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 Issue #6: "Enter Ranma"

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PostSubject: Issue #6: "Enter Ranma"   Fri Jan 11, 2008 7:49 am

Adam rushes in blindly after the shadowy ninja. Ranma's sword instantly pierces Adam's stomach, sending his entire body silently into a shock.

"Your time has ended, child. Accept your fate."

The katana is thrusted deeper, stabbing through organs, flesh and metal until it pierces through Adam's back. The feeling of shock dissipates as the pain triggers a memory. This is.. familiar.

"I have studied your blueprints, and scouted your battles. I know your weaknesses. Resistance will only make it hurt more."

Adam lets the pain fuel him. His desire to live and make things right gives him strength. A right-handed jab weakens Ranma's grip on the katana, a follow up shot from the elbow causes him to stumble backwards. With adrenaline pumping strongly within him, Adam makes a fist with his left hand and throws all his energy into a punch that is caught by Ranma.. as is the second. With both hands restrained by his own, Ranma throws Adam sideways through a wall.

"You cannot stall the inevitable for long, child. Your blood drains and you grow weaker."

Ranma stealthily approaches the struggling T-Bot, and pins his chest down beneath his right foot. He slowly withdraws his katana from Adam's body, which causes more agony and pain than when it went in. Adam hasn't even the strength to yelp in pain.

"Succumb, child."

Adam's limbs have gone limp, as he no longer has the strength to struggle.

Once more, Adam Sanderson is dead.

Surveying the corpse, Ranma ensures that his foe is defeated, and then taps a communicater in his right ear to relay the news.

"The target has been eliminated. Awaiting new orders."

Mayor Kingsley via radio transmission
"Leave the body and rendezvous at headquarters."


Ranma opens a pouch on his belt and takes a small cloth to wipe the blood from his sword. As he disposes of the cloth on the corpse, he spots a blinking red light that shines through from beneath Adam's skin, just inches over his left eye. Ranma is instantly alarmed.

He backs away slowly from the corpse and into a dark corner. He runs through the possibilities of what the light was implanted inside of T-Bot for. Perhaps too late, it hits him..

"..a beacon!"

Ranma lays in wait, he knows that something is on its way, something likely artificial. Dr. Sanderson must have implanted the beacon inside of his son as an alert for something else if his son is to die once again. A backup unit perhaps, to retrieve the body. Whatever is on its way, Ranma awaits for it in the shadows, ready to ambush it.

Minutes begin to add up, and soon an hour will have passed. Ranma begins to accept the conclusion that whatever the beacon was intended for is not coming. He checks in once again on the body and confirms that it is still there. However, he is immediately alerted, the wound is repairing!

Ranma thinks to himself
"Impossible... his life functions were ceased!"

At the moment Ranma realizes that although he is correct, the beacon served its purpose, and brought something to repair T-bot.. something that he simply could not see..


Ranma immediately rushes in, prepared to sever the head from its body, preventing the nanobots from carrying out full repairs. The swing from his katana is caught by the hands of the rejuvenated T-Bot, and Adam disarms his foe and returns once more from the dead.

Ranma backflips out of the way, hurling three shuriken towards Adam in mid-flip, and all three are caught by Adam's left forearm that gaurded his neck. The shuriken explode on impact, but the damage is quickly repaired by the aiding nanobots. Adam charges forward with Ranma's sword in hand ready to stab, but the blade dulls to a flat edge upon Ranma's chest. Ranma tears away the skin on his chest to reveal his artificial interior.

"I am indestructible, Adam. I do not have the humanity that limits you."

"Who are you!?"

"Your predecessor. Superior in every way."

Adam darts the dulled katana at Ranma like a javelin, but it breezes by Ranma's left shoulder.

"The late Dr. Sanderson created me solely for combat. You were just his toy project. You cannot defeat me."

"What power would hell have if those imprisoned there could not dream of heaven?" - Dream
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Issue #6: "Enter Ranma"
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