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 Chapter Two

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PostSubject: Chapter Two   Sun Jun 08, 2008 6:59 pm


The morning seemed to reflect my mood as one of the servants helped me dress; rain was pounding relentlessly against the window panes, thunder rolling overhead and lightening arcing at regular intervals.
Finally my year of mourning was done. I was finally over my mother’s passing. The child she birthed, as if to spite her name, had lived to its first year. I had named her Sadie Elizabethe Bellemonte, a dying tribute to my mother. Today was the first day of my renewed life. The first thing I did was set Essie to work. She brought me my writing kit and then set about burning all of the mourning attire, beginning with my dresses.
I composed a letter to Masen. It was customary for my time in mourning to be spent alone. But being without Masen was almost more than I could stand. He had not sent notice of a courtship termination, but those things were better done in person.

16 December, 1861

Dearest Masen,

I hope you will pardon my delay in sending this letter, and attribute it to the right cause; my time being much occupied in my mother’s passing. This time alone has driven me to think not only of my mothers passage, but also of my precarious courtship with you. I continue to imagine of what I would be like without you. Perchance worse than Father (he still pines for my mothers comfort).
Father has become almost unresponsive and I have been forced to resume the family affairs with the assistance of Nurse Ellen. His grief for Mother seems to grow day by day. My little sister survived despite the doctors promise that she would not. It is as if she lives to spite my mother’s disappearance. She is quite a distinctive character. Mostly I try to stay away from her. Nurse Ellen graciously tends to her needs.
I want to plead forgiveness for my silence toward you. This trying time has left me all but unravelled at the world. I wish to tell you that on the day of Mother’s death, I realised something. It was not the occasion for talking of such things, however. The timing was all wrong. I saw your tears at her funeral. I have missed your company terribly since then. I request your presence, as soon as you deem possible. This to discuss, hopefully, a continuing relationship, and my earlier realisation.
Missing you by the moment
Amelia Bellmonte

The only thing left to do was wait. We didn’t celebrate my sisters day of birth. It was only her first; the more elaborate parties could come later. My father left Sadie in my care along with the few servants we still possessed. We had moved from the large house that my mother loved so very much. Father insisted that it held too many memories. I didn’t think father could stand to look at his newest daughter. She was an exact replica of our mother — of the only woman he ever loved. He hadn't been able to name her either; he left it to me. It seemed he was afraid of her, as if the baby too would leave him with little notice. I named her Sadie Elizabethe — her mother's name and left her in the care of servants for most of the time. Father was still in his deep mourning. I wasn’t certain if he would ever return. To be completely honest, I wasn’t certain if I had a come to terms with this desolate feeling inside. I had lost my mentor. The one person that I knew that I could always talk to.
I was waiting in the parlor dressed in my finery when Clayton entered the room. I put down my needlework in order to give him my attention.
“Ma’am, Sir Vitamore has come to call,” he informed me. I stood putting my needlework in the table drawer next to me.
“Send him in,” I replied. Clayton nodded once and then disappeared. I could hear my heart pounding as Clayton walked in with Masen standing rigidly behind. I inclined my head stiffly toward him, not certain of his intentions. When Clayton had closed the door behind him, Masen walked toward me uncomfortably.
“Amelia,” he bowed. I inclined my head slightly, trying not to show the utter pleasure at hearing his voice say my name.
“Join me?” I asked motioning toward the sofa. I took my seat and Masen followed. After a few moments, Masen introduced the most insignificant of the topics in my letter.
“You wrote of your father. Is he still disconsolate?” I lowered my eyes.
“Father seems to be more secluded by the day. He has begun to refuse his meals even. I believe the only thing that remains the same is his distaste for Sadie.”
“Why does your father dislike the child, has she a trait that displeases?”
I looked back to Masen’s eyes remembering that it was rude to not look to whom I was speaking—not to mention I had missed their not-so-subtle coloring. “She reminds him of Mother, as she does I.” Masen nodded in understanding not breaking our gaze.
“This time must have been immensely difficult on your household.”
“It has been a trying time,” I agreed. “Mother’s death affected the staff as well. Our cook, Ms. Abigail, followed her into the unknown, shortly after. We had a difficult time replacing her.” We were both being overly courteous, but I could see no way to prevent that. I needed to know the status of our courting, but I didn’t want to know.
“Such a shame; Ms Abigail was a treasure.” I nodded, not thinking about Ms. Abigail at all. “How did Nurse Emma take it?”
“She was more distraught than Father, but she seems to have repressed it and cherishes her time with Sadie. Personally the child terrifies me.”
“What do you mean?” Masen’s voice was kind, curious. He had always shown an interest into anything that I spoke of; I had almost forgotten that about him.
“She seems to be examining me with her eyes. It’s as if she thinks that I was the one who took Mother away. She doesn’t act like a normal child.”
“What other strange behavior does she possess?”
I sighed, and was going to reply but at that moment, Essie entered with the tea, a dish of crumpets to the side. We fell silent, awaiting her departure. She passed the cups out to us both and I knew, just from looking at Masen’s determined face that now was the time. When she left, I sipped my tea as I waited peckishly for him to begin.
“Amelia, I have one question for you,” he said looking at my formal posture. I inclined my head to allude that he should continue. He sat his tea back on the tray, moved closer and took my hand, I sat my tea down with my free hand and placed it over his, showing my delight that he was there.
“How, could you ever think that I would not want you?” I had not said such words aloud, but Masen seemed to know my exact thoughts at any given moment. It was one of the reasons that this was more of an arrangement of love than just mere marriage. Despite myself, a small smile caressed my lips as his cool hand brushed my cheek.
“Time changes everything,” I whispered, not yet relenting my posture.
“Well, it could never change my love for you,” He promised then hesitated. “Did time change your feelings of our betrothal?” The question startled me. Clearly, it was not what I had suspected. I shook my head clasped his hands.
“No Masen, nothing could change that.”
“Then if time hasn’t changed that, and therefore, not everything is changed,” Masen replied quietly.
“What has changed, I wonder?” My voice whispered. Masen just smiled and leaned in, kissing the corner of my lips softly. He was such a gentlemen and was not quite in the time of the eighteenth century. Seventeenth would be closer. I turned my head just slightly, allowing his lips to brush just against mine. When he pulled away with a small smile, I returned it.
“Now exactly what is it that you proclaim to have realized?” he murmured, his hand cupping my face. I smiled brightly.
“I love you, Masen.” It was the first time I spoke the words, but most definitely not the last and the conviction in them was so certain now after my year of reflection that there could be no denying it.
When he heard them, his eyes brightened and he smiled. “I love you too, Amelia,” he whispered, “But you already know that.” He pressed his lips to mine once more in happiness. This kiss was different from the first and lingered. I enjoyed every second of it in all of its forbidden rapture.


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PostSubject: Re: Chapter Two   Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:37 pm

please continue(:
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter Two   Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:03 pm

I love the developement of the characters and their relationship. I also like how well you stick to the customs and speech of the time period. That is impressive and hard for a lot of modern authors to do. Keep up the good work!

© Ellany Green 2009
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter Two   Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:25 pm

I love the story. Keep going.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter Two   

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Chapter Two
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