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 Charcter Outline

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PostSubject: Charcter Outline   Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:59 pm

This novel is totally a work-in-progress, progressing once I get rid of my writer's block. Please feel free to give me feed back by PMing me. Ideas are welcome seeing as I am in a writers block.

Here are a list of my major characters and a little info about them you might not get from the short story.

Katrine (Kat):

Kat is a rebellious girl who is just looking for adventure. She's tired of always being the good girl and listening to her parents so she did the one thing she knew they would hate. She joined the Soldiers of the Dark, the servants of the demons. She has issues with her body image and is anorexic. She really is a sweet girl once you get past the rough exterior.


A sexy, punk vampire who is on the side of the Soldiers. Her race is in a state of civil war on the issue of whether to join the Soldiers, Keepers of the Light (The side of the angels), or remain neutral. She is Kat's best friend and tutor. She harbors hidden feelings for Darien that end up unrequited. Beware, she likes to feed of off her friends!

Darien Doomsday (Leader):

Darien is the Leader of the City of Balance's branch of the Soldiers. He is extremely moody, he is bipolar and constantly on agonizing meds, and he takes his moods out on others. While he does end up falling in love with Kat, he is truly loyal to the demons who own him. The demons force him to give up Kat for the sake of the group. He is one of the few who can actually communicate with the demons.


Itrilidee is the one Angel we see throughout the whole novel. She represents the good in Kat, and even Chess to an extent. She shows up occasionally to try and save Kat. Itrilidee has a dark secret herself.
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Charcter Outline
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