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 Chapter One

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PostSubject: Chapter One   Mon Jul 06, 2009 2:10 pm

---Chapter One---

I sat there, the May sun beating down on my back, reading the continuity of a constitution. My hand was throbbing due to the fact that I had signed it in my own blood a mere thirty minutes ago. I had done it. I had become a Soldier of the Dark, representatives of demons on Earth, and this was our year to create havoc and chaos.

I could hear my mom sobbing in the other room. That is the main reason that I joined, to rebel against my parents who were medians (of the first category) and like most parents, wanted me to become a Keeper of the Light, representatives of angels. The thought of those halos made me want to scrub my mind clean. I was convinced that I was a demon through and through.

After about an hour I decided I wanted a drink. I heaved myself out of bed and walked to the door and by chance I passed by my mirror. I despised my reflection, it was a curse, an anathema to my being. Today, it seemed, the mirror was my friend. I looked at the other me and smiled, an expression that had not flickered on my lips for many long months. Not too long ago, before I became a delinquent and quit school, one of my best friends gave me the worst advice in my life. “Kat, maybe you should go on a diet.”

Since then my new nickname was Fat Kat. As soon as I heard this I went on a major diet a.k.a. not eating. Unfortunately I got major results. My parents were right in saying that I was pretty skinny to begin with.

Continuing to look at the mirror, I cocked my head letting my poofy rebellious hair swish seductively over my shoulder. I had what people called shampoo commercial hair; the lush, wavy hair which girls with straight hair were dying to have. I on the other hand, always wanted it straight. I also dyed it so many times that I had forgotten what my natural hair color was. At the present moment, my hair was raven black with blood-red highlights.

I opened my door as quietly as possible and tiptoed down the hall to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and stared wistfully at the food inside. Instead I grabbed a bottled-water. I turned around to find my dad right in front of me.

“Katrine” he said in that death voice that used to frighten me when I was little, “We need to talk.”

“No.” I said flatly and tried to pass him. My father grabbed my shoulder. I could see the look on his face that meant that he registered how skinny I had become. He dropped his hand instantly and looked at me in shock. I continued yet again to my escape.

He blocked my way and said with more force “We need to talk.” I could hear the anger rising in his voice.

When I concluded I could not get out I faced him and whispered “To the devil I…” My Dad jumped back like a bolt of lightning. This was the call of the soldiers. It summoned a demon. It was one of my many ways to get what I wanted out of my parents, they were scared. I walked back to my room in triumph, Zeus had lost and Hades won. Now if only I had a three-headed guard dog.


Most of my friends do not approve of my choice. Just last night I called my best friend to catch up and she answered saying that she was forbidden to talk to me. Well I replied in a way that I regret now because I burned a bridge that I didn’t want to burn. I had replied with a snarl of “Fine piss off!” and slammed the phone down with such force that it shattered. Telling my parents that I needed a new phone was put on my to-do list.

I turned the TV on and cruised through channels to find something worth watching. At one point I stopped on the news and saw that someone had conjured an angel in the hopes of saving a little boy who had just been in a terrible car accident. I cursed and spat at the screen and moved on. Finally I had found something. It was the movie “Constantine.” It is about demons and exorcisms and such. I was watching it a few hours later when my mom walked in the room, eyes red and puffy, stiffly asking me what I wanted for dinner. I told her that I would get it myself. I knew that she knew that I wouldn’t stay true to my word.

When I got into bed I almost, out of habit, prayed but stopped myself in mid-word. God couldn’t help me now. No one could help me now. I was beyond help.

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Chapter One
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