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PostSubject: Suikoden?   Mon May 14, 2007 2:33 am

Just wondering if anybody's played Suikoden? It's a series of RPGs that includes your typical turn-based console RPG battle systems with up to six allies at once (except in Suikoden IV), Turn-based army battles kinda Fire Emblem-ish, and One on One duels which I'm not really sure what to compare to. In each story, you end up becoming the leader of your own Kingdom with your own castle with the chance to recruit over 100 characters. The series is critically acclaimed for it's stories but has not been exposed to the level of success near the Final Fantasy series.

Suikoden is PS1

Suikoden II is PS1, and strongly references the first, even allowing the recruitment of the hero from Suikoden 1 as a playable character if a save file is on your memory card.

Suikoden III is PS2, and features 3 main characters, with one minor but relevant extra main character, a umm.. dog.. and a 5th perspective from the main villain. It features some characters from the first two, and references the previous installments.

Suikoden IV is PS2, and is the least popular of the franchise. Despite this, Suikoden IV features very detailed graphics with a strong emphasis on the battle system and introducing naval battles. It takes place many, many years before the events of the first Suikoden, but does feature a few familiar Suikoden characters.

Suikoden Tactics is PS2, and is a tactical RPG that is based mostly on Suikoden IV.

Suikoden V is PS2 and the newest addition to the franchise. It returns with a more familiar graphical style, and is one of the most popular of the series.

I'd urge any turn-based RPG fan to try this out. It's not necessary to start with Suikoden 1 but Suikoden and Suikoden II may be available for PSP or GameBoy Advance (not sure). Otherwise it is available on emulator PSX wherever you can find them. IMO, Suikoden II is the best of the series, featuring an extremely interesting plot, and probably the most terrifying villain outside of Final Fantasy, Luca Blight. (Old DBV fans may recognize the music).

Suikoden III is also another personal favorite that I'd recommend. It's available on the PS2 and may be easier to find. Suikoden IV is avoidable, I hate it. Suikoden V is enjoyable, yet features an annoying fixed camera perspective and wayyyyyy too many random encounters.

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