wind blew, a very strong wind and something strange happened, a Dragonball, not any Dragonball, one of the original Red Star Dragonballs that disappeared and fused with Goku, the ball had one star, It Glew white…then a thunder bolt hit the ball and a great light shone throughout the lookout, after this light cleared there was a being there that Uub recognised completely, he nearly collapsed with fear, the strongest enemy ever to face the Z-fighters (besides Kai) appeared, Syn Shenron stood before them.
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PostSubject: Re: The Silver Oozaru Saga   Sun Jan 14, 2007 7:03 am

Dragonball 3

Silver Oozaru Saga

Episode 5 the Syns of Shenron


Uub took battle position as the Evil Dragon stared him down. Syn Shenron stood still as Uub unleashed a Flurry of Punches and Kicks upon him all of which didn’t even make Shenron’s “Nephew” move an inch.


Uub: You are? YOU’RE LIYING, KA-ME-HA…

Syn Shenron: Uub, stop I’m here to deliver a message from Goku.

Dende: Hey Syn Shenron, how’s it going

Uub: Dende? Shenron…GOKU?

Syn Shenron: Fine thanks Grandpa Dende.

Roshi: Grandpa?

Syn Shenron: Well he is Kind of my Grandfather, He created Shenron, who was classed as his Son, The Black Smoke Shenron was classed as Shenrons’ Brother and me and My Brothers are technically his Children.


Tien: Sorry, you said something about Goku?

Syn Shenron: Yes, Well let’s start from the beginning, after hew Disappeared on Shenron he became one with the Dragonballs until…

-Flash Back-

Shenron: Wake up Goku, were here.

Goku: We’re where…wait a minute my Voice has changed, I’m an Adult again!

Shenron: Yes, you wished for it in your sleep, you talk in your sleep, a lot…

Goku: Ok…so where are we and why are we here?

Shenron: Well first of all let us summon the Dragons’ that you destroyed

Goku: (Angry) WHY?!

Shenron: Well here you go, take this.

Shenrons’ eyes Glew like he had granted a wish and a Little Green, Rhombus shaped rock with little engravings on; appeared in Gokus hand, and it was about the size of his thumb.

Goku: What’s this?

Shenron: Your guide to ultimate power, in a moment this crystal will Transport you too a different dimension, Just like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber you know but with some differences.

Goku Go on…

1. There will be no Housing area or door back to reality; it will be just one white room
2. You will only have 1 Hour a Day too eat and 5 hours too sleep every day
3. When you are not eating and sleeping you’ll be training with your new Sparing partners
4. The Sparring Partners will be the 7 Dragons only they are now Purified and good.
5. And you will be Training until I see fit to release you…Goodbye

Without another word the Crystal in his hand shone a bright green and Goku was transported too a giant white area with the 7 Dragons and the Training began.

-End Flashback-

Uub: Whoa, so what’s his message then?

Syn Shenron: His training is almost complete and he will be released in one year, so he will be able to fight Kai.

Everyone looked stunned and they all had to take in what they Just Heard, Syn Shenron stood and watched the stunned fighters and then began too speak again.

Syn Shenron: also Goku wants me too stay here with you ONLY until he is released, then I will become a Dragonball again, He wants me to Train you…Uub, Tienshinhan, Yamcha and Riosan.

Rio: me? You want to help train me?

Syn Shenron: Uub and Tien will train you first then I will of course train you.

Rio bows too Syn Shenron and thanks him for the honour before turning to Mater Roshi and the other two.

Rio: Master Roshi would you let me be trained by them?

Kan: Please, Don’t go Rio, we want you to stay

“Kan” was a boy about 8 years old with a Super Saiyan four style hair-do which was Brown, he was wearing Roshis Trademark uniform only his Gi was Black and he had a Blue Long sleeved Shirt underneath (you can see the Blue on his arms) his Twin Sister “Gol” Had long Brown hair (in the style of 18’s hair but much longer) she was wearing the same as her brother but the Gi was A Baby Blue and her Under shirt was Pink.

Gol: Please Rio.

Roshi: You can Go Rio but come back too us before you fight next year.

Syn Shenron: I know the perfect training place, let’s go before this gets emotional…

Rio: Bye Everyone.

Tien and Uub also bade everyone farewell but before they were ready to go the made Roshi promise that they would Give Yamcha a proper Burial and then Disappeared with Syn Shenron.

-Narrator, wow when Goku comes Back Kai will be toast, plus the training from Syn Shenron will leave Rio, Tien and Uub pumped up for the Match…what will happen next time on DRAGONBALL 3?-
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PostSubject: Re: The Silver Oozaru Saga   Sun Jan 14, 2007 7:04 am

Dragonball 3

Silver Oozaru Saga

Episode 6: Separate Paths.

The Z-fighters, with new addition of Syn Shenron and Rio, appeared on a planet far from earth, they appeared on the planet Kanassa, A planet once Known as “Planet Frieza #54” The planet was conquered and liberated by Bardock and his Team Eons ago. The Kanassans have taken over the planet again and their Psychic abilities have evolved beyond predicting the Future.

Syn Shenron: Lets not waste any time, Tien you come with me, Uub and Rio you go somewhere else and train, report back here in 10 Months...GO!

Uub: Go?

Syn Shenron: GO NOW!

Uub: Yes sir! Come on Rio.

Uub and Rio flew towards the south of the planet as Syn Shenron and Tien went north.
On the very south point of the planet, There was No one, it was deserted…the reason became clear when Rio Fell to the ground with a gigantic Smash.

Uub: The Gravity is Strong here, I’d say at east 500 Times Earths Gravity.

Rio couldn’t move and Uub had a Tiny bit of trouble walking but nothing he couldn’t handle.

Uub: The perfect place to train, Rio, Stand Up.

Rio: I can’t I feel too heavy.

Uub: Ok, until you can stand up and walk I can’t train you, sorry Rio, I’ll be back tomorrow, goodbye.


Uub started Flying, Rio Tried to get up and he failed, Uub was getting further away, further and further until.


Rios Pupils Disappeared, his Hair stood up, its usual Black hair turned a Burgundy colour and he gained a Gold Aura. His power level went from 10,000 too over 100,000 and, then too 500,000 and it still kept rising. Rio stood up and he then charged at Uub. But before he could reach him his power Faded and he fell back to the ground, Unconscious

Uub: Whoa, he has Great potential, and he does look a bit like…anyway, let’s carry on.

Rio woke up the next morning with Uub standing over him. He woke up and to Uubs’ Surprise, Rio stood up, with a bit of trouble but he managed it in the end.

Rio: I feel Great, Have I gotten stronger? Mr. Uub? When did you get back?

Uub: Just as I thought, you don’t remember…ah well you have increased in power and might I add you’ve increased in power Tenfold, you were at 10,000 now your at 100,000…you Transformed yesterday and you power level sky rocketed to over 750,000

Rio: I did? Cool I’m only 9…whoopee, (sings: ) I’m strong I’m strong do doo do de do.

Uub: Be serious, you showed great potential, we need to harness it, how about we spar?

Rio: Sure Maser Uub, don’t hurt me too much.


Syn Shenron: (serious voice)Good Tien, your life force didn’t drop at all during that last Tri-Beam, you’ve perfected it.

Tien: thanks but there is no time to stop, we must beat Kai

Syn Shenron: Well at least take a break.

Tien: I will develop a new technique, of my very own for once.

Syn Shenron: Well I’ll take a break.

Tien Ignored Syn Shenron and Sat down, he closed two of his eyes and started to meditate, he focused on what he hoped to accomplish.

Syn Shenron also started to meditate, but for a different Reason, he was too strong to Spar with Tien because as a dragon he couldn’t Decrease his power level like everyone else.
He was trying to create a new Dragon, one that was stronger than Tien but not too strong.

-Meanwhile in H.F.I.L (Hell Basically)-

Kai had De-Transformed into his Humanoid State (Regular Saiyan) he is a Tall Muscular 17 Year old with hair shaped like a Super Saiyan 3’s Hair only Black, he was sparing with his Older Brother Broly in the Home for Infinite Losers (H.F.I.L).

Kai: Broly, I am ready to return to earth, why won’t Dad let me?

Broly: Because he is following the orders of your Mother, he is like a puppet too her.

Kai: I will be returning to earth, and when I do I’ll be ready to destroy the Planet instead of Searching for Goku.

Broly: Goku…Ka-Ka-KAKAROT!

Kai: Crap I said the G word.

Brolys’ hair went tall and Spiky, It turned a Gold/Green Colour and he grew a lot bigger as his pupils disappeared.


Kai: Aww, not again…

Kai screamed too charge his Energy and Became a Super Saiyan 4, He then Put his arms out in front of him and released a Kaiosen attack, and while Broly was Paralyzed he used his Move “Leech Seal” and he unleashed a string of white energy from his finger, the String wrapped around Broly and Drained his energy, reverting him into a Regular Saiyan, Unconscious on the floor.

Kai: I hate it when that happens.

-Narrator: Kai can also go to Super Saiyan Level 4; I hope the Z-Fighters will be strong enough as His Kaio-Saiyan form is 5 times as strong as Gokus Super Saiyan 4 Form. What’ll happen next time on Dragonball 3?-
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Dragonball 3

Silver Oozaru Saga

Episode 7: The Neon Ball (part 1): The Creation


Rio had managed to fly, although Very low, in the 500 X gravity and as a result got a lot stronger. Uub who was punching and kicking around was drenched in sweat because of (again) the Extreme Gravity force.

Uub: *Pant* Great…Rio…I’m…tired *Pant* let’s…Call it a…Let’s call it a night eh? *Pant*

Rio: I’m fine; watch this…KA-ME-HA-ME-HAA!

The Kamehameha wave was pretty big and it destroyed a mountain upon collision.

Uub: hmm…Rio, THINK FAST!

Uub unleashed a Blast big enough to kill and destroy Rio, he was ready to stop the blast if Rio Couldn’t but un-surprisingly too Uub, Rio did the same as before, his hair went a burgundy colour and Grew spiky, he got a golden aura and his Pupils Vanished, He Countered the Beam with a Move he invented himself at Roshis island, because he is only 9 it had a childish name.


The beam was fired from two cupped hands from his stomach, like Piccolos “Light Grenade”, only this was a Beam attack and it was light Green with Blue electricity around it, it was pretty big in size also. The blasts met in the air and with no Power struggle they cancelled each other out. Rio turned back to normal and fainted.


Tien was still meditating and Syn Shenron was communicating to Dende, through Telepathy.

Dende: Yes that is possible to do, also when all you Dragons merge into Shenron again you’ll be a lot more powerful, and this one will be stronger than even you BUT it can increase and Decrease in power.

Syn Shenron: So is it an 8 Stared one or what…?

Dende: well we need too surprise Tien for him to power to full, so it won’t have any stars, maybe it can be Gold with a big circle on it, but like you and your Brothers it’ll be a different colour whilst part of him.

Syn Shenron: Perfect, when can you have it here for?

Dende: Tonight.

Syn Shenron: Great, goodbye

Dende: Bye

-The Next Morning-

Uub: Rio, you did it again yesterday, you transformed again.

Rio: I did?

Uub: Yeah, can you show me that move of yours err I can’t remember what it was… “Baddie Blaster”?

Rio: How do you know?

Uub: you used it on me.

Rio Put his hands on his chest and Produced a tiny bit of Green Light, it formed into a ball, Just the right size to fit in his cupped Hands (yesterday he had to move his hands to make room) and he fired a Green beam at the closest mountain, it was about a quarter of the size of yesterdays Baddie Blaster and there was no blue electricity.

Uub: I knew it…not as strong as when your transformed…wait a minute…

Uub looked really shocked like he’d just been shot


Rio: Me too…It’s giant…it’s coming from where Tien and Syn Shenron is.

Uub: Doesn’t matter they’re probably training.

-North Pole of Kanassa-

Tien: That power level is Huge…Why did Syn Shenron have too return to Goku for a week…AND why did he have to go TODAY?!

Suddenly a monster appeared before Tien, he was 8 Foot Tall with Black skin, In the middle of his stomach he had a Black Ball on his chest with a Neon-Green circle on it, he had Horns coming out of his head that were about the same Size as Syn Shenrons, but the Spikes curled backwards at the end. He had a tail like a Crocodiles. His body was surrounded by a thick outline of Neon-Green and so did the ball on his chest.

Dragon: My name is Neoronshen, (Neor-on-shen) I’m here too kill you...

Neoronshen disappeared and reappeared behind Tien, he Punched Tien in the back and as the human was sent flying down to the ground the monster teleported behind him and Kicked him in the back. Tien was Helpless as he rocketed to the ground head first then Neoronshens’ Ball on his chest Went Green and the circle on the ball went Black (inverted colours) and A Giant beam shot out of the Green Loop of the ball. This hit Tien in the back, Tien was clinging on too life.

Neoronshen: Pathetic…

The Dragon flew away without another word.

-In H.F.I.L-

Pikkon: So, who is Kai? I’m supposed to Spy on a guy called Kai…

There was someone watching Pikkon from the shadows, he emerged and spoke to the Green warrior.

Broly: I know Kai…he’s…MY BROTHER! BLASTER SHELL!!!

Broly shot a Transparent Green blast at Pikkon who dodged it and then used his”Thunder Flash attack”

Pikkon: If I let him go, he’ll tell Kai…

Broly Turned into Super Saiyan 3, he wasn’t big like his Legendary Super Saiyan form but he had long hair and no eyebrows.

Pikkon: Puh-lease, I could Take on a Super Saiyan 4 easily with all my training…I know since I’m already Dead and Since My New Master taught me this…

Broly: You can’t stop me, fool.

Pikkon: tell that to My Master Mutaito (The master of Roshi and Shen)…

Broly: I’ve heard of him, his power level is only about 1500…Pathetic

Pikkon: but he has Invented Great Techniques…

He transported a Pink electrical Deep Fat Fryer out of his house on Grand Kais planet

Pikkon: Too bad this is my only Jar; I’d like to try this move on Kai… oh well…

The lone Green warrior Started too charge his energy as Broly Watched, he wanted too see the attack, Pikkon Shrieked as he powered up.

Pikkon: MAFUBA WAVE!!! (Evil Containment wave)

Broly: Wait a minute; I don’t want to be sealed in a Fryer…BLASTER SHE-

The Super Saiyan Level 3 was Interrupted as A Green vortex Surrounded him and Pikkon, in this Vortex Broly was trapped, he was Spun around like he was in a whirlpool, Pikkon Moved his arms, Directing the blast into the Jar. Broly was banished into the Jar but there was no one to close the Jar…


??? : Pikkon, I’m here, shall I close the Jar?


The Spiky haired stranger that had just appeared closed the Jar and Broly was sealed in the Jar.

Pikkon: Thanks

Pikkon looked at the Man and with a great shock saw a man that should be training on Grand Kais planet.

Pikkon: Vegeta? What are you doing here?

Vegeta: Well If I’m aloud I will be wished back too life next year, I’m Training in H.F.I.L, There is more of a challenge down here, and I like kicking the Crap from Frieza and Cell, Look I’ve even got my own Personal assistant

Vegeta pointed behind him at a well built Namekian, This Namekian was of course Slug, He has resentfully become Vegeta’s Personal Slave so he doesn’t die again, because if the Dead die they disappear forever, even Shenron and Porunga can’t restore them.

Slug: Lord Vegeta, what is thy bidding?

Vegeta: What?

Slug: What do you want me to do?

Vegeta: I’ll amuse myself, stand still Slug

Slug: yes sir.

Vegeta Fired energy bolts at his arms and legs and they fell off. Slug then regenerated them before Vegeta removed them again.


Slug regenerated his lost limbs. As he didn’t like “Lord” Vegeta it wasn’t much of a pleasure serving him especially as his Master constantly removed his limbs for fun.

Vegeta: Heh heh that was fun

-Narrator: Vegeta is having fun in H.F.I.L as it is the complete opposite for Tien as Neoronshen had just beat the Hell out of him, Rio’s potential is becoming clearer and Broly is sealed in the Denshi Jar find out what’ll happen Next time in Dragonball 3-
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Dragonball 3

Silver Oozaru Saga

8. Neon Ball (part 2) Neo Shenron

6 Days after the vicious attack on Tienshinhan he was Restored back too full health, thanks too the psychic abilities of the Kanassans and he was back training, ready for Neoronshen to come back to fight him, Tien had perfected his new attack, he had increased his power level substantially in the 6 days and was currently practicing his Dodon Ray, when he was once again approached by the Neon coloured (Black and light Green glow) Dragon.

Neoronshen: Well you survived Tienshinhan, I’m surprised, and well shall we finish this?

Tien: Are you sure, you will be completely destroyed.

Neoronshen: full of yourself I see, oh well let’s go.

The fighters threw themselves at each other with a Powerful punch from each of them, Tien back flipped away from the Dragon and used his 9 eyes technique as he split himself into 3 fighters that equally started beating up the dragon then the Three Tiens used a Dodon wave and knocked the Dragon to the floor, Tien Pulled himself together.

Tien: Had Enough?

Neoronshen charged at Tien and shot him with Neon Green coloured eye lasers and Tien flew backwards and Neoronshen punched him in the face, the 3 eyed fighter got back up and also used eye lasers, only his were Yellow and there were 3 instead of 2, Neoronshen was sent sky rocketing into the air, Tien cupped his hands like he was going to do a Kamehameha, but instead if putting them by his waist he put them in-between his neck and left shoulder, he charged up a Ball of Ki energy but not just any, it was his new ultimate move, the blast became giant and it was surrounded by yellow electricity, the Blast kept growing, it was now about 20 Metres in width and height.


The blast was released at Neoronshen who could do nothing to stop the attack, he took the blast and after a gigantic explosion the Dragon became unconscious; he fell to the floor he was an inch from death. Tien Prepared to finish him, Tien fainted from Exhaustion and just before he too became Unconscious he saw Syn Shenron, then Tien fell into a deep sleep.

-Back too Uub and Rio-



The blast was pretty big in-between his hands, It was actually pretty big considering he has not long learned how to control Ki.


Rio: HAAAAA!!!!

The blast was gigantic; it was 2X as strong as a normal Kamehameha because Rio had put all his energy into it.

Rio: Master Uub, I did it…

The young boy fainted on the floor, he was then buried in a deep sleep, he had nearly been killed yesterday by accident, the gravity had sent Uubs attack to the floor and it hit Rio, he had woken up 2X as strong that day.

Uub: Defiantly, he is I know it.

-In H.F.I.L-

Vegeta had rounded up every Saiyan Soul in H.F.I.L (the little white cloud souls) in his newly built pyramid. Amongst them there were only 5 of them that still had their body, Raditz, Nappa, Bardock, Vegetas Father; Vegeta and Paragus (who was too scared to hate Vegeta anymore).

Vegeta: Paragus, where is Broly, and your other son? Tell me now!

(He already knew Broly was in the Denshi Jar)

Vegeta was the newly appointed King of Saiyans and Lord of the H.F.I.L. He isn’t evil he Just wants too keep the Underworld Under control.

Paragus: I don’t know King Vegeta, Kai refuses too come because he is only Half Saiyan and Broly is missing Sir.

Vegeta: Pathetic, anyway considering I’m the most powerful Saiyan ever you will listen too me Paragus.

Bardock: HEY! “KING” VEGETA My son is the Strongest Saiyan ever

Paragus: KAKAROT? HE IS PATHETIC, Compared to Kai at least

Bardock: That is because Kai has got Deity Blood in him, anyway Kakarot has been training non stop for 780 years, fool. Anyway where is Turles, he should be here

Vegeta: SHUT UP!

Vegeta went Super Saiyan 4 (he has re-grown his tail)

Vegeta: I’m going to have a free day back from Baba in a few months to fight Kai and we’re gathered here today in honour of his father, the Great Saiyan, Paragus… SLUG! GET OUT HERE!

Slug: Yes sir I know time to do it.

Slug stood in-front of Paragus and charged his energy, he began to transform, and he became Giant.

Vegeta (announcing too the Saiyans): The dead cannot die, but they can be crushed so small that they disappear forever Slug do it!

Slug picked up Paragus, the Saiyan began squirming, Slug opened his mouth and threw Paragus inside, swallowed him whole and then began to shrink, and as he shrunk Paragus was crushed until he just vanished.

Vegeta: well this will only work on someone with a weak power level; if it were me Slug would have exploded when he shrunk.

Vegeta charged his power, until he was at Max power.

Vegeta: now for Kai! Pikkon, come with me

Pikkon appeared in the hall, he had made himself hidden inside a statue, the statue crumbled and the green warrior accompanied The King of all Saiyans.
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Dragonball 3

Silver Oozaru Saga

Episode 9: Kaio-Saiyan checks up.


The Grand Kai of Hell sits in her throne, talking to her Son Kai.

Kais mother: I Think you can give those training on Kanassa a little visit today, as the silver Oozaru of course.

Kai: Don’t worry I will, in fact I’ll go there now.

Kai Ran from the castle and started flying to the secret entrance to the living world that his mother made 17 Years ago.


Neoronshen: Brother, I think he is waking up.

Syn Shenron: Yup, he is

Tien: Brother?

Neoronshen: Let me explain, first of all my name is not Neoronshen; this is an anagram of Neo-Shenron, Dende Created a new Dragonball, the “Neon Ball” soon Shenron will be restored. If you collect all 7 Dragonballs, Shenron will appear and grant one wish, collect all 7 and the Neon ball and Neon Shenron will emerge, and he will grant three wishes. I was sent here to train you Tien.

Tien: Wow, that’s a lot to take in.

Syn Shenron: Now that you have someone to train with I’ll return to Goku, ok?

Tien: Sure, Bye Syn Shenron

Neo Shenron: Can you feel it?

Tien: What?

Neo Shenron: a HUGE power level

Tien: I recognise that…It is Kai, We’re not ready, and lets regroup with Uub and Rio.

-South Pole-

A hole had opened in the Sky and Uub knew what was coming out, sure enough the Giant Silver Ape appeared.

Uub: It’s now or never, we’ve got to fight.

Rio: Sure, ok.



Uub: Rio, think of everyone he has and will kill, Imagine all the pain and suffering, Harness this, turn it too power, let it EXPLODE!!!!!

The young boy did what Uub Requested, and as he Transformed into His Burgundy haired form, this time he kept his Pupils, they went Green, his hair stood up even more and went a white-blonde colour.

Rio: HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Uub: I knew it…a Saiyan

Tien and Neo Shenron arrived at the scene.

Neo Shenron: I’ll help.

He stood observing the kids Kamehameha and then he put his hands together and he too produced a Kamehameha wave. Tien did too and so did Uub.

All four of them did a Kamehameha and the beast was contained.


Everyone: HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Blast was over, Kai was nowhere to be seen, it’s over.

Uub: Well done everyone, especially you Rio, I’ve been training you for nearly 10 Months and you have surpassed me and Tien in power, Nowhere near passing this guy (points at Neo Shenron) but still.

Rio: Thanks Master Uub

Uub: Who are you anyway?

Tien explains about Neo Shenron and Syn Shenron and just as he finishes talking the Ruins which fell on Kai Rumbled, they rumbled un-controllably and out jumped Kai, all powered up again.


Uub: Shit, Damn it.

Neo Shenron: This is the end

Kai powered up a beam in his mouth, it was gigantic enough to destroy the planet. The Z fighters sat and were ready to helplessly take the blast head on; he released it from his mouth.


The Mouth-beam was so close to hitting them but it was diverted by the mysterious Kamehameha. The combined blasts destroyed one of Kanassas Moons and the Gravity became heavier in the South Pole, 1500X Earths.

Kai went back through the Void and the Z Fighters saw the Figure, he was pretty tall wearing a white cloak, he had Spiky Grey hair and a Saiyan Tail, He has a Halo hovering above his head and he was wearing armour like Paragus armour only they were blue not green.

He Turned around.

??? : Hi, I’m Goten

-Narrator: Can this old Man really be Goten? How has he returned from the dead? And will Vegeta and Pikkon destroy Kai in hell? Find out next time on Dragonball 3-
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Dragonball 3

Silver Oozaru saga

Episode 10: The Day of the Assassin.

Uub: Goten? You mean you're Goten?

Goten: Last time I checked yeah. Hi Uub, Mr. Tien. Whoa…who is this guy?

He looked at the collapsed Rio on the floor.

Uub: He’s a Saiyan; he’s a descendent of Goku.

Goten: REALLY?!

Uub: Can’t you tell, look at him

Goten stared at the young boy for a minute or so

Goten: Your right, a descendent of me or Gohan?

Uub: I don’t know.

Goten: You never know; there were many Saiyans that looked like me and my dad.

Uub: he is a Super Saiyan.

Goten: Really?

Rio woke up; he stared around and acknowledged the new presence that saved them all minutes ago.

Rio: I am a What?

Goten: A Super Saiyan, You’re a Saiyan.

Rio smirked evilly and he paused for a minute.

Rio: Super Saiyan…

Tien: Neo Shenron, we should get back to training… Wait a minute, how do you know what a Saiyan is?

Neo Shenron: well yeah we should really… Yeah, you’re right… How Rio

Before the young Saiyan could explain himself a giant energy blast hit the floor by Him.

Tien Jumped up into the air, and tried to find where the blast came from.

Tien: I killed you?!

Tien hovered there staring into the Face of Yamchas Murderer, upon closer look he looked like Android 17, but with spiky black hair and he had one completely Mechanical arm (left arm), on the arm was a bright Green light and he had traded his Black Ninja clothes for Baggy Denim Jeans and a Black and white Shirt (Like 17’s but without the Red Ribbon symbol). He had big brown cowboy like boots and a red Bandana around his neck.

??? : So, which one of you wishes to die first?

Tien: Who are you, I killed you!

??? : I was restored back to life when I was found by my Father, He restored me, his name is #17, and I killed him soon after, who wouldn’t if he gave me a name like “Kakaru”

(AN: Androids don’t age or Die naturally)

Kakaru: All you managed to do was remove my Human arm; I have been training for 20 Years, since I could Walk and talk. And with this arm my Energy is doubled. Thank Tien for that one.

The young assassin Disappeared and reappeared behind Rio and picked him up by the head.

Kakaru: Make a move and he dies.

Rio Struggled and squirmed, he then stopped moving and smirked evilly again, he started raising his power level and escaped from Kakaru.


Tien: Turles?

Rio turned into a Super Saiyan and punched Kakaru in the stomach; he then flew into the sky.

Rios voice went deeper.


Tien: But how?

(Turles) Rio: Me Rio both inhabit this body, he is my descendent, I found him on a planet when he was a baby, I escaped from H.F.I.L and before my spirit was sent back there I inhabited this body.

Uub: so you’re a full Blooded Saiyan in the body of a Saiyan with less than 1% Saiyan blood

(Turles) Rio: That makes me full blooded.

Goten: Well according to Gohan Turles looks just like me and my dad so this explains why he looks like me.


Rios Super Saiyan power exploded and his Voice went back to normal. He had control of his body again.

Uub: It turns out your power increased because you have two beings inside your body

Rio: Yeah my Ancestor, Turles I Can read his mind, he can read mine, I don’t like it, Get out! ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!! GET OUT!!!

Tien: Rio, as long as you can keep control let him stay inside you, he boosts your power, now to deal with Kakaru

Rio fainted (Again) with all the power he had let loose. Kakaru had already woken up and started charging energy.


He shot a thin bright green energy disc from his Mechanised hand and the fled the scene. Tien dodged the blast but it came around and cut his left eye. He shrieked with pain, blood was pouring everywhere.


Uub: Tien calm down a minute, stop moving for a second, I’ll heal it.

Uub released a Pink/Yellow vapour from his hand and healed the area where his eye was, but the eye had been torn out with the blast. The pain and blood had stopped and Tien was calm, he now had two eyes, a right eye and his third eye on his forehead.

Tien: I’LL GET HIM!!!

He took off at full speed, followed By Uub. Neo Shenron and Goten stayed with the Young unconscious Saiyan.

-Narrator: Kakaru survived from Tiens Blast on Earth, Rio is inhabited by his ancestor Turles and Tien has had an eye taken out, Tien blasted off after Kakaru. Will Tien Catch him? Find out next time on DB3!-
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Dragonball 3

Silver Oozaru Saga

Episode 11: Ultimate Alliance


The blast flew at Kakaru, Kakarus’ Green Aura turned into a bubble like shield and it fizzled out the Dodon ray.

Kakaru: Heh heh, you like that, that was my Atomic Sanctuary, a shield technique


This attack surprised Kakaru and he fell to the floor.

Kakaru: Heh, your power level is pathetic compared to mine. Let’s finish this ATOM SHELL!

This is Kakarus most used and second strongest attack, it is exactly like Broly’s Blaster Shell only stronger. It hit Tien head on, he collapsed to the ground and Kakaru put his foot on his head.

Kakaru SCUM!!!

Before he could Crush Tiens head he was turned into Chocolate

Uub: That’s what you get

Kakaru turned back to normal instantly! This shocked Uub, only really powerful people can do that.



The Green Blast and pink beam hit each other, Kakaru flew around and Punched Uub in the face while he was still struggling against the Atom Shell. This made him drop the Henka Beam and the Green blast hit Uub. From the Shadows came applause as Kakaru observed the Unconscious Tien and Uub.

??? : Good… good.

Kakaru: Who’s there?!

Out of the Shadows, Rio walked out.

Kakaru: It’s you, pathetic kid.

Rio: No it is me Turles, I’m this kids’ descendent, and to get to the point, I want to propose an alliance.

Kakaru: Really?

Turles: Don’t worry.

He went Super Saiyan

Turles: I’m serious

Kakaru Charged to his full power

Kakaru: Well then, let’s begin by destroying those two over there.

The prepared to destroy Tien and Uub but they were stopped as Goten and Neo Shenron stood before them.

Neo Shenron: I could destroy both of you… are you sure you want to carry on?

Goten: So could I…


Outside of the goddesses palace SS4 Vegeta and Pikkon were waiting for Kai, he was walking towards them, while he was walking he Transformed too a Super Saiyan 4.


Pikkon: Vegeta stop angering him.

Vegeta: FINAL SHINE!!!

Pikkon: Grr…THUNDER FLASH!!!

The two warriors sent their strongest attacks at Kai


Vegetas Final Shine increased in size.

The Blasts subsided and the smoke cleared. Kai wasn’t there.

Pikkon: We did it… HA HA WE DIT IT YAHOO!!

Vegeta: Run Pikkon… RUN!!!

Kai was in mid air, in his Kaio Saiyan form (Silver Oozaru)

Vegeta and Pikkon fled and Kai just laughed and De-Transformed, he flew inside his Castle.


Goten went Super Saiyan 2

Goten: KAA- MEE- HAA

Baba: Goten, back to other world, Super Saiyan 2 has consumed your last 2 Hours, come on

Tien woke up, he observed the scene, he really hated Kakaru, and he stood up and charged his energy. Gotens Kamehameha Disappeared.

Tien: Goten, I’ll give my life too save yours…just promise me, you’ll kill Kakaru


Tien: Goodbye Uub, Goten…

The halo above Goten’s head Disappeared and Tien Fainted and grew a halo, he then went to other world with Baba in a flash.


Kakaru: Fool…Come on Turles

They flew off while Goten was Grieving, Neo Shenron let them go until another day and Uub was still unconscious.

-Narrator: Next time on Dragonball 3, Neo Shenron goes to Goku for his final training preparations. Uub and Goten Train for their final battle with Kakaru and Turles and Broly Brakes out of the Denshi Jar, all this and more next time on Dragonball 3!!!-
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PostSubject: Re: The Silver Oozaru Saga   Wed Jan 17, 2007 11:16 am

Dragonball 3

Silver Oozaru Saga

Episode 12: Training begins

Goten: Uub, in honour of Tien I think we should train to defeat Kai before we try and Take on Kakaru and Turles.

Uub: I don’t believe Turles has completely controlled the little guy, He was my student and I let him down.

Goten: Well now I’m alive I’m ready to start Training again, Despite My Grey Hair old Age.

Uub: What’s with the armour?

Goten: Bulma Designed it before I left, just like Kais fathers armour only stronger.

Uub: Let’s fight… the fastest way to get stronger.

Goten: And then I’ll attempt to become a Super Saiyan 3, are you coming Neo?

Neo Shenron: Sorry, no I have to go back to Goku, his Training is nearly finished! See you in 2 Months.

Goten & Uub: Bye!

Uub and Goten took battle position after they flew back to the South Pole which now had 1500X Earths Gravity, even Vegeta Couldn’t move much in this Gravity when he trained in it on earth.

Goten: Don’t hold back, show me your full power

Uub: You too.

The fighters charged at each other and clashed in mid air, punches and kicks were thrown everywhere, Goten knocked Uub to the Ground and Performed a Kamehameha wave which Uub Countered with his Kamehameha, the Clashing beams exploded with power, Gotens proved to be stronger and his Kamehameha devoured Uub, almost killing him, or So he thought. Uub had escaped at the last minute and after Goten found him they engaged into a close Combat match again.

-Grand Kais Planet-

King Kai: Wow, I don’t believe it look at them go!

Trunks: so…stupid Goten

King Kai: Just because he is alive, stop being Jealous

Trunks had died Young and looked like he did at the End of GT but with Longer hair and he wore the same clothes as future Trunks.

Yamcha: Well I expect we’ll be seeing Tien Soon so it’s not that bad.

King Kai: well Goten Is a lot stronger than Tien.

Yamcha: True… true, Hey King Kai, let us see the Changing Rooms at Orange Star high on Earth again

King Kai: No you perv, you saw enough last time and I saw enough when Krillin Visited, he persuaded me to let him see because #18 left him.

Yamcha; so…what’s your point

King Kai: NOO!!!


Broly: KAKAROT!!!

The Jar Broly was in exploded, he was in his Legendary Super Saiyan form, and he looked around. He was in a H.F.I.L Volcano and watching him was a bunch of Warriors made out of Slime. One of them walked up too him, the Green slime monster Stared at him.

Green Slime Monster: KAKAROT!

The slime ball was non-other than Bio Broly

Bio Broly: Broly heh heh…


Roshi: That’s it…Faster…Yeah!!

Kan Knocked on Roshis bedroom door

Kan: What are you doing Master?


Kan: I can do da Kamehameha now master pwease come and watch come and watch!


Outside Kan and Gol both Preformed the Kamehameha wave at the sea; they are getting pretty strong, ready to help in the fight against Kai.


Goten: Well done Uub, lets take a break, well you do.

Uub: Why aren’t you?


Goten charged his energy, he felt his Hair growing past his Neck, his forehead started to enlarge and his Eyebrows started to vanish, his muscles became bigger, his hair was now at his Shoulders


His whole body flashed white but instead of becoming a Super Saiyan 3 his Hair went too its usual grey colour.


Uub: you were, that WAS close

-North Pole-

Rio has gained control of his body and is fighting Kakaru


Kakaru is nothing Compared to Rios Power but he knows how to stop him. He had inherited the power to Hypnotise from his Father, His bright Blue Eyes (exactly the same as #17’s) turn red and so do Rios Super Saiyan Green Eyes.

Kakaru: Awaken Turles AWAKEN!

Rio fell to the floor and then woke up again.

Turles: Thanks Kakaru…Now let’s resume our Training.

-Narrator: Next time on DB3, Uub and Goten challenge Turles and Kakaru but is the Human-Cyborg showing really considering stopping Turles? Find out next time on Dragonball 3!!!!!-
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PostSubject: Re: The Silver Oozaru Saga   Fri Jan 19, 2007 3:11 pm

Dragonball 3

Silver Oozaru Saga

Episode 13: The Cyborg and the Saiyan

Goten and Uub are continuing their training on Mount Assanak, in the North Pole
Goten has tried becoming a Super Saiyan 3 Again but failed, Goten could Destroy Kakaru in one shot with his Super Saiyan 2 Powers but he doesn’t tell Uub, he wants Uub to beat them as a training exercise and they don’t want to kill Rio.

Kakaru: There they are

He points at the mountain the two are training on and then Kakaru and Rio/Turles flew down to challenge them.

Turles: Listen, Both of you, I’ll let you go if you join us if not you shall die.

Uub: Yeah whatever Turles

Goten: I’ll fight Turles, you get Kakaru.

Uub agreed and charged his energy, he charged at the Cyborg and then struck him in the back of the neck, but the Kakaru that he just struck was an Afterimage, The real one appeared behind Uub and Tried to kick him in the back but Uub copied his afterimage and sent him too the floor.

Uub: Had enough yet?


Uub dodged this attack and started powering up an attack of his own.

Uub: Let’s see you survive this 5 TIMES KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAA!!!

This Golden Kamehameha hit Kakaru and practically swallowed him, the blast made a Gigantic Crater in the ground, when the smoke cleared Kakaru was standing their, His Atomic Sanctuary activated; the Bubble of Green Ki vanished.


Kakaru started Gathering energy, He made a Giant Bubble of green energy surround him like a dome, and he then expanded the Dome and made it bigger and bigger.


The dome Exploded, it took practically everything with it, it was big enough too see in space, the North Pole of Kanassa was destroyed. After the smoke cleared Uub was surprised that he hadn’t felt any pain, he opened his eyes to see SS2 Goten producing a Huge Ki Shield round them both.

Goten: Go and finish him off, I’ll find Rio.

Uub: alright

A Big pile of Rubble exploded and from this Rio Emerged, still been controlled by Turles.


He fired a Kamehameha at Kakaru who took the blast.

Goten: How could you?

Turles: Hmm... Pathetic low life.

Before Goten could do anything Kakaru stood up.

Kakaru: I understand now, I know… there is no need to be bad… what does it bring but pain?

Turles: (Thinking) that was the cheesiest thing I ever heard.

Kakarus’ Aura exploded he walked over too Rio/Turles, he took all the Punches that the Saiyan threw at him. Kakarus’ eyes Glew red again as did Rios.

Kakaru: Turles give all your power too Rio and then piss off too the back of his mind…NOW!

Rio Fainted on the floor, after everything he had been through he needed rest.

-2 Months Later-

After there training was finished; Goten, Rio, Uub and Kakaru returned too earth. All of them had a significant power increase and were ready to fight Kai…let the battle begin! (Well not yet)

-Narrator: Well what more can I say other than Stay tuned too DRAGONBALL 3!!!!-
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PostSubject: Re: The Silver Oozaru Saga   

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The Silver Oozaru Saga
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