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 Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Chapter 1   Fri Apr 06, 2007 10:34 pm

Chapter 1: Taishu

"It is now time for the final match of the local qualifying tournament! May our two contestants come forth now!" the announcer said through his microphone to a small crowd.

In a puff of smake an old man appeared in the arena. The old man was partially naked and had several gray spots on his skin. He had thin gray hair and a large flat nose. He smiled to reveal a few rotten teeth in his mouth.


A few people in the crowd began clapping for the man but no real enthusiasm was shown. A side door to the arena then opened.

Out of the door walked a teenage boy. He had short dark black hair and an unserious look on his facel He skin was slightly tanned and was fairly clean. He had a brown cloak on hiding his clothing underneath. The boy threw off his cloak as the wind blew it into the crowd where a small fright broke out between 6 or 7 people who were trying to grab it from one another.

"And now, let the match begin!" the announcer bellowed into the microphone.

The boy ran at the man and thrust his fist forwards aiming for the mans head. The old man dissapeared in a puff of smoke and reappeared behind the boy laughing. The boy chuckled at the mans stupidity as he planted his fist on the ground and spun around delivering a kick to the old mans head sending the man spiralling away. The boy got up and punched the man in the face which sent him flying into the wall.

"The winner is, Taishu!" the announcer cried out.

THe boy jumped into the air doing 3 backflips and came down landing on his hands. He pushed himslef back into the air letting out a loud roar and dove into the crowd. The members of the crowd caught him and threw him back into the air.

An averaged sized woman who looked to be in her mid-twenties stood on a pillar of the stadium viewing all of this. She was wearing white jean-like pants and a white spandex shirt with a red vest with black sides over it. Her hair was around shoulder length and was light-brown. Strangely enough she had grey eres with red pupils. H eskin was lightly tanned and smooth and clean.

The crowd dropped Taishu on the ground, as he basked in all the glory. He stuck up his arms and the crowd let out a cheer.

"I will win every round of the tournament and prove I am the strongest fighter in the world!" Taishu yelled out.

The crowd cheered out for him.

"Heh, you think you're the strongest fighter in the world? You're not even close."

The woman jumped down from the pillar overviewing the area with her hair flowing behind her. She landed on the ground facing Taishu.

Taishu reeled around and faced the woman.

"I am the strongest and I'll prove it, nothing you say will stop me."

"Really? If you're so strong why don't you shut me up?"

The crowd grew silent and Taishu got a stern look on his face.

"It seems you're so urged to have me prove myself so fine."

Taishu lunged at the woman and sent a kick towards her head. Without Taishu being able to react she moved under the kick and delivered a punch to Taishu's stomache which sent him flying through the air and landing with a hard thud on the ground writhing in pain. The crowd all spread out forming a large ring around the woman and Taishu observing in awe. The woman stepped towards Taishu.

"Is that all you've got? I thought you were the strongest person in the world," the woman said mocking him.

Taishu struggled pushing himself up. As he rose the woman noticed his eyes flicker from their normal color to gray with red pupils. A powerful, strange aura surrounded Taishu's left hand reaching back near his elbow.


Taishu shoved his left arm forward as a powerful blast of energy formed like sonic rings shot out ripping through everything it passed and making a small crater beneath Taishu.

"Shit, I should probably save the civilians," the woman said.

The woman stuck out her right arm as a sucking force pulled in all of the attack moments before it would have killed the bystanders. The woman focused as the gathered energy shockwave type attack faded. The woman looked up to see Taishu fall to the ground unconscious.
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Chapter 1
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