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 Issue #5: "Revenge or Justice?"

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PostSubject: Issue #5: "Revenge or Justice?"   Wed May 23, 2007 2:02 am

Adam Sanderson and his Father, Richard, stand before the Chief of Police, Wendell Myers, who shows no intimidation in front of science's miracle. Richard Sanderson, "mad" scientist who resurrected his son, sits down and acts nervously in the room.

Chief Myers
"Adam, we arrested your Father near the border of Mexico while he was trying to flee the country. He is as interested as we are in having this situation resolved without anymore bloodshed. You are facing criminal charges on several accounts of murder in the first degree that will have the state seeking the death penalty. I have to be honest with you, everyone is afraid of you, and you will be executed as promptly as possible to put everyones fears to rest. However, if you willingly turn yourself in, that sentence will be changed to life in prison. That is the best I can do under your circumstances."

"No deal, Officer! The Mayor is a cold-blooded killer and his corruption is endless. He WILL see justice!"

Chief Myers
"Damn it, Adam. What you seek is REVENGE, not justice! YOU are becoming the murderer."

Shown a different perspective, Adam begins to rethink his plans and what he has done. At this moment, Myers sees a murderer no longer, but a confused teen, with scrambled emotions.

Chief Myers

"If the Mayor is truly guilty of what you accuse him of, he will be brought to justice, but his death will not bring you that justice. Adam, if you give up now, I can guarantee that the media will be interested in your story, and the full investigation of your death will be revisited."

"Son... this is a really good deal. This is the best, for all of us."

Adam paces back and forth, trying to decide what to do.


"Alright... I guess that this is best.."

Several hours later, as the two are being transported away to a secure holding cell, their vehicle is knocked over by hidden ground explosives. The Mayor's 'associates', Jack Stone and Michael Queen, are there to pick up the pieces. Queen shoots the driver while Stone searches for Adam and his father.

Jack Stone

"Where are you little 'T-BOT'"

Inside the vehicle, Adam moves around silently while trying to wake his father. However, there is no response. Richard Sanderson is dead.

Jack Stone turns around the corner to peer into the back windows that are heavily tinted. Glaring back at him is an angry orphan.

Adam kicks the doors, tearing both off their hinges and launching them like missiles at Jack Stone, pinning him under them. Adam then leaps from the vehicle and lands both feet on each door, crushing bones and organs, and causing Jack Stone to vomit blood. He would have died of those injuries, but Adam preferred to decapitate Stone with the broken door.

Michael Queen attempts to sneak up from behind to fire some armor-piercing rounds in Adam's head. However, shots are fired from another that quickly terminate Queen's life. Adam turns to see police chief Myers approaching from the side. Adam is in a rage, but he listens to what he has to say.

Chief Myers

"Adam, I know Kingsley's corrupt, but I didn't think he was capable of this. I have dirty cops that I have been trying to weed out and I just discovered that they were planning this. I'm with you, Adam, and I have vowed to bring justice to this city. It's not safe right now, but meet me at 5206 East Westbrook in a few hours, I have the evidence to prosecute the Mayor, but I will need your testimony. For now, you need to escape. Hurry!!"

Adam runs away just moments before other police are able to arrive at the scene. In the meantime, Adam finds a place to hide and mourn his Father's death. The alleyway provides few shoulders to cry on.

Hours later, Adam arrives at the address of Police Chief Myers. The door is already open, and Adam puts himself on high alert. Blood stains are splattered on the wall, but the room is dark. Probably against his better judgment, Adam flips on the light switch. The illuminated room reveals Police Chief Wendell Myers pinned to the wall. The blood is still fresh, but the life is no more. A shadowy figure begins to emerge from the room on the right.


"I find it honorable to introduce oneself before battle. Therefore, you may refer to me as "Ranma", and it is my intention to kill you."

"What power would hell have if those imprisoned there could not dream of heaven?" - Dream
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Issue #5: "Revenge or Justice?"
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