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 Awakeing Saga

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PostSubject: Awakeing Saga   Wed Jul 25, 2007 8:32 pm

Ep.1:The Saiyan Protectors have awaken

Starts off at Dark Kingdom with Queen Beryl talking with Queen Metaria.

Metaria:Beryl,have you found the mystical Silver Crystal yet?
Beryl:No,master I haven't,I have Zoisite and Kunzite working on finding it as we speak.

Metaria:It would appear that a powerful youma is needed to help find the crystal then.

Beryl:But which youma are you talking about?

Metaria:Beryl,you mean you forgot about Siduko,a hand picked destroyer,who helped defeat Queen Serenity's top soldiers?

Beryl:You mean he is here,on the Earth?

Metaria:Yes,he was fortunate enough to be sent back to Earth,then be frozen,he should be close to were you are.

Beryl:I shall send Zoisite and Kunzite to find him and use his "services"to rid those Senshi brats once and for all!HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!Zoisite,Kunzite I want both of you here,NOW!!!!!!

Zoisite and Kunzite appear instantly before Queen Beryl.Both bow in her presence.Then Kunzite speaks.

Kunzite:Queen Beryl,why have you called us?

Zoisite:Yes my Queen,why have you ordered us before you?

Beryl:I have a job for both of you,do you both remember Metaria's Hand picked destroyer,Siduko?

Kunzite:The one who destroyed both General Kakarot and Captain Shizo?

Beryl:The very same.

Zoisite:Has Metaria told you were he is located at?

Beryl:According to her,Siduko is thrity meters away from the Kingdom.He will be hard to find though.

Kunzite:Why,my Queen?

Beryl:He was incased in ice after his return.

Zoisite:So,we are on a wild goose chase to find a frozen cave-man,right?


Zoisite:Your majesty,I forgot about....

Beryl:*Still angered from Zoisite's last comment*YES,YOU FUCKING FORGOT WHAT HE DID,NOW FIND HIM AND BRING HIM HERE!!!!!

Zoisite:You don't mean....


Zoisite:Yes,your majesty,I'll find him,come on Kunzite!

Kunzite:HA,so a blast from our past will return and help destroy the Senshi,so be it.Queen Beryl,consider him found.

Kunzite and Zoisite teleport away to find their new ally.
Beryl lets off a shrill laugh and fades out.

Back at present day Tokyo,Usagi is running to catch up with Ami,Rei and new friend Matoko.

Usagi:Everyone,wait up!!!!!!!!!

Rei:Why does she do this every time?

Ami:Rei-chan,don't say that,she's just....

Rei:Ami-chan,don't think about it,Usagi is a basketcase and you know it.

Ami:*Stunned look on her face*I guess your right.

Makoto:Rei-chan,why do you always pick on Usagi-chan like that?

Rei:Mako-chan,you haven't known her as long as us,you'll figure her out soon.The girl just has no sense of reason.

Usagi has caught up to everyone,catching the tail end of what Rei has said.

Usagi:Rei-chan,you meanie,why must you always talk about me behind my back?

Rei:Usagi-chan,your just....OH,I can't think of the word to descripe you.

Unknown to the foursome,two High school students are in front of them,talking with each other.

Student1:Man,I can't believe that had to happen today at school again.

Student2:Well,Sato what did you expect,those guys all know your way and how you don't like fighting unless it's for reasonable purposes.

Sato:Vegeta,SHUT UP!!!!

Vegeta:Oh,why are you getting testy,angry I almost beat you at the Tenkaichi tournament Mr.champion?

Sato:You know Vegeta,your a pain in the ass at times.

Vegeta:Well someone has to push your buttons and it might as well be your best friend that does it.

Sato:I guess,since I don't have anything else but the tournament.hmmm?

Vegeta:What now?

Sato:I didn't see those girls their when we turned the corner,do you?

Vegeta:What girls?

Sato:The ones in front of us,dumbass!!!

Vegeta looks up to see Usagi,Ami,Rei,and Makoto heading straight for them.

Vegeta:Well,well,Sato looks like more fans for you.

Sato:Like I need anymore,I already got every female at tenth street Juban High School as fans,now I have to work on the Junior's too?

Ami notices the two guys in front of them,and lets the others know.

Ami:Everyone,I think we should move over.

Usagi like always,doesn't get it.

Usagi:Why,Ami-chan,moving's not going to solve anything.

Rei:You dummy,she means make room,their are two guys in front of us.

Usagi and Makoto look up to see the High school students.


Makoto:The spiked hair one looks just like my old boyfriend.

Usagi falls over from the comment,slowly rises up while saying:Mako-chan,does every guy remind you of your old boyfriend?

Makoto:Why do you ask?

Usagi:Because,that's what you said to the ones you saw yesterday and besides was he six feet tall,like him??

Makoto realizes that Sato is indeed six feet tall and is loving it.


By the time anyone can say anything,Sato and Vegeta pass right by them!!!!

Usagi:Looks like you'll never know Mako-chan.

The girls are looking back at the two guys,not realizing in front of them was a group a thugs,led by the ones that got their asses kicked by Makoto.

Thug1:Hey boss,isn't that girl the one that kicked our butts when we were messing with that blond girl?

ThugBoss:Your right,well she's going to get her lesson right now!Boys,you ready?


ThugBoss:HEY BITCH!!!

Makoto turns around to see the thugs in front of them and the numbers outmatch theirs.

Makoto:*to herself*Oh no,not those guys again.Why did they have to show up right now?
Well,I guess I got kick their asses again.
*Speaks to thug leader*Hey jerkface,what made you return for another beatdown?

ThugBoss:HAHAHAHA,Did you really think I was going to let that slide?

Thug1:Yeah,we don't take that kind of stuff lightly.

ThugBoss:Yeah and this time,we're not going easy on ya.Your fighting us all at once!
Think you can handle it,sweetie?

Makoto:*to herself*This is going to be test,I've never had a group fight,so it will be hard,but I can handle them,no problem!
*Speaks to the thug gang*You jackasses ready?

Gang:LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile,in other part of the world,we find Kunzite and Zoisite nearing the location were Siduko is at.

Zoisite:Kunzite,have you found that monster with that primiative device yet?

Kunzite is wearing what looks like a scouter over one eye and surveying the scene.


Scouter like object beeps wildly,indicates object is five yards away from them.

Kunzite:We are very close to him now,just over that ridge.

Points to a small mountain.

Kunzite:He's on the other side.

Zoisite:Well,let's hurry then,it's fucking freezing here!!!!
*No sooner after he says that, he shivers and sneezes*Damn Beryl,for making us,her last two generals having to find a youma which we don't even know is still alive.

Kunzite:The tracking device says he still has life left in him.

Zoisite:Then let's hurry up,get him,so I can warm up from this blasted weather.

They both vanish in a blick of an eye and arrive at the area were Siduko's frozen casket is.

Zoisite:Is this the place?

Kunzite:He's here,now the next part,finding him.

Zoisite:He shouldn't be too hard to find,just like for ice with a freak in it,right?

Kunzite:Zoisite,if Beryl were here right now,you would be dead on the spot.

Zoisite:Let's just find him.

Both search the cave,not overlooking anything,but found nothing!

Zoisite:DAMN IT,WERE IS HE??????

Kunzite:Wait,did we search their?*points to a small tunnel within the cave*

Zoisite:I didn't see that tunnel their a second ago.

Kunzite:Siduko,here we come!

A minute later,both Kunzite and Zoisite reach the end of the tunnel and in front of them is Siduko.

Zoisite:*Gleefully screams*We finally found him!!!!!

Kunzite:But how do we get him out?

Zoisite looks over the casket and sees their is no way to break him out without damaging Siduko.


Then suddenly,a strange light fills the room and an image of Queen Beryl appears.

Beryl:It would appear you both don't have the needed items to break him out.
Oh well,I shall do it for you losers.

The Beryl image lifts up her Scepter and a weird light shoots out from it and hits the casket,quickly melting the ice surrounding Siduko.

Once enough ice is away from Siduko,he snaps awake and explodes the rest of the ice away from him.


Slowly catches his breath from the impact of the attack,he finds Zoisite,Kunzite and Queen Beryl in front of him.

Beryl:Siduko,do you remember who I am?

Siduko:Yes,Queen Beryl.Your face is a hard one to forget.Generals Kunzite and Zoisite,it has been a long time since I seen you both.

Kunzite:Siduko,do you remember were you are?

Siduko:Yes,the Earth,right?

Zoisite:Your correct,but not the same time frame.


Beryl:That is correct,the earth has changed since our time,and our enemies have been reincarnated,but if we work fast enough,we can eliminate them before they find out their past.

Siduko:And just who do I have to destroy????

Beryl:The Sailor Senshi.

Siduko:So,they are here as well,any signs of those Saiyan knights?

Zoisite:No,they haven't show up yet,and that's a good thing.

Beryl:Let's continue back at the Kingdom.

With a movement of her scepter,all four of them disappear from the cave,and reappear at the Dark Kingdom.

At the same time,Makoto has started the fight with the thug gang and right now,the odds are overwhelming her.

Makoto:*Breathing hard*Jeez,they weren't kidding.Not one of them are letting up,and some of their punches are starting to hurt.

ThugBoss:Well,what did I tell you?I don't let stuff like that slide.It's time to finish this,but I'll save the best for last.*Motions to one of the goons*KICK!!!!

Makoto screams in agony from the kick to her stomach.

Three blocks over,somehow,Sato hears the scream and stops in his tracks.

Vegeta:What is it now,Sato?

Sato:Did you hear that?

Vegeta:Hear what?

Vegeta then hears the scream as well.

Vegeta:Hey,isn't that coming from were we meet those girls at?

Sato gets angry and turns,running to were the girls are at.

Vegeta is stunned,then quickly recovers and chases after him.


By now the thugs have Makoto out cold and advance on the others.

Usagi,Rei,and Ami scream like madwomen,when all of a sudden,Sato rounds the corner and throws his briefcase straight at the nearest thug.

Sato screams out:GET DOWN!!!!!

Usagi,Rei and Ami turn to see who said that,when they see a breifcase flying right at them!!They dodge it and the breifcase hits the closest thug right on the nose,sending him flying backwards.Sato jumps on to the nearby wall and runs on it till he is close to the thugs and spins down,grabbing the briefcase in midair and lands perfectly on the ground.

ThugBoss:Who the hell are you?

Sato:Let's just say I'm the bully to bullies.


All the members of the gang turn to see that their comrad's nose is indeed broken and he's crying his eyes out from it.


Sato:FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!

Thug1:So,a wise guy?OH,are they your girlfriends?Is that why you showed up?

Sato:Not really,I just hate guys that have to get a thrill by attacking girls.

ThugBoss:Why's that?

Sato:To assholes like you,I'm your worst nightmare.So how bout this,I fight you in place of the one you were fighting and if I lose,then all of them have to go on dates with you...

Usagi,Rei,Ami and a now awake Makoto shudder at the thought when Sato finishes what he was saying.

Sato:...But if I beat all you creeps,Then if I ever see any of you around them,I'll knock all of you to the moon.

ThugBoss:So,you think you can handle all of us?

Sato:You freaks don't stand a chance.


Sato:Well,come on,if your not scared.

ThugBoss:Okay,boys,you heard Mr.Hero,he'll fight in that one's place,so let's take his offer.

Two of the thugs go to both sides of Sato and hold their stance.

Sato:I'm waiting!!!!

The two thugs on his sides start lauching fists at him,but they are stunned to see he's dodging them like their doing nothing.After a few minutes of this,another jumps in and attacks from the front while another attacks from behind!!!!
Like the other one's,Sato is dodging all eight fists by moving out of the way of each one.
Makoto is stunned to see the event and is cheering him on.

Sato:*after a few rounds of fist dodging*I'M GETTING TIRED OF THIS!!!!

With that,Sato drops down and kicks the legs out from under his side attackers,causing them to fall forward and hitting each other with their heads!Just when it couldn't get any worse for them,their comrads hit them with the punches meant for Sato!!!!!!


Sato leaps up,headbutting the two side attackers and,with the momentum he delivers a split kick to the front and rear attackers,sending all four away from him without a scratch on him!!!!

Sato:Hmmmmmm.Not bright,are they?

ThugBoss is in disbelief at what just happened.


The thugs get back up,but slowly due to the amazing power behind Sato's attacks.
Sato starts to unzip his jacket.

ThugBoss:What the hell are you doing?

Sato:I hate to get this jacket dirty,so I'll remove it,but it's your end anyway,since it did restrict my upper body movement.Vegeta,catch!!!!!

Sato tosses the jacket right at Vegeta and with a flick of his wrist,catches it with ease.
Sato then goes to an attack stance.

Sato:So,ready for round two or what?Come on,boys!!!Don't tell me your getting scared now.


The ThugBoss charges at Sato,however Sato hits him square in the stomach and the boss doubles over from the impact.




Thug3 and 4 rush Sato in hopes of tripping him up but he "saw" the attack coming and jumps over them,attacking with well-placed kicks to the backs of their heads.



Sato:Well,let's see three down right now...wait four since the one who's nose I broke didn't return to fight so that leaves two of you left,so who's next????

Thug5:Alright,punk.I've been holding back on fighting you because I know you have to be wearing out from all the fighting.

Sato:Actually,I'm used to it.

Thug5:That's not possible!!!

Sato:Well,am I breathing hard????


Sato:Told you,I'm still in good condition to kick you loser's asses!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Awakeing Saga   Wed Jul 25, 2007 8:35 pm

Thug5 tries to be drastic and stall Sato from attacking while the last member strikes him.
Avoids a few punches from Sato,but can't escape from a grapple at which point Thug1 charges looking for his opening.Sato unloads a hundred punches on Thug5 in a minute,when he is done with him,just tosses him aside and turns around to see Thug1's fist connect with the left side of his face.


Sato stumbles back a little,but recovers quickly.

Thug1:See,I knew that little plan would work out perfectly,but I guess even you can't avoid every punch we throw at...WHAT!!!!!

Sato shakes off the punch and sees the streak of blood on his mouth,in which he laughs wildly.

Sato:You know,it's been a while since someone hit me when I was in my fighting zone.You should feel so honored.That's a rare thing I let someone do to me.What's your name,if I may ask?

Thug1:Well,I do go by the name Muka.

Sato:So,Muka is it?

Muka:Yeah,but why should I take that as an honor hitting a punk like you?

Sato:Well,their is something about me I didn't tell you at the begining of our fight.


Sato:You all have been fighting the world martial arts champion.

Everyone except Vegeta is completely stunned to learn who the spiked hair youth is.

Sato:In case you guys forget who I am,my name is Sato Bill-san,age sixteen,holder of the title since age eight and if you remember my friend over their,he's the second Strongest fighter their is.

Vegeta takes his cue and starts walking to were Sato is standing.When he gets their,he introduces himself to the gang.

Vegeta:My names Shino Vegeta,also age sixteen and runner-up in the Tenkaichi tournament for the last seven years.Now,do you creeps feel lucky?Well,do you?

ThugBoss:Wait,you mean to tell me your actual fighters?

Muka:Boss,I remember who they are!!!!

ThugBoss:Well,spill it!!!!

Muka:Well,the tall one is nicknamed the demon fighter due to unhuman-like speed and strength and the shrimp is nicknamed dynamo for the same reasons.

Thug gang look in disbelief as they now realize they are in a losing battle with two of the top rated fighters in the world.

Bill:Well,Vegeta,think we should finish this right now?

Vegeta:Sato,that's sounds like a good plan.

Bill and Vegeta ready attack stances for their "big finish" and the thug gang start walking back slowly trying to get away from the fighters.



Bill and Vegeta mock charge the gang,and the gang screams bloody murder.

ThugGang:GET THEM AWAY FROM US!!!!!!!!!!!!

The gang runs like hell's behind them,tripping over each other to get away.

Bill:Next time I see you,I won't go sooo easy.

After the fight,Vegeta hands Bill back his School jacket and redresses himself.Afterwords,they check on the girls to see if they are alright.

Bill:You ladies ok?

Usagi,Rei,Ami,and Makoto all nod yes.

Vegeta:Boy Sato,you have great timing!

Bill:Vegeta,STUFF IT!!!!!Sorry,the sitter didn't arrive on time,so I had to bring him with me.


Bill:Serves you right.

Usagi:*to herself*Wow,who would have thought their was a male version of Rei and me in these two.

Rei and Makoto stare off into space looking at Bill and Vegeta.Ami looks shyly at Bill,then to Vegeta,while Usagi regains focus and begins to talk to Bill,when he does the same thing.

Usagi:Hi,I'm...*to herself*Whoa,he's a stud.Could he be Tuxedo Mask?No way,he's bigger than him,so I might be wrong.

Bill:Hi,I'm....*to himself*Wow,what is it about this girl,it's the first time I met her and yet it feels like I've known her my whole life.Weird.

Makoto:Unreal!!!How did you do all those awesome moves?Think you can teach me one of them?

Bill:Uhhhhhhhh....Well,I might,if I knew the name of my student.

Makoto:OH dammit!!I forgot!!I'm Kino Makoto,but you can call me Mako-chan,for short.

Rei:That's right,we didn't introduce ourselfs to you guys.I'm Hino Rei.

Ami:Mizuno Ami.

Usagi:Tsukino Usagi.

Bill blushes a little when Usagi says her name.


Bill:What?Oh,nothing.It's just a cute name for you.


Bill completely freaks out about the thing they had to and how he forgot about it during the fight.

Bill:OH SHIT!!!!!!!Later,girls!Hope to see you all again.

Bill and Vegeta run off to where they had to be in their small timeframe.Usagi and the others are left stunned about what just happend.

Usagi:Hey,you guys.Think we should tell Luna about those two?

Ami:I think we should.She will be impressed to hear the excitement we had.

All four run off to Usagi's house to tell Luna about Bill,Vegeta and what nearly happend to them.They get their and find Luna resting on Usagi's bed.After Usagi complains to Luna to get off her bed,they proceed to tell her what happended to them.When they finish,Luna is stunned,then quickly shakes her head in disappointment.

Luna:That is an interesting story,but how does that help us find the princess?

Usagi:Luna,don't you think those guys would be helpful if they were someone from that time.

Luna:I highly doubt they were from the moon kingdom,they don't fit the profile nor their apperance fit anybody that I know.

Rei:OHHHHHH,but we all thought they could be from the moon kingdom as well.

Luna:*to herself*I wonder,I just remembered two knights,but could they be them?I'll have to see for myself.Usagi-chan,do you know were they said they had to be at?


Rei:No Luna,they didn't say,but they sure left in a big hurry.

Luna:Hmmmmmmm,they do seem quite odd.Alright,I'll go with you to find these two and see for myself if they are who I think they are.

Ami:What,so you believe us,Luna?

Luna:Of course!

Usagi:Didn't sound that way a few minutes ago.

Luna:*angry voice*Usagi-chan,it's hard to believe anything YOU tell me.

Makoto:We're wasting time just standing here,let's go find the hunks!

At the same time,Beryl,Zoisite,and Kunzite have finished telling Siduko what has happend during the past years,and he shows his disconcern about it greatly.

Siduko:RAHHHHHH!!!How the fuck could that have happend?

Beryl:Enough,will you help us or not?

Siduko:*calms down*Fine,I'll join in helping to find the Silver Crystal,just direct me to where the Senshi are and they are good as gone.

Zoisite:Well,it looks like you still got it.

Siduko:A good killing is all I need after a long sleep.

Kunzite:My Queen,I have some information that Siduko would like to hear.

Beryl:Then,tell him.

Kunzite:Siduko,you say you like a good challenge?

Siduko:Yes,I always enjoy a good fight with fighters who claim to be strong.

Kunzite:Well,some scouts of ours,found two really strong fighters in Shigu Park.They are their right now.

Siduko:So,is this my coming out fight?

Beryl:Yes,you can say that.

Siduko:Then,consider them destroyed and those Senshi brats as well.

Siduko teleports to where the fighters are at,leaving Zoisite to wonder.

Zoisite:Queen Beryl,can he really destroy the Senshi after a long imprisonment?

Beryl:We shall see very soon.We shall see.

Flashback to Shigu Park were the two fighters are at,with Bill punching the air and Vegeta skimming through a small book.Bill becomes a little concerned why Vegeta hasn't stepped up to do some training.

Bill:Hey,Vege.What's up?Why aren't you over here training?

Vegeta:Hmmmmm?What did you say?

Bill:Forget it.

Bill returns to his self training and does a few kicks till he sees a can laying nearby.After eyeing it up,he delivers a sweep kick,knocking the can upward and sends a fury of punches to it,reducing it to nothing more than small slivers of it's former self.Vegeta takes the moment to say a sly remark.

Vegeta:As Bruce would say,"Boards don't hit back."

Bill:*stunned by the comment*VEGETA,THAT WASN'T A FUCKING BOARD!!!!IT WAS A CAN!!

Vegeta:Same difference.

Unknown to Bill and Vegeta,they are being watched by Siduko,who right now is unimpressed with the competion.Siduko chuckles at the skill of Bill and how he thinks he is not worthy of even his time.Bill catches the chuckle and calls out to who's their.

Bill:Vegeta,we're being watched.

Vegeta:More stalkers?How many times do we have to tell those girls,you can come up to us and get an autograph,not wait till the police show up to do so.

Bill:It's not female.


Bill:It's coming from over their.

Bill points to a large bush next to a tree.He procedes to pick up a rock and motions to Vegeta to take the rear.

Bill:*barely above a whisper*Vegeta,when I throw this rock,wait until you hear ruffling,then attack.

Vegeta:*whispering*You got it.It's been awhile since we did this.

Vegeta procedes to go around the bush and wait's for Bill to throw the rock.

Bill readies his throw when he shouts out:COME ON OUT,FREAK!!!!

He chucks the rock directly at the tree,hoping it bounces off the tree and hits the mystery person.Siduko barely avoids the rock,amazed at Bill's accuracy and fell for his trap.


Bill and Vegeta charge at the bush and connect with Siduko causing him to scream out with pain from the double attack.Bill and Vegeta then fall back and go into an attack stance.Siduko roars out from his attack.


Bill:Whoa,Vegeta,this guy isn't normal.Just look at him,he looks like one of those monster things those Senshi girls fight.

Vegeta:He does???I thought that was someone dressed up in a costume.

Siduko:What,did you just say you know those Senshi brats??

Bill:I said loser,I only see them in the news and even if I did,I wouldn't tell you who they are.

Siduko:Fine,you want to be stubburn,then I'll just beat the hell outta you until you tell me who they are and were their at.

Vegeta:You'll find out,we're not the run-of-the-mill fighters you think we are.We happen to be the best fighters in the world.

Siduko:I don't care if your gods,I'll defeat anybody who does that to me.

Bill:Wait a sec,who the hell are you????

Siduko:My name is Siduko,and I'm a pure-breed fighter who loves to destroy any fighter who claims to strong.

Vegeta:Well,Sato we'll finally get some real competion this time.

Vegeta and Bill ready themselves for whatever Siduko will launch.Siduko starts laughing at how Vegeta and Bill are handling themselves.

Siduko:Well boys,I'm going to enjoy myself tearing you both apart.GET READY!!!!

Siduko vanishes and leaves Bill and Vegeta looking all over for him,not realizing he's right behind them.Siduko sends his elbows right to the backs of Bill and Vegeta,sending them flying.They recover from the attack and spring right back to Siduko,fist flying all over the place,but none are hitting Siduko!!!!!

Siduko:What's wrong????You two were so confident a second ago.

Bill:Damn,this guy's moving too fast for us.

Vegeta:Let's try to fake him out.

Both Bill and Vegeta charge Siduko,but don't see he is prepping an energy attack.


Siduko lauches a fury of small energy blasts,Bill jumps in front of Vegeta and blocks most of the attacks,leaving his clothes torn from the blasts.At this same time,Usagi,Rei,Ami,Makoto and Luna are trying to find Bill and Vegeta but are having no luck.

Usagi:At this rate,we'll never find them*starts crying*.

Rei:Usagi-chan,can't you do anything besides crying??IT NEVER HELPS!!!!!

Luna:This is odd,isn't Shigu Park usually crowded at this time of night???

Usagi and the others look around and see Luna is right,the park is empty.

Rei:This is odd,the park's never empty at anytime.What could have caused it???

They then hear weird sounds on the other side of the wall,and look to see what's causing it.When they find the walk-in,they are shocked to find Bill and Vegeta fighting a youma.While they are watching,Bill rushes Siduko one more time,and Siduko fires off more blasts,but this time Bill deflects some of the blasts and delivers a thunderous left hook to Siduko,causing him to lose his balance,and giving Bill time to throw him away.

Bill:*Breathing hard*This guy sure is tough.

Vegeta:*Breathing hard as well*Yeah,I didn't think anyone could be that strong.

Siduko:Do you really think I'm done with you two yet????

Siduko fires a giant energy wave at both,causing massive damage and concerns the girls about their safety.

Luna:Girls,just be careful.He's not like anything you've fought before,so be wary of what you do.


Usagi:Let's go,guys!!!Moon Prism Power,MakeUp.

Ami:Mercury Power,MakeUp.

Rei:Mars Power,MakeUp.

Makoto:Jupiter Power,MakeUp.
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PostSubject: Re: Awakeing Saga   Wed Jul 25, 2007 8:37 pm

The Girls transformation sequence begins as they go from ordinary girls to the Sailor Senshi.During this time,Bill and Vegeta aren't looking so hot right now,as they stare at an energy blast primed for them.

Bill:Oh shit,well Vege,it's been great knowing you bro.


Siduko:Well,boys it's been great while it latsed,but all good thing must end.FAREWELL!!!!

Sailor Moon:HOLD IT!!!!


Turns around to find the Senshi on top of the wall nearest to them.

Sailor Moon:Quit hurting those guys,just what right do you have of fighting innocent people for??What did they do to you??

Siduko:So,you brats must be the Sailor Senshi.

Sailor Moon:Let's introduce ourselves then.

Sailor Mercury:I'm the sailor warrior of water and intelligence,Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Mars:I'm the sailor warrior of war,Sailor Mars.

Sailor Jupiter:I'm the sailor warrior of protection,Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Moon:And last but not least,I'm the sailor warrior of love and justice,Sailor Moon.

Sailor Senshi:And in the name of the moon,we shall punish you!

Siduko:Oh,stuff it.Eat this!!!!

Siduko throws the energy blast right at the Senshi,who dodge it just in time.Bill and Vegeta slowly get back up to their feet.

Sailor Mars:You guys alright?

Bill and Vegeta nod yes,thought they don't look it.


Vegeta:What is it,Sato?

Bill:Am I dreaming?


Bill:The Sailor Senshi right here,in the flesh and we're looking at them.Man,Sailor Mercury is cute.

Mercury blushes a little from the comment.

Vegeta:Why am I not suprised.

Bill:I just like the color blue for some reason,you know it's my favorite,right?

Vegeta:Hey,dummy,if your not in fantasy land,they could use some help,you know.

Bill:Your right,their going to need all the help they can get.

Siduko:So the humans join the Senshi to fight me,no matter.All of you will be dead.

Mars:Let's see you try,jerk!Firesoul!

Siduko swats the fireball away like nothing.

Siduko:Is that all you got?

Mercury:Shabon Spray!

A dense fog surrounds Siduko,giving the Senshi some time to think of an attack,or so they thought.Siduko leaps out from the fog but doesn't see Bill is behind him and he delivers a swift kick right to Siduko's back causing him to freefall right into the tree he was hiding in.

Jupiter:Supreme Thunder!

A bolt of lighting hits Jupiter's lighting rod on her tiara and lauches it right for Siduko.Everyone thinks he done for,until he walks away with only a small cut on each arm.Siduko laughs at the display he just witnessed and fires off several mini blasts to Jupiter,in which Bill jumps in and deflects all of them.Enraged,Vegeta rushes Siduko and rockes him with a punch to the gut,al the while,Bill runs and jumps attacking with a flying kick,completely catching Siduko off guard and flying backwards.Bill and Vegeta rush again and lauch multiple puches and kickes to Siduko,who is stunned to find out Bill and Vegeta are getting stronger.

Siduko:What is going on here?When I first fought these two,the tall one had a power level of just 100 and the smaller one had around 95,now they are at 400 and 380!!!Wait,could they be....???

Siduko gets sidetracked and doesn't see the gut-retching punches that knock him away with flawless effort.They rush again,but Siduko sends them away with an Explosive Wave.

Siduko:Now,I'm getting really tired of this.I'll decide who I'll fight this time.All of you,stay in a single file line and don't move an inch or I'll blow the planet up in a heartbeat.

They all do what he says.

Siduko:Good,now who shall I fight?Could it be you,boy?

Points to Bill,He clenches his fists looking to continue.

Siduko:No,maybe you?

Points to Vegeta,does the same as Bill.

Siduko:Nope,how bout you,Mars?

Mars shows a determined look.

Siduko:Is their one here who I can fight?What about you,Jupiter?

Jupiter calls Siduko's bluff,he is shocked to find a tough one,but doesn't pick her.

Siduko:Two left,which one will it be?Could it be Mercury?

Mercury shows the same determined look as the others.

Siduko:I know who it is.It's been you,Sailor Moon.You've been the one I've wanted to fight.

Sailor Moon backs up a bit and whimpers about the fight,Bill clenches his fists tighter and steps out of line.

Siduko:Hey,don't you care what happens to the Earth?

Bill lets off an angry growl,Siduko starts a small beam of energy on the tip of his index finger.


Bill,like a madman,thunders a massive punch to Siduko's right side of his face,Vegeta jumps in and both prepare for one more round,when Luna figures out who they are.

Luna:Bill-san,Vegeta-Kun,wait their is something you both should know about yourselves.


Luna:We'll discuss that later,right now,you both need to know this.

Vegeta:Okay,you got our attention.

Luna:Alright,I'll make this as brief as I can because of the youma problem,but you two are not humans like you think you are.

Bill and Vegeta:WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

Sailor Moon:Luna,are you sure?

Luna:Yes,I'm positive.Bill-san and Vegeta-kun,you both are part of a race thought to be extinct,your both are part of the saiyan race.



Luna:Okay,since it's a big shock to you both,I'll let you know what they are.The saiyan's are a warrior race,who grow stronger after every fight and every near fatal injury.Do I seem like I'm lying?

Bill:It seems about right.


Bill:Vegeta,have you never thought of how odd it is,that we seem to get stronger every time we fight or why no one other than ourselves can touch the other??

Vegeta:Okay,I'll play to that,but how do you have proof,kitty?

Luna:I have a name,it's Luna and I think I got an idea of how to prove you are what you are.You can do what he's been using.

Bill:You mean those energy things???


Bill:Well,what do we have?

Luna:Well,for you Vegeta-kun,you know the Galick Gun Technique.

Vegeta:Galick Gun?

Luna:And you,Bill-san,you know the Kamehameha technique.


Vegeta:Wait,just how do we create these attacks???

Luna:Okay,I'll tell you,Vegeta-kun to do your attack,send both of your hands back,wrist over wrist and start saying Galick Gun,when the attack is ready,send both hands,palms out by the way,and fire.And of you,Bill-san, to do your attack,do the same thing as Vegeta-kun,but your hands are cupped and you say KA-ME-HA-ME-HA and lauch it out the same way.That's all.

Bill:Should we believe it,Vege?

Vegeta:Might as well.

Siduko recovers from the attack,enraged by Sato's attack and looks to end it with his special attack.


Siduko sends out an energy wave of unreal power straight towards Bill.

Vegeta starts up his new attack,the Galick Gun.


The two attack meet in the middle and negate each other out.


Bill:My turn!!!!

Bill rears his hands back and starts up his new attack as well.




Bill's Kamehameha overpower's Siduko's Energy Wave and destroys Siduko with it's sheer power.

Bill:WHEW!!!!!!!!!Boy,was that tough!


Sailor Moon:Say Luna,does this mean they are with us?

Luna:Of course it does,Usagi-chan.

Bill catches the name Luna calls Sailor Moon and puts two and two together.

Bill:Wait,Sailor Moon is Usagi-chan????????

Sailor Moon:THANKS,LUNA!!!!!!!!!!

Bill:So,that must mean that Mercury,Mars and Jupiter are Ami,Rei,and Mako-chan,right?

Jupiter:He's right,you guys.

Mars:Guess now your going to tell the world who we are?

Vegeta:Why would we do something like that?

Mercury:But,you guys know who we are,and you two would be even more famous for finding out our identites.

Bill:We have more to lose then gain,because you girls know our secret as well.

Luna:Usagi-chan,I like to introduce the protectors of the princess to all of you.

Mars:Well,welcome aboard,you two.It's great to have new faces with us.

Jupiter:Yeah,I'm going to enjoy having your company,especially you,Vegeta.

Vegeta blushes a bit from Jupiter's flirting.

Bill:*song-like singing*Vegeta and Mako-chan sitting in a tree,k-i-s-s-i-n-g.First comes love,then comes marriage,Then comes Vegeta with the baby carriage.

Vegeta:I just met the girl and you think I'm ready to get married??

Bill:Vegeta,you're blushing.


Bill goes quiet from the comment.

Vegeta:No comeback?


Vegeta:She'll never do that for you.

Bill:Well,she might not do it for that reason,but she will because of me finishing Siduko.



As we leave Bill and Vegeta are still arguing over the better attack,we see Queen Beryl freaking out about Siduko's defeat and takes it out on Zoisite and Kunzite.


Zoisite:I could have told you my Queen,he was going to lose.

Kunzite:It would appear he was overconfident in himself.


Next time on Sailor Moon Z:The upstarts harsh training.
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Ep.2: The upstarts harsh training

The day after finding out Bill and Vegeta are the reincarnated protectors to the princess of the moon, Usagi asks Luna what is in store for them now.

Usagi: Luna, now the Dark Kingdom knows of the Saiyan's identity, what will happen now?

Luna: Well, right now Usagi-chan, Iím going to have Bill-san and Vegeta get used to their new powers, so I'll start their new training to get them ready for next time.

Usagi: Next time?

Luna: Yes, as they stand now, they will not survive the next time they fight something from the Dark Kingdom, and that would not be good for our cause.

Usagi: So, were are you going to have them train?

Luna: Bill-san told me he has a special training room where he and Vegeta do the mass of their training and I'll suit it up for the needs.

Usagi: Itís needs?

Luna: I can't go in great detail, Usagi-chan.Besides; Iíll going to be late. I told Bill-san I'd be at his place in an hour, and how it looks now, Iíll just barely make it.Usagi-chan,I'll see you later.

With that, Luna leaps to the window and motions to Usagi to open it for her. When Usagi does, Luna jumps to a near-by tree and climbs down. Luna barely gets out of view from Usagi, when she calls out to Luna.

Usagi: Luna, are you sure you don't want me to come with you?

Luna: No, I promised Bill-san I would come alone, and I intend to keep it that way. Besides what I've got prepared for them, is something you couldn't begin to comprehend.

Usagi:*in a disgusted tone*HMMMMMMM!!!!

Luna: If I let you see what theyíre going to be learning, youíll be after me to teach you, and it's not possible to teach a human what they will be going through.Now,I must leave Usagi-chan.

Luna hurries to where she was told to meet Bill and Vegeta at.Usagi worries about Luna while she is away. Unknown to Usagi, her kid brother Shingo, comes from behind and hits her in the back of the head for no reason as he tells her.

Usagi:*Extremely Angry*SHINGO, YOUíRE TOAST!!!!!!!!

Shingo runs to the door and slams it shut before Usagi can get him, and she runs right into the door, knocking herself out.

Shingo: Uhhhhhh, sis? You okay?

Shingo slowly opens the door to find out Usagi is knocked out cold, he does the natural thing and leaves her that way, so he can avoid a beat down later. At this same time, Luna is in a field in the outskirts of town. Luna looks a little peeved.


Bill hears Luna flipping out and decides she suffered enough. He walks up to her and calms her down, but not before getting clawed in the face for his actions.


Bill: Well, I thought Usagi would have tricked you to bringing her with you, thatís why I gave you false directions.

Luna: So, where is the place?

Bill: Actually, you were pretty close, just over here.

Bill points directly behind him and their lies his house.


Bill: Well, it is secluded, not many people know this place even exists and I want it that way, if you don't mind, Luna.

Bill asks Luna if he should carry her to the house, she declines at first, but after Bill tells her he moves pretty fast and he might forget to go back to the door when he gets there, so she accepts. Luna gets comfy in Bill's arms, and she thinks she's getting a nice, slow walk to the house when she hears Bill tells her brace herself. She is about to asks why, when Bill goes in a full sprint to the house.

Luna:*thought she's talking in a loud voice, it sound like she's barely speaking*Bill-san, SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!

Bill doesn't hear her and runs to the house, just when Luna thinks him going to run right through it, he skids to a stop, right in front of the door. Bill lets off a small sigh saying he just missed his best time by two seconds, and then remembers Luna's in his arms.

Bill: Luna, how was the trip?

Luna is completely dishelved; the fur on her head as well as her body are standing on-end.

Bill: Ahhhhhhhh, Luna? Are you okay?

Luna:*fierce growl*Yes, Bill-san.I always enjoy a fast run that messes up my fur. I always enjoy that.Oh, and Bill-san?

Bill: Yes?

Luna brings her claws out and belts Bill with a fury of scratches.

Bill: YEOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!What the fuck was that for, Luna?

Luna: That was for messing up my fur.

Luna proceeds to mat down the fur she can reach, until Vegeta shows up to find out what happend.Vegeta laughs when he sees Bill's face scratched up.

Vegeta: Sato, what the hell did you do to get that?

Bill: Well, Luna showed up and I brought her here and I ran all the way back, which caused Luna's fur to stand-up.

Vegeta looks down at a nearly straightened out Luna, and sees that there are still a few hairs standing up, which he asks if he could get the remaining hairs down for her. She agrees and then after she apologizes for scratching Bill's face and all three proceeds inside. The interior of the house startles Luna.

Luna*to herself*: It seemed so small on the outside.

There is a huge kitchen off to their left, the living room half its size with three T.V's.Bill then informs her the upstairs has four bedrooms, one of Vegeta, Bill and two guest rooms with three beds each. Luna acts like she's in heaven until Vegeta tells her that the basement is where the goods are (the goods being the training area).The trio proceed downstairs and Luna is stunned to see the training room. Two weight rooms are split by a small room as Vegeta says is filled with punching bags, and in the center is the sparring area. Luna takes a few minutes to look over the whole room. Luna is impressed with the layout of it.

Luna:*to herself*Bill-san must have thought of this before I did. Man, heís good.

Bill: Vege, you think Luna likes it?

Vegeta: She looks like she does.

Luna returns from her rounds, eager to begin the training.

Luna: I must say Bill-san, youíre a great one to have with the team. Anyway, letís get started on your training. Iím going to have both of you done a series of exercises that should make both of you ready for next time. I have four things I want you two to learn. First, controlling your ki. Second, learning how to fly. Third, learn how to sense ki, and fourth, learn an attack enhancement technique. Weíll be going in that order if you both don't mind.

Bill: I don't see a problem in it.

Vegeta: Letís get it going then.

Luna: Great, first "ki control."For this, Iím going to need both of you to handle charging ki.

Vegeta: Wow, what a load.

Bill starts charging ki, and gets the hang of it pretty quick. Vegeta is stunned and starts to follow suit. Vegeta soon reaches his limit, with Bill stopping near a minute later.

Luna: WOW, you two sure can put the energy in. Okay, thatís it for part one of the first lesson.

Bill: What, theirís another part to that?

Luna: Yes, but we won't get to that until you can sense energy.

Vegeta: Next is flight, correct?

Luna: Yes, for this exercise, you two need to focus and find your center. When you find it, push your ki under you to start flying.

Bill: Vegeta, you ready to fly?

Vegeta: Well Sato, if I said I didnít, Iíd be lying.

The two saiyan warriors begin to search for their center, but it takes longer than the three had hoped. Finally, five minutes in the center-search, Bill starts to float off the ground, uncontrollably at first, then getting his composure. Vegeta is pissed that Bill is flying first, so he goes into a speed find and does fly, but not gracefully like Bill, Vegeta goes right into the ceiling.

Vegeta (voice muffled): Sato, get me outta here!!!!

Bill: What?????

Vegeta: I said get me outta here!!!!!!!!!

Bill: One more time.

Vegeta: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vegeta lets off a massive shell of energy and destroys the ceiling he was trapped in. Luna is quite shocked that Vegeta let off an explosive wave. Vegeta floats to Bill, huffing from his energy attack.

Vegeta: I SAID GET ME OUT OF HERE, YOU FUCKING MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill: Oh thatís what you were saying. Sorry, but hey youíre out thatís a good thing.

Vegeta realizes that he is no longer trapped and finds out he caused the massive hole in the ceiling. Luna is just amazed by the duos power.

Luna*to herself*: Wow, if Vegeta-kun could do that just starting his training, what will he be like when he learns to control it all, and also what's Bill-san's power like????I'll just have to find out soon, I guess.

Bill and Vegeta drop to the ground, laughing about what just happened. Luna is surprised about their difference in behavior compared to Usagi and Rei. Luna then remembers they have to get back to training.

Luna: Bill-san, Vegeta-kun if both of you forgot, we still have training to do. The flying stuff was only the basics of what I want you to do.

Vegeta: Wait, theirís more to this flying than what we just did??

Luna: Yep, later on you both need to get flying down pat and get used to long distance flight as well. But, that will be on your time, for now let's focus on what's next.

Bill: Yeah, what was next????Wasn't it sensing ki???

Vegeta: Thatís right. So, how do we do that??

Luna: Well, to do that, first I'll need one of you to gather ki.

Vegeta: Iíll do that part, since I used up most of mine in my little attack. HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Vegeta charges his energy to max. Luna then explains what Bill is to do.

Luna: Thank you, Vegeta-kun. Just stays there for now.

Vegeta: All right.

Luna: Ok, now Bill-san, what I want you to do is don't trust your eyes for this, let your whole body act as your eyes. Let your body feel Vegeta's energy.

Bill: Ok, so I just feel out his energy and I'll be locked on to him???

Luna: Yes. Then we'll go back to lesson one and its second part.

Bill: Ok, whatever you say, Luna.

Bill proceeds to feel out Vegeta's power with his body, and takes four minutes to get the full feel of Vegeta's power.

Bill: Wow, that was harder than you let on, Luna.

Luna: Well, Bill-san, it will be tough of a beginner to get the feel of it all. Now, if you don't mind, itís Vegeta-kun's turn to feel out your energy.

Bill: Ok. Do I have to move???

Luna: No, where you are is good. Okay, Vegeta-kun; now feel out Bill-san's energy.

Vegeta: Well, Sato, how much do you want to bet that I'll get a lock on your energy faster than you did??

Bill: Vege, itís harder than it sounds, but since your betting, how about 1000 yen????

Vegeta: YOUR ON!!!!!!!!

Vegeta starts to feel out Bill's energy and doesn't realize that it was hard to get it on the first try. Ten minutes laterÖÖ

Vegeta: Finally, I got you locked on. How long did it take???

Bill: Cough up the yen, Vegeta. It took you ten minutes to lock on to me.

Vegeta: Dammit!!!!!!!

Luna: I know you two like to compete against each other, but can't you both be serious for a minute???Now, what you two did was a basic feel out for energy. Now it's time to get more advanced and that requires movement between you two and trying to lock on to the other with the other suppressing his energy.

Bill: Wait, more forms of it????Are we doing that on our own or right now????

Luna: Now, if you don't mind.

Vegeta: So, this goes back to the second part of what we just went through already??

Luna: Well, I want you both to get used to tracking down a moving target first, so that's our next objective.

Bill: Whatís the difference between the two??

Luna: Well, as you can guess, itís going to be harder to track down a moving target compared to an opponent at rest.

Vegeta: Since Sato went first last time, Iíll go first this time.

Luna: Very well, Vegeta-kun.Ok stays where you are and do what I told you to do last time.

Bill: Let me guess Luna, you want me to move around until Vegeta says he's locked on to my energy?

Luna: Bill-san, are you sure youíre not psychic??

Vegeta: Donít let it freak you Luna. If he could, heíd be ten steps ahead of us.

Luna: Well, letís get this going. The day is still young and I want both of you at your peak for another youma attack.

Vegeta gets ready for motion lock-on. Bill instantly runs all around the room making it very difficult to feel out Bill's energy. After twenty minutes, Vegeta finally gets a faint lock-on. Thirty seconds later, a full lock-on.

Vegeta: Finally, I got you Sato.

Bill: Whew, I didn't think you'd ever get me.

Luna: See, Vegeta-kun. It's not so easy, is it? The next lesson is just as hard, if not harder than that.

Vegeta: Damn.

Bill: My turn.

Bill then sets himself for the lock-on against Vegeta.Vegeta goes into a full sprint around the room, making Bill see why it was harder to find the target than earlier.However; it only takes Bill ten minutes to get a full lock-on to Vegeta.

Luna*to herself*: Itís so odd, how can Bill-san be able to do that so much faster than Vegeta-kun?? It's not because of near identical energy levels, so there is more than what Bill-san is showing me. Just what is it though????


Bill: Beats me. Guess I'm just better suited as a scout than you.

Luna: You must be, Bill-san.Now, time for the last part before we hit the big one.

Bill: Lock-onís with suppressed energy, right??

Luna: Yep.

Vegeta: Well, looks like youíre up Sato.I'm the guinea pig to begin with.

Bill: So, I do what we've been doing for awhile now, right?

Luna: Yes.Nothing changes for you Bill-san. As for you, Vegeta, youíre going to pull your energy deep inside yourself, then quarantine to that spot. Bill-san and you notice a difference in power in Vegeta when he does that.

Vegeta proceeds to force the energy until Bill nearly has a hard time to track him down.

Luna: Bill-san, can you find Vegeta?

Bill: Itís a bit hard to do.

Luna: Precisely, that will be a life saver for you two until your strong enough to handle whatever comes your way.

Vegeta: Well, Sato, letís get this going.

Bill proceeds to track down Vegeta's suppressed energy level, for the next twenty minutes, Bill cannot find Vegeta.
When it seems like Bill can't find him, he locks on to Vegeta.

Bill: Dammit, that was hard to do.

Luna: Well, letís get Vegeta to do this so we can get you two an attack enhancement technique.

Vegeta: Well if it's that hard, maybe I shouldn't try it.


Bill: WHOA!!!Luna, where did that come from??

Luna: Sorry, guess I still have to get used to someone other than Usagi-chan to yell at.

Bill: Vegeta, you better do it. It will be helpful later on.

Vegeta: Okay, supress your energy Sato.

Bill suppresses his energy and Vegeta attempts to get an accurate reading but it proves to be harder than he thought. Thirty minutes later....

Vegeta: Shit, is that ever hard!!!! I didn't think I'd ever find you.

Luna: Good, weíre right on cue. Now, letís get you two a technique to increase your attacks.

Bill: Just one question, Luna.

Luna: Yes, Bill-san?

Bill: Just what is the name of this technique?

Luna: Kaio-ken.

Vegeta: Kio-WHAT!!!!

Luna: KAIO-KEN!!!! KA-IO-K-EN!!!
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Bill: Boy, Vegeta. Youíre not ranking points with Luna today. She even had to slow down the word for you to get it.



Bill&Vegeta: Yes, maíam!!!!!!!!!

Luna: Okay, but before you start, this technique will be harsh on your body, for now let's just get you two familiar with it, and then train it on your own time. Now then, are you two ready?

Bill: I think so.

Vegeta: As ready as will ever be.

Luna: Ok, letís proceed.First, I want both of you to bring out that energy you just suppressed and keep it out.

Bill: Alright.

Bill and Vegeta unleash their suppressed energy, which startles Luna by how much energy the duo has.

Bill: Ok, so whatís next?

Luna: Now it gets tricky, first well, youíre going to need entirely new clothes for this.

Bill: HUH!!!!

Vegeta: WHAT!!!!!

Luna: Just wait a minute.

Luna flips backwards and four different items appear.

Luna: Okay, these items are for both of you. Bill-san, take a capsule and a watch, and Vegeta you do the same.

Bill and Vegeta take one of each and wait for what's next.

Luna: Okay, now click the button on those capsules and toss them.

*Click, Click* *Poof, Poof* Out of the capsules appear two different gi's.

Luna: Those gi's are your new weight training gear. They are very helpful for this last task. I'll give you two a few minutes to change into them.

Bill:Wait,what do you mean those are the new weight training gi's for us, and just how heavy are they?

Luna: They are just what I said, they are weighted clothing and to answer your last question, Bill-san they both weight 100 kilos each.

Vegeta: And you expect us to get those on us???

Luna: Donít worry, they shouldnít hurt you two very much.

So, the two saiyan warriors proceed to slip on their new training giís and find out they are even lighter in these than their old gear.

Luna: Now, since youíve both found out the benefits of your new attire, letís get this move down for you two.
How to get your bodies to first establish the technique is like this, first make your body think itís under extreme stress and at the same time, make it believe itís lighter than ever.

Vegeta: You mind saying that again???

Luna: OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! Why canít I ever find someone who can understand what that move-set requires?

Unknown to Luna, Bill is attempting what Luna was trying to explain and after a few minutes of processing what she said, he figures it out and goes for it.

Bill: KAIO-KEN!!!!!!!!

All of a sudden, a red aura surrounds Bill, stunning Luna and Vegeta at the fast achievement.

Luna: Bill-san, how did you figure that out?

Bill: I donít really know, I just tried to understand what you had said and then went of it.

Luna: Well, donít keep me in suspense, Bill-san, let me see if itís right.

So, Bill dashes around the room, faster than before. Luna is just stunned at how fast Bill even got the technique down. Vegeta is pissed that he couldnít get it first.

Luna: Vegeta-kun, itís your turn to get it. So, OUT WITH IT, ALREADY!!!!


Bill: Vegeta, do you want me to give you a few pointers??

Vegeta: *Highly sarcastic* By all means, letís hear the wisdom of the great Sato.

Bill: Well, first off, donít think so hard, Luna actually made what she said more confusing than it really was.

Vegeta: Seriously????

Luna: Bill-san, you figured it out, I glad that happened.

Vegeta: So, youíre saying, donít try so hard?

Bill: Yeah.

Vegeta: KAIO-KEN!!!

Nothing happens. Vegeta canít figure out what had happened. Luna is stunned that Vegeta canít do it. Bill then sees that Vegeta was still trying too hard.

Bill: Vegeta, youíve got to lighten up on learning it bro.

Vegeta: Oh, so now I have to take your slacker attitude, do I?

Bill: Looks like it.

Vegeta: FINE!!!! *takes a deep breath* KAIO-KEN!!!!!!!!!

The same red aura that surrounded Bill, now surrounds Vegeta. He is ecstatic to have gotten the technique.

Luna: Good, both of you got it down. Now, letís get you two used to it in combat.

Bill: Wait, so Vegeta and I are going to fight each other using the Kaio-ken??

Luna: Yes, itís the only way to get your bodies to understand it, through training with each other.

Bill: Well, Vegeta, ready to go all-out?

Vegeta: Your on!!!

Bill and Vegeta do their traditional stances andÖ.



Sounds of fists clashing with each other are heard.

Luna: *To herself* Oh, man. These two are going all-out for real. I just thought they were joking.

Bill: Okay, Vegeta. The warm-up ends. Now to get serious.

Vegeta: Right. Letís GOOOOOO!!!!!!! KAIO-KEN!!!!

Bill: KAIO-KEN!!!!

Luna: Now, Iíll see just how strong they are.

After the kaio-kenís have been activated, Bill and Vegeta return to fist clashing-fest, but itís even faster than before. They continue this for several rounds until Bill leaps over Vegeta to deliver a fury of punches from above, when Vegeta dodges them and knocks Bill back with a kick to the stomach.

Vegeta: Getting slow, Sato. You should have known not to doÖ

Before Vegeta can finish his sentence, Bill recovers and knocks Vegeta back with a punch in the face.

Bill: Less yapping, more fighting.

Bill then sends out a few ki blasts at Vegeta who swats all but one away. The last blast catches Vegeta on the arm, which causes Vegeta to fire off some ki blasts at Bill. However, Bill counters them by firing off a few more.

Vegeta: Damn, this is getting good. I canít believe we didnít find this out about ourselves sooner.

Bill: HEY!!!! Weíre still sparring here, Vegeta!!!

So, the two take the fight to the air and do the same as they did on the ground. However, after the next few rounds of fist clashing, Bill drops down to the ground.

Luna: Bill-san, just what are you doing?

Bill: Well, we havenít done our special moves the whole time. I think itís time to send them out, test of strength thing.

Vegeta: Oh, I get it. You want to see which is the strongest attack? Well, Iíve waited long enough to test them out. SoÖ.

Bill: Letís do it. Kaio-ken!!!! Kamehameha.

Vegeta: Alright!!! Kaio-ken!!! GALÖICKÖ

Bill: MEÖ..

Vegeta: GUN!!!!


Vegeta: FIRE!!!

Billís Kamehameha and Vegetaís Galick Gun clash with one-another. The whole house begins to shake from the sheer force between the two attacks.





Vegeta: WORKS FOR ME!!!

As the duo starts to slow down the two attacks and allow them to negate without destroying anything, Luna is hiding under a bench as she was waiting for the house to collapse. When she sees the two have stopped the contest, she goes into a frenzy, scratching both of them for the recklessness they did.

Luna: *totally dishelved* NEXT TIME DONíT DO THAT IN LIMITED SPACE!!!!!

Bill: Sorry, Luna.

Vegeta: Yeah, sorry.

Luna: Well, I can see your both seriously sorry for doing that, so Iíll overlook it now, but next time, that will be done in open areas, got it?

Vegeta: Yes.

Bill: Loud and clear.

Luna: Well, we only have one more thing to go over and that will be it.

Vegeta: What the hell is left to do?

Luna: Donít tell me you two forgot those watches you got?

Bill: What about them?

Luna: Those are your temporary transformers until you can get something better.

Bill: Do we have to say anything to make them work?

Luna: No, just hit the button on the front and the costumes will appear over your normal clothes.

Bill and Vegeta place their watches over their wrists and push the buttons and they shift into their new attire, though they are dressed completely foolishly.

Bill: Uhhhh, Luna, there seems to be a problem with the outfits. Why are they so tacky?

Vegeta: Yeah, the girls have better outfits than this.

Luna: What did you expect, your transform watches are on a lower margin than the senshiís. Youíre just going to have to deal with it until a later time, right now, just think of names for yourselves.

Vegeta: NamesÖfor thisÖtransformation?

Luna: Yes, you two just canít run around calling each other by your real names around anybody other than the senshi.

Bill: *in a different voice* I am known as Kid Dragon.

Bill does a few poses in this form, which Vegeta laughs from the sheer stupidity behind them.
Luna: Hahaha, Bill-san, that was very good.

Vegeta: Iím not doing any posing with my character.

Bill: *still in affected voice* Come on, Vegeta, no one will know itís you doing this, so why not?

Vegeta: Because itís childish, thatís why.

Bill: Well, will you think of a name or do I have to do that for you.

Vegeta: *weakly* Rogue crusader.

Bill: HUH????

Vegeta: I said Rouge Crusader, jeez!!

Luna: Good, now we have names for you when youíre in this state. Now, just hit the button again to go normal.

Bill and Vegeta do so, and return to the clothing they had on before transforming.

Bill: Wow, that was so cool!!!

Vegeta: It was okay.

Luna: Now, if you two donít mind, Iíd like to know you two better, so letís do that for awhile. Vegeta, you start.

Vegeta: Uh, what do you want me to talk about?

Luna: Anything that you think I should know.

Vegeta: Okay, well Iím a first year high school student, in class ranking, Iím #130 out of 300 students. Thatís all for the school part of it, in personal life, both of my parents died ten years ago.

Luna: Oh, Iím sorry to hear that.

Vegeta: I got used to it some time ago. Both of them died in a car crash in another country, leaving me an orphan at age 6, when I was put into a monastery since I couldnít be in foster care, due to not wanting to be nagged by the other kids. In the three years I was there, I learned the martial arts and met a friend as well. *elbows Bill* Yeah, thatís how the two of us met. Thatís pretty much my story.

Luna: Thanks, Vegeta. Now, you Bill-san.

Bill: School-wise, first year high school student, class rank #50 out of 300 students. Personal life, unlike Vegeta, I never knew my parents, they died just before and just after I was born.

Luna: OH!!

Bill: My Dad died before my birth and my mother died shortly after, in which case I was sent to a monastery, since it was my motherís last wish. I stayed there for eight years, where I had some schooling and learned the martial arts from the same person who would teach Vegeta later on.

Luna: Wow, thatís so sad for both of you. The way you two act, I would have never noticed that. Bill-san, I did wonder when the whole training started, what that amulet was, but I can guess it has your parents pictures in it, right?

Bill: Yeah, this is the only thing I have to even know what they look like.

Luna: Do you mind if I take a look at them?

Bill: Sure, I got no problem in that.

Bill slips the amulet off his neck and opens it up to show Luna what Billís parentís look like. Billís mother looks to be in her early thirtyís, long black hair in a ponytail, light green eyes. Billís father is also in his thirtyís with short cropped black hair and deep blue eyes, with a small scar across his right cheek.

Luna: Wow, Bill-san, your mother looked lovely, and Iím sure your father loved her so much.

Bill: From what I heard, he did very much.

Luna: Well, even though I donít want to break this up between the three of us, but I think Usagi-chan is worrying about me.

Vegeta: Damn, is it really that late? Jeez, I didnít think we take the whole day for these new lessons.

Bill: Do you want us to escort you back to Usagiís?

Luna: Well, I donít know.

Vegeta: Iíd take it Luna, since we did keep you here for so long and we nearly gave you a heart attack with our blast battle.

Luna: Ok, I accept.

Bill, Vegeta and Luna proceed out of the house and head towards Usagiís. Luna thanks the two for bringing her back, and tells them to be prepared for whatever the Dark Kingdom will launch at them.

Bill: Got it, and tell Usagi-chan we said hi.

Luna: Ok, now you two get some sleep, and weíll see ya later.

Luna then leaps up the same tree she came down on and climbs back into Usagiís bedroom. Bill and Vegeta start back to their house when Bill challenges Vegeta to a foot race, using the Kaio-ken.

Vegeta: Youíre on!!!!

Bill: Kaio-ken!

Vegeta: Kaio-ken!

They both sprint off, still trying to prove who is the fastest. Luna hears the wind change when Bill and Vegeta dash against the wind, she still is surprised they keep their competitive spirit even when they donít train.

Luna: Those two, it will take some time, but Iíll figure them out sooner or later. Ah, oh well, Usagi-chan, Iím home!!

Luna then finds out that Usagi is still passed out in front of the door. Luna goes over to shake Usagi awake.

Luna: Usagi-chan!!! USAGI-CHAN!!!!!!

Usagi: Tuxedo Kamen, hehe Iíve been waiting for this moment, that I would have you right in my arms.

Luna: Oh, if she would focus on finding the princess as much she does on Tuxedo Kamen, we would have found her by now. Ugh, USAGI-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bites her on the ear*

Usagi: OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! *Cries wildly* LUNA, WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!!!!!

Luna: Well, it was the only way to get you up. Just how long have you been out??

Usagi: Since you left, and it was just the same time thatÖÖ SHINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEíS TOAST WHEN I SEE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luna: Why me? All I ask for is food, a place to sleep and a decent person to live with, and Usagi-chan is what I get.
Ah, can anything get worse?

Unknown to Luna, due to Usagi going in her rage, she accidently opens the door to close to her face and knocks herself out again, and unfortunately for Luna, Usagi lands right on top of her.

Luna: *to herself* Ugh, it had to get worse for me. Iíll never find a day of peace in this house.

Next Sailor Moon Z: Disaster, can the six learn to cope with each other?
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Awakeing Saga
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