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 Issue #1: "Origins of the T-Bot"

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PostSubject: Issue #1: "Origins of the T-Bot"   Thu Jan 11, 2007 5:31 pm

March 20th. 9:18 A.M.

Adam Sanderson is an ordinary seventeen year old with ordinary teenage problems.

"Damn it! I'm late, I'm late!"

Adam speeds in his car on his way to school. He raises his eyebrows to slide his sunglasses from his forehead down to cover his eyes, despite it being a cloudy day with no chance of the sun making an appearance. He steers the wheel with his elbows as he tries desperately to get his hair to stay down, combing it back repeatedly with a thin brush, but several rebellious strands pop up, mocking the very notion of gravity.

Surrendering the battle against his hair, Adam tests his multi-tasking ability further as he buttons his shirt up, it's silk blue hue insulted by yesterday's mystery stains and the wrinkles of a night spent on the floor. It's at this point that he notices his car giving up on him and dying in the middle of the street. Adam bangs on the steering wheel, resulting only in a pathetic whimper emanating from the horn.

"God damn it! Not again, not now!"

Adam leaps out of his car, slamming the door shut hoping that it becomes self-aware at the very instant so it can feel pain. Only a few more blocks away from his school, he thinks he can make it on foot before the bell rings for the second period.

Taking a smaller side-road that runs next to the lake, Adam channels the sprinter within him and rushes down the road at a speed that could win him a bronze medal, at least. A large luxury car crookedly parked impedes his path, and he slows his speed to compensate for the evasion.

Suddenly, a gunshot to the east of him. Adam tries to convince his mind otherwise, as curiosity prompts him to investigate.

The lake's fog opens up to reveal three men standing above a fallen body, from the angle the body is quite obviously dead from a gun shot. The man holding the gun confirms the observation. It isn't until the man performs a familiar waddle that a single sound is made.

"...Mayor Kingsley?"

Thinking he spoke quietly enough, the cliffs nearby give him away with an echo. The Mayor and his companions respond cautiously.

Mayor Kingsley
"Did you hear something?"

The three look around, worried that there may be a witness at this desolate location. Adam covers his mouth and jumps backwards, disturbing some rocks that crash down below, giving away his location to the Mayor and his goons on this gloomy morning. Nature has no mercy for him today.

Mayor Kingsley
"Up there!"

The Mayor and his associates quickly rush back to their vehicle as Adam takes off on foot, hoping the headstart will give him a chance to find a hiding place. Unfortunately, an olympian's legs wouldn't even be enough to save him this day. In their vehicle, the Mayor mows Adam down shattering both of his legs and doing irreparable internal damages.

Twitching and crying on the ground, Adam vomits blood as he is picked up by the mayor's two goons.

Mayor Kingsley
"You're Sanderson's kid, aren't you? That scientist father of yours makes me a lot of money. It's too bad you had to come when you did, punk. I wish we could pretend this never happened, but.. I can't trust a stupid little teenager to keep a secret, now can I?"

The Mayor stabs Adam repeatedly and angrily. Blood pours out of each wound like a dam giving way. Adam is dead long before the Mayor gives his knife a break.

May 9th. 8:24 P.M.

Richard Sanderson was what many would call a "mad" scientist. Though he was a decent man who harbored no dreams of world domination, his projects frequently crossed the ethical boundaries and not a day would go by where he would be met with a brigade of protestors at his doorstep.

The day he learned that his son had been killed in an alleged gang initiation, Richard plotted to bring his only child back to life one day. Abducting Adam's body before it had a chance to decay, Richard worked tirelessly day and night to be the real life Dr. Frankenstein, and bring his son back from the dead.

With his ground-breaking achievements in the field of robotics, Richard would install what organic remains he could salvage from his son's beaten corpse inside a robotic replica of Adam. The majority of Adam would be machine wired up to his original brain, and cloned vital organs that Richard had grown from Adam's DNA.

On this day, the genius of Richard Sanderson would not be tarnished. For the first time in many months, his son would speak to him once again.



In complete awe at his accomplishment, Richard springs forward and hugs his cyborg offspring tight. This hug however, was more cold and lifeless than ever before.

"I thought I was going to die... You saved me.."

Richard was struck silent. In all these months, he never thought of what he would tell his child, how to explain it.


"I... I can't feel my legs, or my arms... I can't feel anything!"

"Adam, don't panic!"

Adam starts waving his arms and kicking his legs in panic, until he realizes what he is doing. He is not paralyzed, but he no longer has feeling.

"It's okay, I.. I can fix that."

"Dad.. what's wrong with me?"

"I... I brought you back. I took your body, I put you back together, I saved what I could, I did everything that I could. Adam, this body isn't yours, the tissue is new skin of yours that I grew from your DNA, I couldn't clone your entire body, it would take years, but..."

"What are you talking about!? What am I?"

"Adam... you're Project T-Bot."
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Issue #1: "Origins of the T-Bot"
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