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PostSubject: Introduction   Mon Jul 06, 2009 2:04 pm


When I was young I did a lot of wild and reckless things, and went through a lot of wild phases. But looking back on my teenage years there is one, and only one, thing I truly regret.

In our society there are two main forces: The Keepers of the Light, and the Soldiers of the Dark. The people, who were not in either force, are called medians and are not important to the equation. There are two categories of medians: the one that know of us and deciding to stay neutral, and the ones that know nothing of us at all.

The society that I live in is all around you, but you would never know that it was there. We are so secretive and hidden, and the other worlds are so strange, that you go on living your life without even giving us Soldiers or Keepers a passing glance. The creatures from the other worlds, such as fairies and dragons, that do happen to mingle with humans have well-designed disguises to hide themselves. But we are humans just like you on the very same Earth.

Our years and calendars do not have numbers but names, such as Angel and Demon. May, in the year of the Demon, I became a Soldier of the Dark. That was the worst choice I had ever made.

Now, as I lay here on my deathbed at the young and tender age of nineteen, I tell you my story.
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