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 ERA 1

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PostSubject: ERA 1   Mon Mar 05, 2007 12:54 am

Ever since the great explosion from 1000 years ago the breed of half-human and half demons called Hanma-Hanyo have made their human counterparts slaves and they the masters. In a land called the western world the cries of the people go unanswered as the Hanyo genocide of human’s goes uncontested. For fifty years, Human’s have tried to fight back and reclaim their home from the Hanyo but their efforts all in vain. The human children are among who have had it the worst. Deprived of a future most have been forced in to the Kanto Tokusentai( Kanto Imperial army). From here comes the story of Xu axe a young boy who has had everything take away from him and has been conscripted in to the Tokusentai. He searches for a purpose but always reaches a dead end. Will the Tokusentai be what he needs to find his purpose in life? Or will he join the countless people who have died daring to dream?

EP 1: Commencing…

I awoke it was very dark so dark I couldn’t see my own hands in front of me I was scared cold and hungry my feet and hands seemed to be bound for I couldn’t move them. The wind brushed against my skin. I could here droplets from a nearby fountain “drip””drop””drip”drop”. That god-awful sound was so annoying I just wished for someone to close the fountain to that my torture my cease. I suddenly herd breathing the hairs my neck stood up apparently I was not alone. I squinted my eyes in the dark trying to make out who was here with me I didn’t even know where ”here” was.

To me it felt as if I was in a dimension from where which there was no escape. The figure hunched in the corner seem to be a person, I looked harder and saw it was persons and they were children. A door opened light shined in reliving me of darkness but bring pain to my eyes several men stood in the doorway. A rather large man approached a cigar and us he had an eye patch in his mouth.

“Alright you pathetic bastards wake up!” yelled the large man” You have all been brought here for a single reason and that is to serve the Kanto kingdom! Now the upcoming days will not be easy you will be trained to efficient killing machines and you will fight until the last breath!”

“But they are but mere children Yamasawa.” says an officer next to him.

“Who the fuck cares! It is an imperial order after all those who are conquered by the Kanto kingdom are scum anyway.

The man’s booming voice is quickly getting on my last nerves I feel like severing his head from his body preventing him from ever talking again. Suddenly the large man makes eye contact with me he looks at me with disgust and hate and I look at him same way in return. He suddenly pulls out his nightstick and begins to beat me senseless he repeatedly hits me in the back. Bruises soon enough appear over all over my body my cheeks swollen I begin cough up large amounts of blood.

One of the soldiers runs up to Yamasawa and grabs on to his wrist” Taichou (Captain) that’s enough”

Yamasawa soon stops beating on the boy and punches the soldier in the face knocking him on to ground.

“Listen here I’m the freaking Taichou here I decide what’s right and what’s wrong how dare you a low class tell me to stop!” he ends his words by slapping the soldier across the cheek and then spiting in his face.

“I’ll remember that fat man” I mentally said.

“You will all be assigned officers you will be cleaned and check for any file diseases you bring from your homeland, even though in my eyes your very existence is a disease.”

His smile, the foul odor of his breath lord how I yearn for blood if I didn’t have my hands and feet tied, I would kill him on the spot. Nevertheless, for now I might as well play it his way until I figure how to get out of here. I hearing sobbing weeping of the sorts I look and see this girl she looks about 11 she’s crying, tears are streaming down her cheeks apparently she caught the fat man’s attention.

“Hey? Stop crying you little bitch!” says the fat man however; his shouts only make her cry more.

“What did I say? Stop crying!” yells the large man once more he takes out his night stick and prepares to beat her, my body begins to slowly move on its own although I have no idea why. However before I could act some one beat me to it a young man about my age with wild reddish hair and blue eyes appeared in front of the girl he looked like a freak in my opinion.

“No way are you hitting my sister, you fat bastard!”

I looked at the boy in his eyes was wild determination but any old fool could see he was scared we all were even I.

“Why are these little shit’s giving me some much trouble! Damn the last batch weren’t causing this much problems, I guess these little shits need to taught a lesson”

An evil grin formed on his face he slowly reached for his holster a pulled out what appeared to be a 9mm pistol he aimed at the young boy forehead. Although the boy was clear scared, I was impressed by the fact that he didn’t move.

“Damn you why won’t you flinch!” said Yamasawa quite surprised.

“You brought us hear to become efficient killing machines to serve the Banjo or Kanto or whatever the hell you call it kingdom well I’m just displaying my valor.

Yamasawa slightly lowered the gun and he looked intently at the boy they exchanged glance for a longtime before another one of those grins reappeared on his face.

“I appreciate you trying to show off some bravery but….I DIDN’T ASK YOU!”

Yamasawa is about to pull the trigger, the soldier who was previously knockdown gets up and rushes towards Yamasawa he pulls his arm up making his blast through the roof saving the young boys life.

“huff, huff” Taichou please stop our lord instructs us to bring these children alive do you want to disgrace his lordship with such actions?”

Yamasawa looked at the soldier although he was angry he knew the lower class soldier was right he placed the gun back in his holster an pushed right pasted the guard he mutter something like” I need a drink the other soldier followed suit. Leaving us the boy and the soldier who had just saved his life. He bent down to meet the boy at eye level and a smile appeared on the soldiers face not a grin that shows evil intentions but a genuine smile. However I wasn’t fooled I know even a smile could mean horrible things to come however I couldn’t tell if the boy was being fooled.

“Please forgive my Taichou actions my name is Lieutenant (Fuku-Taichou) Anshou Kazuya, I‘ll be your drill instructor for the time being”

He gave the boy a deep bow” I will be in charge of this group so you don’t need to worry about Yamasawa Taichou anymore” he tried to touch the boy but the boy quickly slapped his hand away from him suspiring Kazuya.

“I don’t like to be freaking touched! Just do what you have to do and stay the hell away from my sister understand?”

This grew a smile on my face. The soldier stood up and nodded .

“Do not worry I do not intend to hurt any of you but I have a job I must complete I must train you all in to superb fighters so you can defend this kingdom from attack”

“Why? Don’t you have soldiers for that?” I had finally had enough he looked at me and as I came towards him.

“ You see we are in a deadlock war with others who want to do us great harm we are loosing men everyday in a war which I see as a lost cause but…,but I am a soldier and a soldier puts his duty before anything”

“ So you justify kidnapping children? Scorching and taking over other people land just so you can protect yourselves and expand and implement your selfish means.” now he just went and pissed me off.

“You are still young there are things of this world you do not understand”

“Oh no I understand perfectly” said the other boy I labeled as freak the other scared children began to slowly crowd around.

“ Why our country huh?” as he said this, his stomach growled he face grew red of embracement come to think of it I’m sure all of us was pretty hungry I don’t remember the last time I saw or tasted food.

“I can see you’re hungry I can answer all your questions later lets get something to eat okay”

“NO! I want to know why our country was picked”

Kazuya smile soon vanished and a scowl soon appeared on his face I could tell that the boy secretly though Kazuya was going to hit him but the boy received another sigh instead.

“ Our king was interested you our countries recourses just as any other king would however I believe our king as something else in mind as well”

“ Well tell us” I said he looked at me again I think I was starting to irritate him which is fine by me.

Kazuya didn’t really want to say, he didn’t think small children such as these would ask so many questions but they did have a right to know.

“Your country has given rise to one of the most powerful assassins in the world, The army feels that if children are raised for sole purpose of fighting they will become truly unbeatable. Only with the education and principle of fighting they believe that children will establish the need to protect the country and only the country not letting things like love, friendship honor get in the way.”

He then sighs.

“What a sad world we live in no? come on I don’t plan leaving you all in here as of tomorrow you will be trained very hard just like Yamasawa said but I’m not the kind to let children starve to death.”

The room grows quite the children look at each other and secretly agree. They follow Kazuya out the door everyone except me.

“Ummm aren’t you…”

“The name is Xu Axe, 14 years old and no I do not intend to go with you”

“Why not? aren’t you hungry?”

“My country has been destroyed and I been kidnapped by imperialists bastards what do you think?”

I cross my arms and wait for his response he looks at me sadly and looks as if he going to cry, please like I’m stupid enough to fall for some cheap trick don’t rub me in with the rest of these losers.

“Waahhh! This poor boy he won’t eat he wont even come with me and he’s just plain mean don’t worry I’ll definitely bring something back I refused to let you starve”

Says Kazuya with sparkling eyes and a fist in the air claiming victory. All of that made me raise my eyebrow and wonder if I prefer that loud mouth man instead.

“Don’t bother, I rather stay here and starve all night”

All of a sudden I here the door close, the room once again is shrouded by darkness and silence.

“Pshhh… So what I don’t care”

*Stomach growls*

I guess you disagree ne?

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PostSubject: Re: ERA 1   Mon Mar 05, 2007 1:04 am

EP 2: Hiccoron-Shogun? Cherry blossom sacrifices

There I was, staring at the bowl of hot soup placed in front of me. I had refused to eat and I had refused to leave and join the others who were now being inspected at the bunker or gas chamber which ever came first. I was sure that the officer soon enough would forcedly come and remove me and I had no problem with that. However, that bowl of soup alluring smell was getting to me and my defenses were weakening. I found myself inching towards it more and more.

“Damn it!” I did not want to go near that soup but my body would no longer listen to me. I found my self-picking up the spoon and gently slurping it

“Hmm this taste good I said to myself”

“It’s good right!”

That voice startled me; it made throw my hands in the air and caused a sharp pain on my back. I looked back and saw Kazuya with his big goofy smile it made me want to punch him so badly

“What are you doing here?” I said scowling

“I need to take you to the bunker now come on you need to be inspected and clean and be assigned to your bunker”

“ I refuse you might as well get the gas chamber ready or send in the entire Kanto army I’m not moving”

“Sigh; can’t you make this easier for me?”

“It doesn’t matter you probably poisoned the soup anyway”

“ Why would I poisoned you we intend on are working you in the perfect soldier not in to something that should be thrown out plus between you and me Yamasawa Taichou would probably be the one to poison you so don’t ever take foods from strangers” said Kazuya with a nod

“Huh? You’re a stranger”

“Except me, so come on finish your meal and get ready to leave.”

“ Why are you being so nice to me you should be treating me like crap you should be treating the others like crap that how its been for every other child that has been kidnap by the Kanto Tokusentai.

Kazuya arched a brow. "For someone so young your well informed, I’m not going to lie to you there are children who come here and not lived through one day of training. Those who don’t meet that standards of the higher up’s either die or immediately sent to the chamber of 7 it’s a sad thing.”

“Chamber of seven?”

“ Its place where you should never go it’s a place where torture is everyday thing people are killed and throw out like garbage those who survive through chamber are initially starved to death or shot on upon released it’s a place for POW and the worst of criminals, but children are put in there as well. Those in Kanto are descendents of the demon breed and believe that others are inferior to them. Thus, they take over lands claiming they are cleansing people."

“Hanma you mean Hanyo? I see, demon and human… so why are you an officer you sound like you don’t like the Kanto”

“I don’t, but I owe it to the king”


“I used to be just like you kids here alone with no one to guide me or take care of me, I saw many of my friends die here and in war. “However the king *chuckles* well before he was king was stationed here he was corporal at the time and my drill instructor he never gave up on me.” But back then he felt that children should have the right to be children not products of war”

I stared at him for a while he was turning out to be really sincere however I still couldn’t put my trust him I had betrayed by adults and even humanity it self many times but I found my self slowly trusting him it bothered me.

“I wonder why I’m opening to you like this, your so easy to talk to I feel like I can tell you anything”

“Well… don’t get comfortable” I snap at him but for some odd reason I could not help but smirk. (Do not get confused a smirk, not a smile.)
Later on I left of my accord, and was inspected and cleaned up. I found myself standing in line with hundred of kids behind me many tall many short. It seemed like they were all from my country. I was in aw at how big the bunker was. The lights were focused on us; we looked as if we were part of a gym team. All of us were in white t-shirts and shorts.

We all herd footsteps coming towards us they were coming from the left but we dare not turn we all faced front. In front of Kazuya were several generals they looked powerful, many with medals and six stars on their chest. Their uniforms were black with a red sash and black boots and hats with the iron cross in front. Many looked as if they were killers others had red fiery eyes, horns and spikes at the end of their chins signifying their hanyo ancestry.

“My generals I present to you the children from the nation of Seiryu!”

Said Yamasawa as he honorably bowed the mere sight of him makes me sick. I could here more footsteps but it was not from more soldiers it was from one man each step was big and powerful. I looked and it was a sight that made me quiver. A man with blue skin wearing the same uniform but more decorated, his red eyes and at an awesome height (8,0feet) made me first time in my life experience true fear.

He had a stone face, although I feared him something in me admired him. His stance, the power that raided practically off his body, How his officers respected him, it something that I always wanted respect and recognition.

He step forward I could feel the hairs raising from my neck my heartbeat racing I knew that the others were experience the same thing I was feeling.

“So these are the children captured from the fabled country Seiryu huh?” asked Hiccoron very stoically.

“Hai” retorted Yamasawa not once did he rise from his bow.

“They don’t seem like much, I hope our lord wasn’t wrong about this country being able to sprout the best assassins.”

“ I’m quite sure he’s correct the former ruling family of the country the Liang family, had the fiercest assassins among them that’s why it took us so long to take over the Seiryu country.”

“ Its shouldn’t have too we Hanma’s are the elite species these are just pathetic humans just because the best assassin came from that country I doubt we can groom these brats in the ultimate fighting weapon our lord must becoming senile in his old age.”

Kazuya clenched his fists be what his lord was he was still grateful towards him.

He then looked at us, his red eyes piercing in to my heart be pointed at ten children one of them being that freaks little sister. She looked at him and he gave her a look of reassurance that manages to put a tiny smile on her face. However, even that could not hide the fact that she was scared. Her brother tightens the grip he had on her hand just as he slowly let go he was not sure if he would ever see her again.

Five boys and five girls formed a line in from the Hiccoron Shogun. He looked at them intently I could swear one of the boys wet themselves. He then unsheathed his sword it was a no-dachi (long sword) with amazing craftsmanship.

“Kneel,” he said he a low, yet powerful voice.

One of the children refused to kneel and tried to escape but before he could, get far he was cut down, I did not even see Hiccoron move his sword at all.

The boy’s body lay motionless on the floor covered in blood no one spoke for a minute until Kazuya erupted.

“Hiccoron Shogun with all do respect was that really necessary” said Kazuya trying to contain his fury.

“Kazuya you bastard you dare question Hiccoron Shogun!” yelled Yamasawa

“Yamasawa, that’s enough,” said Hiccoron as he turned around and faced Kazuya.

“Fuku-Taichou?” what seems to be the problem?”

“The problem, you just cut down an innocent kid!”

“He was trying to escape, I merely stopped him.”

“He was a child.”

“He was weak among the rest these ten are by far the weakest out of the group and I will not allow useless trash in my army.”

“They’re weak now but with a little more training…”

“They are weak now because they will never be stronger and if training was the case all these children would be dead by now” said Hiccoron coldly that cause Kazuya to shut up.

“Now let me continue my work if you interrupt me again I will be force to turn this no dachi on you do you understand.”


Hiccoron walked up towards the next boy he was trembling his legs were shaking as soon as he laid eyes on Hiccoron he crouched in a fiddle position awaiting his end. The children were watching intently many gulped many wanted to cry but held back their tears trying not to display weakness. This was Hiccoron’s intent to force them to watch the gruesome murder of other children slowly taking away their humanity.

One of the children tried to look away and he was instantly shot from the guards standing by the sidelines. Hiccoron had made it clear that they must watch under any circumstances.

A perverse smile crept up his lips as he stared down the boy everything seemed to freeze in that extract moment. In an instant the boy’s eyes shoot open as Hiccoron slowly walked away with in minutes the boys arm head and legs fell apart he was completely and utterly dismembered blood soaked the wooden floor and filled the air with its stench. Hiccoron never waved his sword once or so it appeared he proceed to cut down three more boys until he got to that freak’s sister. I would have expected her to be crying and sobbing like the others but she had a look of determination on her face that intrigued me.

“You seem as if you ready to die,” said Hiccoron with another grin.

Sweat dripped down the girl face but her expression remained unchanged.

“Onni-chan I must be brave for Onni-chan.”

Just as Hiccoron was about to cut her in to piece’s, the freak with lightning fast speed jumped from the crowd. The guards had little time to react. Hiccoron’s cold blade did not meet that of the girl but completely severed the freaks arm. His arm hit the ground covered in blood the freak let out an ear-piercing scream as he cringed.

“Onni-chan!” Why did you do this!” said the young girl tears in her eyes.

“Shut up…” I made a promise to mom and dad to protect you, how could I willing stand by and watch you be killed.”

“I’m impressed that cut was meant to dismember an entire body but in the end all you lost was an arm but I guess that why I didn’t pick you as one of the weaklings.”

“Please…sir, don’t kill my sister, look I’m sure she can become stronger… And if she doesn’t you can kill us both…just please.”

Hiccoron stared at the boy until he gave a sigh.

“Very well I will spare your sister such valor and bravery is needed in this army. However you must never leave her side if you valor so much to protect her that you lost your arm for it then you will protect her all the time understood?”

Through the pain, the freak managed to give him a nod.

“This will be the only time I spare anybody, enough of this!” shoot the remaining children now!”

“Wait no!” yells Kazuya.

The remaining children are gunned down in an instant the only survivors that freak and his sister.

“Cease fire!” yells Yamasawa.

“Get that kid cleaned up, and clear out these bodies at once!”


Kazuya ran towards the boy as soon as Hiccoron retreated to his quarters.

“Are you okay?”

Both the freak and sister said nothing as they walked passed him being led by medical personnel.

That night the remaining children including my self slept in the bunker, it was cold, damp, dark, and overcrowded I hardly had room to extend my legs. However, I was used to sleeping in conditions such as these. Every so often, I would here the guards barge in through the night and take one of the children one by one, most of them were girls. I saw that most were pretending to sleep but I was wide-awake one of the guards saw this and tired to hit me with a nightstick.

I dodged his attacks but another guard appeared behind me and hit me hard on the neck I was out cold soon after. When I came to there were significantly less children I felt a pain on my neck and remember that the guard had knocked me out. I was angry with Kazuya, he said he would protect us, but what could I expect I was madder at me for even beginning to trust the guy. I looked around the room and saw that there were a couple of girls left but I know that soon would change. Soon enough that ignorant fool Yamasawa barged in yelling.

“Listen up you bastards! Training begins today! We will now begin to train your disgusting bodies in to something worthy! Now the training camp is two miles away, you will all march there! Now start!”

“But we haven’t even eaten” said a young boy

Yamasawa fired his pistol in to the boy’s chest.

“Any other questions? now get moving!”

“Neither I nor the freak nor anyone else asked questions we did as were told but I pondered "where was Kazuya?”
Meanwhile in a cellar not to far away, was Kazuya tied up, receiving endless whippings to his body.


“Sir you repeated the numbers twice.”

“I know,” said the solider clearly of high rank with many metals on his chest and spikes coming out of his chin.

“Under orders of Hiccoron-shogun he must receive of 112 whipping for disobeying a superior officer.”

Nevertheless, the whipping wasn’t what was hurting Kazuya, it was the fact that he could not protect what he had promise to which was breaking his heart.

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PostSubject: Re: ERA 1   Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:20 am

EP 3: Soar Kaminari!

Yamasawa force us to march towards the training camp in the beating hot sun. I wiped the sweat from my brow as we continue our pace. I looked behind me and already saw bodies begin to drop from exhaustion and dehydration. These kids were not meant to be put through something like this. I personally have suffered through conditions like these before, however these kids had a some sort of comfort and weren’t used to this I guess its fate that lead them to their untimely death. I look around, it seems that we have passed or missed the training camp at least three times.

“They must be testing our stamina,” I whispered to myself.

Just like last night everything that they are doing to us it to break us to brake our spirit and aspirations and so far they are being quite effective.

“Hey you”

I look next to me and see that freak his hair color really pisses me off

“You’re the freak who refused to come and eat with us ne?”

“That’s funny considering you’re the one with starburst color hair,” I thought.

“Why don’t we brake out of here?” says the freak with a grin.

“first off you just lost one of your freaking arms by all accounts you should even be running out here and now you think you can bust out of here so easily you’re truly stupid”

“Arrg… you’re the one that’s stupid, eventually we’ll be killed one way or another no base is impenetrable there has to be away out”

“Enough with your pathetic fantasies there’s no way out now shut the hell up and keep up if you don’t want to get shot”

This kid was really pissing me off I guess he did not like my words, because seconds later my face connected with his fist as he punched me in to the ground. The march or death march as I would call it immediately stopped. Those who were still alive including that freak sister stop to see what was going on.


“Listen! “you bastard!” I have a little sister to think about I don’t know you and I could care shit about you but in times like these we need to stick together I trying to help you and the rest out and all you care is about giving up!!”

I get and wipe the blood from my fist get readying to beat the crap out of him just then we are surrounded by many guard with M-16 aimed straight at us”

“What’s going on here!” yelled Yamasawa. “why have you two stopped running?”

“I fell sir”

The boy known as freak was completely in shock he thought Xu was going to rat him out for starting the fight and disrupting the march.

“That’s not a good enough excuse, men open fire!”

The men load their gun and the awful click sound of a loaded gun.


I looked to my left and saw that bastard Kazuya he had real guts showing his face here.


“Let these children go what you’re doing is beyond cruelty”

“Hey weren’t you serving out you’re…”

“Punishment? why yes I did now step aside Yamasawa these are my kids”

“How dare you speak like that to me? a superior officer!”

However one look at Kazuya powerful gaze and he immediately quite down.

Yamasawa order the guards to stand down and walked passed Kazuya but stop and whispered In to his ear.

“Listen Kazuya, what we are doing is for the good of the Hanyo empire. This training is natural for them after all you survived it didn’t you?”

With that Yamasawa walked off, Kazuya was left behind to deal with the mess his superior officer had started. He looked around and saw children either dead or dying both boys and girls, he also notice some girls were missing probably to become comfort woman no doubt.

Kazuya gave us a two-hour rest period because of the ordeal. However, it did not seem much like a rest period. We had to help those who were still alive and get rid of those who are dead. afterwards our true training finally started.

“Okay toady we’re going to work on a little concept called Ki”

“Ki?” I questioned, still slightly pissed from seeing him again.

“Yes Ki, it’s a special energy that is located in each of us. If you can harness it you can surpass your body’s limits and achieve power never thought to be attainable by humans.” “Not may people can harness Ki however. It takes special training to harness and control one’s Ki.” Only The Hanma Demon/human beings the extinct Hebi-Jin and Human’s with Kami’s print can achieve special ability.

Kazuya looked at every kid; they all had this kind of expression on their faces 0.0. As if, to say “what the hell are you talking about?” Kazuya sweat dropped

“Okay Kami’s print is a specific key Inside your hearts which unlock the abilities I just mention. “While normal beings have a regular heart that circulates blood and regulate Ki through their bodies so they can move and such.”

The people of long ago who were born in Suzaku, Seiryu, Genbu and Byakko were once plagued with a disease that specifically attacked the heart. “Scientist implemented a device with in the people’s hearts to cure the diseases.”

“However it enhanced the people bodies and amplified how much control they have over their Ki. If one didn’t have control of their Ki, their own energy could wind up destroying them.” Some say that they keys were made from the spirits of major and minor Kami. In either case these were some how passed on to the children of theses lands. Each of you should have a birth mark on you bodies resembling that of a dragon since all of you were born in Seiryu.” The bigger the dragon is the more control of you Kami’s print your more likely to have.

The boys proceeded to lift up their shirts and pant legs. Each of them found a birthmark some where on their bodies. That freaks sister was trying to lift her shirt. For some strange reason I felt an odd sensation in my pants. hormones such things are for the weak in any case I grateful that freak put a stop to that.

“Sakuya Stop lifting up your shirt, you’re a girl not a boy remember girl’s have boobs, boys don’t I thought we went over this!”

“But I think I have a birth mark her some where Nissan”

“I don’t give a crap; just put your shirt down.”

she sighs, “fine Nissan” she then looks at Xu axe.

“Damn I think she saw me watching her, this is embarrassing I mean she’s just a little cry baby girl.” I shake my head to get rid of such thoughts, and approach Kazuya.

“So Xu Axe did you find your birthmark?”

“You have a lot of nerve showing up here you know that?” I said immediately dodging his question.

“Didn’t you promise to protect us from harm great job you’ve done so far?” I said rather sarcastically.

Kazuya just gave me a seldom expression. It made me want to smack the taste out his mouth.

“Lets see we have here a freak missing an arm, many of the girls being transformed in to comfort women, children dying should I go on?”

“Axe I’m sorry apparently there are something that are far from my control”

“ Well you should have thought of that before making promises that you can’t keep” That just like you adults preaching what’s right and wrong falling in to the depths of you own hypocrisy! I bet the POW‘s next door get treated better than we do!”

“Axe please understands, I explained that military will do anything in their power to break you. I promised to train you in order to prevent them from doing so. “I also said that this wouldn’t be an easy road for any of you.” Death’s are to expected you children will be trained the hardest because you are this empire’s future whether you like it or not.”

Kazuya words were like an imprint in these young minds. They had to forget and let go of their past to embrace the harsh future that lies before them.

“Your words are filled with empty promises I don’t even know if that crap about the Key prints are real”

“Most of the children her and most of the Fuku-Taichou and Taichou are of pure human/hanyo descent and have the key with in them”

“If that’s so then show me its power, face me Kazuya!”

Just as a cold wind passes by, a stare down commence between the two.

“You know Axe challenging a superior officer can mean death”

“I’m fully aware of that Kazuya.”

*stomach growls

“Kazuya-san I’m hungry!” yells one of the smaller boys.

“Well. Duty calls” says Kazuya playfully scratching the back of his head.

“I guess we really should get something to eat. You are all dismissed for a lunch brake we’ll pick up afterwards and train with a burning passion!” said Kazuya looking like a Richard Simmons replica.

“It’s incredible, how stupid this man truly is” thought Axe.

“Hey Kazuya-san, will we have more of that soup today?” It was really good!” says another boy with goodly eyes.

“Wow its amazing how quickly they forget their situation when food comes in to play” though Kazuya

“Sorry kid unfortunately you’ll have the same food as many of the other children in the mess hall and I cant say the food is that good” says Kazuya giving a sympathetic look” However I’ll see if I can sneak something in after lights out”

Kazuya gave the boy a little pat on the head, as he and the others lined up to enter the mess hall, which was not very far from the training camp.

“Believe me Kazuya this isn’t over” I mentally thought. As I too walked towards the mess hall, damn this hunger and its weakness. However that freak once again stood in my way.

“I’ll give you one more chance,” whispered the freak so that Kazuya could not hear.

“I mean Kazuya is nice but he wont be here to protect us forever helps us get out of here”

My vein pops my patience is done with him I grab him harshly by the shirt and begin to yell at him.

“Listen you pathetic excuse for a human, what plan can you possibly have for escaping this? isn’t a cartoon you see this is real life!” The place is armed with guards, land mines probably surrounding the perimeter. Now tell me what’s you master plan… hmm? You should concentrate on your own well being and surviving this, other than wasting my time!”

Kazoku says nothing at fist, but then he lifts up both his pants leg reviling prosthetic metal legs suspiring Axe.

“You see I once had disease which was eating through most of my body, so as a result I had both my legs amputated.” So I lost my arm I did It to protect my sister and that’s more important to me than an arm after all it doesn’t matter I’ll eventually get a prosthetic arm soon. “Your right I really don’t have a grand master plan of getting out. Maybe I was foolish to think if we just rush out, head on we’d be safe.” “But even so do you think we’ll truly be better off fighting for some empire and waste our lives for nothing?”

“Stay out of my way or I swear I’ll kill you!” that all I could mumble as I say let him go.

As I walked off, I felt something growing in my heart pounding hard I could feel the hatred and anger flowing through me. It was something that happened to me all too often. However I welcomed it my life was full of frustration even before this happened to me. I guess this was one the factors that would eventually shape my future.

Elsewhere, the Kanto imperial army was suffering major causalities in the war against the neighboring province of Genbu called, Duitser. Duister was a relatively small chunk of land; however, they were their own independent nation and were allies to the nation Genbu. By claiming Duister, the imperial army had a strategic standpoint to take over Genbu as well. The imperial army however vastly underestimated the Duister army, and food provisions were running low

As Mortar fire rained through the sky so did many soldiers. As the impact of the mortar caused men and children alike to fall hard on the ground making deadening sound that would make anyone cringe.

“Have you established any communications with HQ yet? Yet we’re getting desperate!”

“Sorry my Suiji-shogun-Dono we’re trying and it’s very hard to get in contact Hebei, Kanto. I herd the weather was getting bad in that part of the region.”

“Damn it!”

Suddenly another boom occurs. The general looks outside his tent and sees what appears to be dozens meteors soaring through the sky killing anything in their wake. All around are demolished tanks, men and children either dead or dying. Upon further inspection, he sees charred bodies, not of his own men but of men serving the Duister army.

“What is god’s name?”

Meanwhile on the Duister side, men take up a triple barrage formation and begin firing at the Kanto army simultaneously. Bullets rip through the flesh of countless men. The blood of innocent children turned in to soldiers is spilled everywhere.

Along the war front are countless canons stacked up with long-range barrels. However its not ammo that is going in to these long-range barrages, it is people.

Veins pop out of a Duister Soldier’s neck his Ki Is swirling around his body at en alarming rate. his body is engulfed in fire he climbs in to the long-range cannon. Soon enough some one shouts out fire the men are launched out of their cannons. It appears as if a meteor is soaring through the sky but this is untrue the soldier engulfed in Ki is traveling at a fast past of 490mph he lands on to ground with thundering boom killing himself and the unsuspecting soldiers in his path the crater left by the initial explosion is about the size of football filed.

“Alright” yells a Duister soldier” feel the wrath of the Kaminari (lighting gods) those who sacrifice there lives to rid the western world of you imperialist bastards.

“Hey look, there appears to be survivors,” says another soldier.


They see men struggling to get up, more Soldiers from the imperial army move in to reinforce. they form a row armed with long-range M-79 grenade launchers. They lock on their targets and simultaneously begin to fire, so do the Duister what results in a huge explosion causing casualties on both sides. Children soldiers charge armed with mortars and guns. Which appear too large for their tiny bodies to handle?
In any case, they fire at will, knowing that they will die with out fulfilling any of the childhood dreams they had.

The Duister know about the child soldier yet can’t do anything they refuse to leave themselves open to attack just because a child is a soldier after all a warrior is warrior no matter what age he/she is.

2 miles away at a camp with the imperial Kanto banner is raised high two men look on one of the men have spiky blond hair and long sideburns while other man is wearing shades also has long side burns and tan skin.

“It’s Pathetic to see such children die like this. It’s even more pathetic to be losing against a band of savages right Ishida?” says the man with the spiky hair.

“Those children are just frontline peons the real talent of children are all right here, Alexis” says the man wearing shades.

Just as Alexis was about to speak

Suddenly a cloaked figure appeared with devil wings sprouted from his back appears.

“It seems an envoy from Suiji-Dono has arrived, I‘ll go tell Natsukashi-sama”

Says Ishida as he walks in to the main camp. As he walks, he notices the boys and girl soldiers standing firm staring in to space, their eyes containing no pupils.

“These are the true faces of war, diligent and efficient with the soul purpose of killing”

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Part 2
“Natsukashi-sama an envoy from..”

“I already know Ishida! And you just ruined my game! Damn you! I was getting good at paddle ball, you fucked me up!”

“Forgive me”

The one known as Natsukashi arises from his seat, he has has white spiky bangs slightly covering his face. He is wearing a despot hat and long cape (sort of looking like a mini bison from SF2). His chest is decorated with medals, showing his military prowess. He is about the size of a 12 year old which is exactly how old he is.

“That idiot Sujin is probably getting impatient, it was he who said he wouldn’t need us and now he’s getting mad. What a big baby it seems these Duisters asswipes are more efficient than we previously thought.” Ishida prepare the soldier we’re going to move and bring me some candy bitch!”

“Right away Natsukashi-sama”

A wicked smile appears on his face abnormal for a 12 year old. Meanwhile outside is a group of rabid Duister army men riding on what appears to be Gila monsters backed by outdated tanks. The tanks were the exact tanks once used by the Germans, the Panzer. How they acquired these tanks from the past is unknown, but they each felt it would be formidable in battle. A man with long dreadlocks named Heer takes out a long machete; its blade shines in the gleaming sun light.

“Their nuts if they think they can charge in like that, damn I need a cigarette” says Alexis.

“Listen there will be a big reward for who ever take the commanders head!” yelled Heer, determined to make this charge count.

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EP 4: What is written in the key…
Part 1

As we walked in to the mess hall one of the guard’s stops that freaks sister from entering, I really could care less so I continued inside.

“All girls of her size and stature are supposed to be on the other side of the camp, this mess hall is for military personnel only.”

The guard had a slight tint of red on his cheeks, cannot blame him, if you saw an eleven year old with the body of an eighteen year old you would probably blush too.

“Hiccoron-Sama said that I have to be with her at all times”

The guard had an inquisitive look on his face as he arched a brow. He then looked at Kazuya who gave him a nod. Henceforth Kazoku and his sister were able to enter the mess hall. There was along line and I was getting hungrier by the minute, when it came to my turn I was only given a little bit of rice that looked old and moist. I looked at it with disgust then I look at the chef.

“Hey don’t give me that half ass look, that’s all new comers get now move along.”

I gave him a sneer and did as I was told. As I looked around, I noticed there were not many guards on duty. Most of the guards were either unarmed or had pistols. The majority of people in the mess hall were mostly male’s eight to eighteen years old. In the entire mess hall there were at least ten females including that freak’s sister. Most of females in the camp were either dead, in the medical ward turned in to sexual slaves know as comfort women.

The females looked about fourteen, and up, and sat at their own individual table. However some else caught my eye, there was girl with light blue hair wrapped in a pony tail and emerald eyes (yes another freak) she was sitting by her self surrounded by two boys of tall stature. Even though she was eating quietly, she had the saddest look on her face; she must have a lot on her mind.

As I walk to a nearby table, I suddenly notice the room is spinning as if its going out of control, I feel like a sinking ship going under. Before I realize it, my face collides with the disgusting buddle of rice the chef gave me. I stand up and clear my face, I then hear an annoying laughter that makes my ear‘s bleed. My eyes meet that of a larger man with a ridiculous pink Mohawk and large eyebrows surrounded by a couple of older boys.

“Had a nice fall? Dumbass, hahahaha,” said a smaller boy wearing a beanie. He climbed on top of the larger man with the pink Mohawk shoulder’s, he sort of looks like a monkey.

“Good one Saru” replies the man with the Mohawk.

“What is he talking about?” That joke was retarded.

“Have a nice trip”

“Okay, that’s enough,” said the larger man slightly annoyed.

“Hahahaha Have a nice….”

The man wearing the Mohawk grabs on to the ape like boy and flings him across the room. His face collides with that wall, causing him to bleed profusely from his forehead and wrecking his teeth as well.

“Annoying monkey…” So little boy I see you and these other bands of losers are from Seiryu right?”

“Losers?” say that again, I ought to beat you with my prosthetic legs!” Yells an angered Kazoku.

“Onni-chan…” says his sister in a surprised voice.

“Humph, now is that any way to speak your sempai?” “We all know that out of the four kingdoms Seiryu was the weakest, blue dragon my ass, hahahaha.”

“And we all know that the people from Suzaku are incompetent assholes” Said I.

“Why, you! You have some nerve.”

“Arrg how did you know we were from Suzaku?” asked one of the boys.

“ Your birthmark on you right arm which resembles the fable phoenix, Since Seiryu is know for being the land of the blue dragon, Suzaku is know for being the land of cowardly chicken.” I give him a sly smile just to piss him off further.

“How dare you insult our homeland!”

“ This shows that people from Suzaku are cunts, you talk about our land when your land wasn’t even able to hold against the Hanyo and fell with in two days.”

The man with the pink Mohawk was clearly angry, veins were popping out of his head.
“So you think you’re funny huh!”

“Yeah that’s my job,” says nearly unconscious Saru.

“ Don’t get mad at me because you can’t except the truth and no your not funny, your boring”

“And you’re boring me too Pinky” Adds Kazoku with a snappy retort.

“Hey did he just call Senzo Pinky?” “Does he have a death wish?” whisper the boys around them.

“Onni-chan lets just leave it alone” Says a worried Sakuya tugging on her brother’s arm.

“Yeah we’re all already in deep as it is” says a boy with short hair and a bandage on his eye his name is Toru.

“Your dead kid!”

Senzo goes for a punch, I managed to side step him however he backhands me, my back collies with that of the table. He comes charging in with the speed of a mad bull. That freak Kazoku interferes though and gives him a hard kick to the stomach, making him cringe. I rush in and give a hard drop kick to the face, Senzo coughs up some blood and falls hard on to the ground the mess hall goes eerily quite.

“Yamasawa-Dono we have a problem in the mess hall, do we interfere?”

Yamasawa upon closer look notices that Xu axe and Kazoku are fighting a grin appears on his face.

“No let them fight, I’d like to see those two little shits get torn up”

“But sir they already knock one kid down and it seem as if a riot is about to start”

“If there’s a riot we’ll contain it, now shut up and enjoy the show,” says Yamasawa with a wide evil grin. “A little blood never hurt anybody”

Senzo gets up and wipes the blood off his lips and smiles.

“You little bastard! Hey what are you waiting for kill them both!”

A Bunch of boys begin to rush towards Kazoku and myself one kids throws a punch but I doge however another comes up from behind and puts me in a sleeper hold. I struggle to get free however, his massive biceps prevent me from doing so, and I am ashamed of how weak I am.

“Axe!” yells Kazoku as he tries to run however, Senzo gives him a hard chop to the back of his neck forcing his spit to come up.


Sakuya runs towards Senzo smiles and gets in to a guard stance. Sakuya tries to kick Senzo and manages to break through his guard however think quickly Senzo doges her kick and gives her a hard slap to the face causing her to crash in to Toru.

At this point Kazoku gets boiling mad he jumps on Senzo and begins dishing out harsh blows. Senzo begins coughing up blood as he receives Kazoku harsh punches from his single arm.

The mess hall has come to serve its name; it has truly become a mess. Everywhere people are throwing food at each other punching each other unnecessary blood is being spilled.

Over at the girls table fighting is taking place as well. The girl’s are kicking each other slapping each other pulling each other’s hair and punching each other. The only place where fighting was not occurring was at that strange girl’s table. She was looking intently at the chaos before her with stern eyes. One of the boys apparently her lackey turns to speak with her.

“Hey Kumicho (Boss) shouldn’t we do something about this?”

“Hmm its ruining my launch maybe something should be done Sandi, seeing as the guards aren’t doing anything”

“ I don’t know Kumicho” says the other boy” I mean last time you were put in Chamber 3 of a week for going against their order you could get in trouble again”

“Don’t worry Ed the mess hall is chaos,” she said with a smirk.

I have not seen Kumicho smirk or even smile in a longtime ever since…that day… it is refreshing to see her confidence up again. Thought Ed as he looked at the smirk plastered on her face.

In addition, with that the girl known as Kumicho slowly rose from her seat revealing bandages on her arms and legs with odd makings on them. She slowly walks over to girls table.


“Why are you girls fighting in the first place? You all look like morons”

“Um we don’t know spur of the moment, I guess we’ll stop now though. “Hee hee”” The girls laughed nervously rubbing the back of their heads. They were obviously in fear of angering Kumicho.

“Good, see to it that you do stop”

“Sir we must stop this it’s getting out of control!”

“Fine!” yells Yamasawa as he takes out his pistol and takes the safety off” Leave it to a bitch to spoil the party”

I Feel myself slowly losing consciousness as my vision is beginning to blur, I can hardy hear what my attacker is saying to me something along the lines of “go to sleep”

I find myself doing just that however, a sinister voice wakes me up. A voice so dark and evil it sends shivers down my spine. Everything freezes in that instant as the voice grows louder and louder.

“Xu Axe….”

“Who…Who the hell are you”

“Are you that dimwitted? I’m the roaring demon inside of you.”


“Axe you have the potential to become a great killing machine however you must let go of petty things that are holding you back. You have a lust and desire for blood against all those who have done you wrong, harness that and I will guide you to true greatness.

“Arrg… I do not wish to become a killing machine, just merely to get out of this situation”

“If so then let me take over.”

A cynical laughter came soon after, whatever happened next at the time I had no understanding. I felt hot my biceps were throbbing as if they were going to explode. My body began moving yet I had no control over it. I soon realized I would have no control of my actions.

“Yea just go to sleep you little… Ahhhhh! What the Hell my arms they’re burning”

The boy looks at both his arms burns lay on each side. They look very close to being charred the pain is immense.

Axe body is engulfing in hell fire, everyone stops to watch this awesome sight of power. The flames are causing the sprinkler system to go off. The water lands on Axe putting his fire out he slightly relaxes as the cold water land on his jet black hair and runs down his spine. Although he has relaxed, he still feels the killing intent with in him. His heartbeat is increasing every minute his eyes look like those of a killer with no sense of emotion.

“That’s right axe given in to the feeling, you like this feeling don’t you? Having control over people who try to hurt you is fun isn’t it? Now kill him!”

Kazoku stops punching Senzo and looks on leaving an opportunity for Senzo to give a harsh jab to the face. Blood slides down the lip of Kazoku as Senzo picks him up and holds him by his collar. Sakuya tries to intervene but Toru prevents her from doing so.

“Toru let go!”


“I’m going to enjoy punching you face in”

Senzo brings his punch back getting ready to strike, however Kumicho prevents him from doing so.

“Put the boy down now.”

“What! Kumicho? Well bring it on bitch I’m not scarred of you besides the only reason you weren’t put as a comfort woman was because you’re a flat chested bitch!

Kumicho unleashes three quick jabs her speed is incredible one with normal eyes would think she unleashed one hundred.

Senzo gawks his rib cage is immediately smashed, his face turns blue and begins to swell he collapses on to ground while letting go off Kazoku. Kazoku looks up and faces Kumicho but she has her back turned she watching Axe intently as he is her an eternity passes as they exchange glances toward each other. A gunshot is herd every turn around and see Yamasawa with a pistol in hand he aims it at Axe and fires.

Axe unconsciously yet gracefully dodges several of his shots until one stray shot skids through his right cheek leaving a scar and causing him to shed blood. Axe suddenly wakes up from his unconscious state to see Senzo one the ground and another boy with badly charred arms. Axe was semi aware of what he did he just couldn’t believe he had done it he yes were wide open in total shock.

“Damn alright maggots parties over, get them to the medical ward. Bring that girl and those two boys along with me” Said Yamasawa pointing to Kumicho Kazoku and Axe.

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Part 2
While this mess was going on, Kazuya was enjoying his launch break when a knock came at his door.

“Who is it?”

“An important message, Kazuya Fuku-Taichou”

“Come in”

The solider bows and relays the message.

“Sir two of your child subordinates have been apprehended by Yamasawa Taichou.”

“On what grounds?”

“They apparently started a gruesome fight in the mess hall which left a boy with a fracture rib cage and another with both his arms severely burned”

Kazuya sighs and rubs his forehead

“Thanks for letting me know, I will deal it with promptly.”

“Yamasawa Taichou will handle this; you are order to a take a flight to Kanto immediately.”


“Your father, King Ein is dying”
More Kaminari fly through sky lives ending upon fierce impact, Heer continues his charge towards the camp back by tank and mortar fire.

“Only one man is guarding the camp site? Has the imperial army lost their mind?”

Ishida take off his shades revealing a scar located on of his eye. He takes the cigarette out of his mouth his body begins to shake. He vomits up a huge amount of oil from within his mouth. To men charging towards the camp it looks as if giant tsunami made of oil is coming their way. Heer and some of his men manage to jump out of the way. However, several others including the tanks aren’t so lucky; the oil transforms in to a sticky paste and traps them.

“Like flies to a web, Kami he whom has bestowed me this energy I call upon you to aid me with you bountiful Ki!” yells out Ishida as he asks for the power of the gods.

Ishida grabs his cigarette tightly and yells out “Kiai!” suddenly the cigarette grows to immense proportions. He throws it like a javelin towards the men who were trapped in oil. In an instant, the cigarette makes contact with the oil, causing a huge flash of light. It triggers an explosion, Heer and those who survived are forced to watch the men die.

“You bastard why did you do that! The Hanyo are using you, you’re a human just like us who mean nothing to them. The Hanyo only wish to expand their control and force humans to do the dirty work for them. All four sacred nations and us to some degree have access to powers. It is Kami’s wish is to eradicate the Hanyo, and you use what god has bestowed you against your own people?”

“You believe Hanyo are selfish creatures? Yet you forget that we are also part human, we are made up of the best qualities human and demon. For many years the Hanyo’s were mocked, outcasts of society forced to do human dirty work we’re merely returning the favor. Kami understands the Hanyo’s plight, thus he gave us the power we need to exact our revenge. And by the way who said I was a mere human?”

Ishida smirks, All of a sudden Ishida arms grow long, ivory tusks sprout from with in his mouth. His body size grows, horns sprout from with in his head like that of a vengeful devil he towers over Heer and his remaining men.

“Hanyo’s aren’t usually born with the Kami’s print since most of the diseases that attack you pitiful humans don’t affect us. However, in the quest for more power I had one implemented in to my body. Through training I increase my power tenfold.”

One of Heer’s men rushes towards Ishida and begins to fire endless rounds from his Uzi type MP5. However, they have no effect on Ishida’s powered up body. Ishida viscously rams both his long tusk through the soldiers body instantly killing him he then discards his body as he was trash.

“Fool arrg… line up the Kaminari!”

“ The Kaminari I’d love to see that fireworks up close and personal.” Says Ishida enjoying the metallic taste of his enemies’ blood.

“Hope the Kaminari is as promising as I hear, I don’t want to be bored to death.” Says Ishida crossing his arms.
“Hmm Ishida seems to be having fun, lord” says one of the Natsukashi‘s soldiers.

“A little too much fun. It’s pathetic to think they were giving us so much trouble, had we been deployed earlier we wouldn’t be having this problem. However, they were worthless human lives so no real loss.” A smile once again grazes Natsukashi face, he then turns and looks at the row of children. They are lined up with dead looks on their faces the only thing on there mind is to kill.

“Now children go out and play with the Duister leave not one alive understand.”

They all salute, as they rush out the camp the same soldier approaches him and asks him a question.

“ Lord you’re letting the children go unarmed?”

“ What a stupid question, as if these perfect fighting machines need such trivial things as weapons. Don’t ever ask me something so stupid again or you’ll die got that?.”

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EP 5: Tears of a broken wing.

Ten Kaminari line up and form a barrage around the base, Heer is determine to defeat Ishida at all costs.

“I’m not ready to die; I’m not ready to die.” Says a young dustier soldier, he whispers to himself and begins sweating profusely.

God why did I join the Kaminari I should have listen to my mother darn it” The young soldier ruffles through his hair and sighs in frustration his heart was beating fast he knew that Heer would pick him as one of the first ten he paced around he didn’t even notice his friend approaching him.

“Yo Shiro”

“AHHHH, Kawashita don’t scare me like that you freaking bum!”

“Jeez buddy calm down, what got you so worked up?”

“Are you slow in the upper story, look at the size of that guy?” He points at Ishida just a few feet away.

“What upper story? There’s no building here,” Said Kawashita with a goofy smile on his face.

“Arrg… OMG your so freaking stupid we’re about to die and all you can do is smile and act dumb”

“C’mon you know this day would come, no point in worrying about it now. After all cowardice is not an option”

“His eyes changed they have become more serious” Thought Shiro.

“Now get ready and meditate, make sure your body reaches its highest point to combust we must bring glory to the Dustier army”

“C’mon how long are you going to keep me waiting? I’m becoming impatient, fire your Kaminari now or I’ll break you all in half”

“Now don’t tell you’re afraid? You should be honored, being able to witness such a sight at close range. But if you wish, the remainder of my men will be plenty for you to fight”

The men shout in unison ready to give up their lives.

Ishida growls and gets in to fighting stance, remaining panzer units begin firing, Ishida dodges them a blinding speed. He charges like a mad bull and his horns claim more bodies, men throw grenades at him yet they have no effect. Ishida grabs a soldier and snaps his neck. More bullets and shots from panzers are fired; Ishida jumps in to the air and lands hard on to the ground creating sort of a miniature earthquake. The men tumble, Ishida jumps on them and rips them to shreds, their blood lay stained on everyone of his teeth.

Heer’s Godzilla monster tries to ram him, Ishida dives his claws in to beast eyes piecing them. The beast gives out a terrible cry Heer falls on to ground, just as Ishida is about to attack Heer defends with his machete, they both are drawn in to a dead lock each buying for supremacy.

“Strong weapon you have there” says Ishida slightly struggling.

“It was forged by the souls of my village and our god Yawata no kami”

“Is that so?”

Ishida tries to knee him in the face however; Heer back flips and attempts to kick him. Ishida blocks but his block is nearly broken which surprises him somewhat. He then gives Heer a right hook to the face, Heer coughs up blood he lets the droplets of his blood fall on to his sword. A strange insignia forms on to the sword. Ishida swings Heer ducks soon enough he jumps in to the air and strikes Ishida through the chest. Through the reflection of his sword, he sees the Panzers preparing to fire. Heer duck as the shots fly over his head and land a direct impact on Ishida’s body. Heer body is blown away from the force of the explosion but he survives with a few scrapes and bruises.

Heer looks up and sees the fire reach towards the sky like a bon fire. He gets up and begins to walks away when Ishida voice catches his attention surprising Heer.

“You don’t think that little stunt stopped me!”

Heer slowly turns around to see Ishida hardly injured expect with a huge slash crossed his chest from which he was bleeding.

“Arrg you managed to injure me impressive, but hurting me will only make me want to kill you more. “First- he said, his eyes shining with evil intentions. ”lets get those annoying tanks units out of the way shall we?”

Heer turns around and shouts at his men to retreat they are unable to Heer him however. A sly smiles form across Ishida’s lips. Suddenly both his tusks and horns form in to spirals he kneels and gets in to a ninpou (Ninja arts stance).

“Utolsónak, lovaglás (Last ride)” He said in his foreign tongue.

Bits of energy begin to gather around his body in an instant a huge of wave of energy explodes out these spirals and launch towards the remaining panzer units like fierce cannon. Heer quickly jumps in to the line of fire; he takes his sword and tries to block the cannon fire from striking the Panzers. He is quickly overwhelmed and the cannon fire and is struck by it. It completely chars his body. As he is dying in a pit of fiery hell, he mumbles something.

“May my body rest and be one with those who have fallen”

His burnt body collides with that of the ground and brakes in to pieces. The men with in their tanks watch as their general dies, but they too are soon destroyed by Ishida blast. All that is left of Heer’s unit is the Kaminari squad composed of twenty men.

“ Heer has died” says Kawashita looking at Shiro, sweat slides down his face he looks extremely pale almost drugged it’s the raging uncontrollable Ki inside of him, that are causing these reactions.

“C’mon, we can’t let his death be in vain,” says Kawashita as he has puts his goggles on and is about to climb in to the barrel of the cannon. However, before he does so he looks at Shiro, his body is here but his mind seems elsewhere.

“Shiro are you okay?”

Shiro does not respond instead he begins to run away from the launch site, Kawashita yells at him to come back.

“Shiro where are you going? Its to late now the process is complete if you don’t launch now your body will still explode!”

Shiro keeps on running despite Kawashita warning. His muscles explodes, Shiro falls on to the ground and yells in pain then instantly a boy with amazing speed appears in front of him, he has eyes as cold as ice with no sympathy behind them he sticks his hands through Shiro chest and jumps back and watches as Shiro explodes.

Ishida reverts to his normal self and crosses his arms as Natsukashi’s troops pours out of the main camp grouped in to divisions of three.

“I guess my fun is over”

Soon enough Alexis appears beside him

“Its seems that man did a number on you”

“please he was a weakling, but that machete of his its power is amazing. Only worthy for the likes of us it even survived my Lovaglás cannon.”

Alexis walked toward the machete. It lay next to Heer’s remains Alexis picked it up; its blade glistened in the sun light. Alexis was in aw at it’s craftsman ship he felt quite powerful with the sword in hand, as if he and the blade had suddenly become one.
“Alexis stop hogging that sword or machete or whatever! It’s my turn!” says Ishida in a childish tone.

“Think not, I’ll be taking this sword”

“Oh c’mon that’s not fair”

“Shut up or I’ll take your porn posters away from you!”

Ishida crosses his arms and pouts. Fine “greedy bastard”

“What was that!” yells Alexis who grabs Ishida by the neck; Ishida is suspired by Alexis’s recent change in character.

“Now look at my eye, you see how the shit is all swirls its like a freaking spiral”

“Cant… stop looking at the…swirls… Did I leave the oven on… damn I think I forgot to read masturbating for dummies.” say Ishida with a dazed look.

Alexis slowly regains his composer and lets Ishida go. Alexis eyes reverts to normal, he shakes his head wondering just what happened.

“What the hell”

“Man that was random”

“Ishida did you just tell me you masturbated…”

His sweat dropped “…no”

“It seems this sword does something to the user, depending who it is I guess. Whoever harness it may be subjugated to doing random things on him opponents and vise versa. Maybe the sword doesn’t like us and forces its bearer and people near them to do random things”

“That’s stupid, you make it sound like the sword is alive”

“In any case I must master this incredible sword; we can’t be doing random things for we are the holy warriors of the Kanto Tokusentai!”

As Alexis says this waves appears in the background and the sun sets “Very dramatic”

Ishida sweat drops “Where the hell did the waves come from?”

Anyway back to the plot ^^

Both men turn they are attention back towards the Kaminari who are just about ready to launch. Kawashita notices a group of children numbered in the hundreds heading towards the launch site. Kawashita and the other’s get a good look at them they looks like hundreds of little demons charging through a field of death.

“C’mon everyone for Dustier!”

The men roar in unison as the first ten men jump in to their Kaminari cannons. The other ten remaining help their brothers aim more affectively by turning the cannons wheels. Sadly no one will be able to help them when it comes time for their launch, what ever they hit, they will hit there’s no turning back.

The Children move with unparallel speed, Natsukashi Child Tokusentai had approx. three hundred child soldiers; there are only three divisions in this army. Each division is lead by a high ranking officer, the one who ended Shiro life a child of high rank much like Natsukashi his name is Uusa Kami.

He wears a surgical mask and a red bandana around his face yet he does not wear the Kanto original uniform. He wear’s a traditional kimono and hakama along with sandals and a long spear on his back. The reason for this, his division 3 comprised of one hundred children followers is the elite killing division of youth. Natsukashi army is the one of the supreme armies made of children that are glorified by the Kanto. They are expert killing machines their humanity tossed aside, their brain has soaked the meaning of spilling blood up like a sponge.

Kawashita is sweating like a barrel of water, he wonder how his final impact would be like and remind himself not to close his yes when it happens. He thinks about his mother his brothers and sisters, Shiro’s death and prays for each and every one of them. Suddenly the word “Fire” is herd there is no more time for thinking. Kawashita immediately launches in to the sky his Ki sparks up, his body is immediately engulfed with swirling Ki he’s a flying human bomb.

The children below notice the ten Kaminari coming towards them at blinding speed. Some how they all line up with Kawashita at the helm. They form an attack pattern from a far in appears as they were the wings and Kawashita was head of a plane. Their Ki’s collides with one another and forms a huge giant fireball that over shadows the sky. The fighting soon stopped, every enemy and foe stopped to watch the giant weapon made of honorable men.

Though they see this coming towards them, the children remain stoic years of training had made them this way. Something begins to craw with in their skin. In an instant three tiny orbs filled with of their Ki sprouts from their wrists. They throw of them in to the sky, the orbs fused in to one giant orb with all their Ki inside. The orb opens and unleashes simultaneous Ki fire towards the enemy as if it was a giant anti aircraft gun shooting on a much larger scale.

The Ki immediately kills five of the first ten Kaminari‘s, Kawashita men are becoming discourage but Kawashita assures them that they’ll get the job done. They doge the Ki fire and break through the children’s defenses. Soon after they plunge towards the ground at an incredible speed, the fastest anyone could ever see. They hare traveling so fast they’re bodies resembles that of lighting rods locked with in huge fireball. Kami unsheathes his spear and swings it hard, a huge spiral flash of Ki launches out of it. It transforms in to a large spear made out of pure energy however, Kawashita and his remaining men brake through that as well surprising Kami.

Kawashita makes sure to have his eyes open as he plunges to the ground. A huge explosion is heard, it rocks the entire ground. Tearing everything in its wake, and then... silence.

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Ep 6 part 2: Battle End....

“ Tengu, nice job on sealing the blast”

Tengu takes out a cue card which have the words thank you on it.

“ What the…”says Ishida

“ Aside from shouting out Ki commands Tengu is partially mute and communicates by the means of cue cards”

“ Oh really? Ishida gets a sadistic smile on his face” Hey Tengu your moms is a bitch! cause well you’re a dog! Hahahahahahaahaha!”

“ I wonder if it’s the sword or Ishida personality that’s making his act this way” says Alexis shaking his head.

Tengu turns the cue card to the other side, he takes out a bush soaked with ink and begins writing on it. It reads” Yo mama so ugly when she walks into a bank, they turn off the surveillance cameras“!

“ Arrg you bastard keep that up and I’ll take away your ability to write as well!”

Natsukashi seemed pleased” It seems these pets of mine haven't lost their edge yet” he looked at the sealed fire ball an a insidious Idea popped in to his head.

Back at the Kaminari camp, Kawashita failure cause the remaining men morale to plummet.

“ Now what do we do? Kawashita’s group have failed, they gave up their lives in vain”

One of the Soldiers runs up and the slaps the other soldier named Genbu hard in the face knocking his helmet off.

“ Listen to me every one! What would Kawashita do if he was alive now? Do you not care what will have to Dustier or what will happened to Genbu? Do you wish to sit here and watch the Hanyo swallow the western world hole?”

“ What difference does it make!? We wont be alive to see it anyway”

The Soldier sighs and looks down the sadness and sorrow of war begins to over take him.

“ The sad thing is that we’re not fighting against the Hanyo we’re also fighting our own kind who have been brainwashed or forced to fight against us”

“ And the countless children forced to fight against their will”

“ Well if you do not wish to see this happen to your sisters brother or even children of your own fight!”

“ With what the Kaminari?”

“ No take your what left of our ammunition we’ll use the Ki meant for the Kaminari and crash in to the enemy”

“ What do you mean?”

“Our main army comprised of our 4 remaining generals have successful routed the Kanto’s main infantry army led by General Suji, Look over there”

The men see their fellow soldiers charging in to Suji’s main camp. At least 900 strong are charging In to the camp, their formation is crumbling. By now even the most experienced riflemen have fallen. All that is live is very inexperienced children infantry and low level Soldiers.

“ You see our general are about to capture their main camp after 3 longs days of fighting. What disgraced we’d be we retreated now. The force we face is definitely more experienced and challenging but so are we, we face a force of a approx. now 250 men and children alike the numbers seem against us but if Kawashita and his ten men alone were bale to inflict some damage maybe we can too.

The men’s spirits begin to raise as they give silent nods. One of the soldier takes of his helmets and sits down he wipes the sweat from his brow and gives the soldiers a stern look.

“ Souzen?”

“ Captain, I’m tired, tired of fighting a losing war so what if we give our lives nothing good will come out of it, Genbu is right.

He looks down at his rifle and smiles he takes the gun and places it under his chin, the Captain tries to stop him but its too late. Souzen fires the bullets flies right through his chin he coughs up blood staining the ground, and fall head first his face sinking in to the dirt and ash.

The men remain quite for a long time, until their captain begins to speak.

“Coward” he whispers quietly” Listen if you wish to end your lives like him be my guess I refuse to go that route”

War drums can be herd, the captain through he was loosing it he looked around and saw Natsukashi mounted on his horse. Behind Natsukashi was the barely conscious Kami, Kami struggled to stand up but realized that of his leg bones were out of place. The pain he felt In his leg was incredible he tried not to scream for Natsukashi was in his presence.

“ Hey if you can’t stand up Kami commit seppuku now…”Says Natsukashi with out looking at him.

Kami’s eyes open wide as he struggles once again to get up. He finally manages to pop his leg in to place its makes a bone cracking sound some how he was able to hold his scream. He finally arose and concentrated what was left of his Ki to recreated his spear Houzouin.

“ Good, your not ready to die yet” Said Natsukashi with a smile

Something with in Kami wanted to smack the smirk off Natsu’s face yet he couldn’t even though Kami was older and therefore his sempai he had to acknowledge Natsu’s military genius which is why he is in command.

The remaining children begin to arise from the ground as if they were zombies, they ignored the dead bodies of fallen comrade’s. The Kaminari captain was right only 50 of Natsukashi original 300 hundred units were killed. Suddenly a girl soldier jumps over Natsukashi and dashes towards the Kaminari captain. The captain gets in to fighting stance he focuses, his muscles begin to stretch and expand, before he has a chance to explode however The girl reappears her speed astonishing him, she sticks both her hands In to his chest blood splattering on her face, her eyes that of like the devil. The Captain is frozen unable to move nor explode, she grabs him by the head and throws him towards his compatriots. The captains body collies with that of his troops the girl waves her hand to the side. He initially explodes taking all ten soldiers with him.

The girl returns to Natsukashi side she sees him smile at her which make her blush somewhat.

“ Very Good Uzui now that that little business is over, Kami take your remaining men and destroy rendezvous with Uzui and Tengu and obliterate what’s left of the Dustier army.

Both Uzui and Kami bow.


At the main camp chaos’s is every where its like a mini world war ten times over. Mortars are landing everywhere exploding on dirt and rock. 900 Dustier veterans make a banzai charge towards the camp. Many low infantry hind in trenches trying to desperately fire and running low on ammunition.

“ Damn Dusters!” yells a imperial soldier as he tries to fire his rifle at incoming soldiers. Before he can he sinks In to the ground. One by one the soldiers in the trenches begin to sink in to the ground leaving only one imperial soldier left a very young boy maybe about age 8.

“ No where did every one go? Oh god no I want my mommy and my daddy I cant take this..” the boy begins to cry uncontrollably. From underneath the ground a large man appears wearing a Samurai helmet holding a Naginata a long staff with a blade attacked in one end. His faced soften when he found the crying child.

“ Damn a kid I can’t do this…”

“Hey General Kaigun”

The General turns his head and sees a man with long black hair and light blue eyes, with a bandana tied around his head.

“ Oh General Bingo what do you have to report…”

“ well….”

The crying child closes his eyes tightly as his tears stream down his cheeks, he takes out a wazashi( short sword) and tries to stab general Kaigun from behind. General Bingo opens his mouth a bullet fires from with in and goes right through the boy’s head. He collapses on to the floor now dead.

“ General please do try to be careful”

“I didn’t know I mean I couldn’t kill a kid”

“ In times of war we are often forced to do things we dislike, even a child can be a weapon remember that”

General Kaigun nods” well Bingo what were you saying before

“Heer entire unit has been decimated”

“Damn it! And I told Heer not to go alone”

The light its gleaming in General Kaigun eyes, Soldiers are coming from left and right. Bingo palms open and simultaneous bullets launch from with in they shed through the incoming soldiers skin, blood spewing very where. Kaigun swings his Naginata creating a strong wind which causes the soldiers to fall, he then begins to server heads.

From above Kami comes in, Kaigun see him coming, Kami’s spears collies with that of his Naginata both their ki’s are clashing with one another. Rocks and electricity are flying through the air as Kaigun body sinks further In to ground. The exchange further blows, metal sparks fly from each other blade each time they make contact. Bingo fires his bullets however Kami with one wave of his spear destroys them. Kami swings his spear once more but Bingo dodges, He then does a back flip and lands on top of Suji’s main tent. Suji then comes out rifle in hand, he’s shaking as he aims the gun at both General Kaigun and Bingo.

“Look at the pitiful man does he really think he can defeat these two with a mere gun?” thought Kami.

“ Suji-dono go back inside, Natsukashi-sama is handling the situation.”

“ Finally what took you guys! We've lost almost all our men! what the hell were you all doing over there? Having a slumber party while our men get slaughtered!?”

Kami tunes out Suji’s rants and turns his attention towards General Kaigun and Bingo.

“ Hey are you listening!!!” says Suji obviously being ignored.

“ Listen The Imperial Kanto army request Duisters unconditional surrender and submission to the empire”

“Never! will we accept that if that choice we rather except death! Right Bingo…Bingo?”

Bingo doesn’t respond. Instead he coughs up blood, on his face a diagonal line forms. It splits his face in half as his blood vessels pops, yet unlike many deaths where the person collapses his body stays standing letting the blood rain from his head, it’s a gruesome sight.

“ Bingo!!!”

“ I guess he decided to except death” says Ishida as he lands besides Kami.” Better surrender now”

Suddenly Ishida sees mortar fire coming their way, Ishida stops the mortar rocket with his bare hands he then takes it and throws it towards incoming Duisters troops which results in them getting horribly slaughtered. The sound of gun fire runs rampant, however powerful foot steps over shadow this. Ishida sensitive ears picks this up, before him is a man with bandages on his arms wearing along cape he has several scars on his face he’s tan wearing a top not. Beside him in a woman with tan skin as well with a single braided hair.

The man with the scar looks at the dead Bingo silently standing and then back at Ishida and Kami.

“Imperial army, tell me if you control Dustier what do you plan to do?”

“ Eliminate all who are weak”

“ In other words human genocide. If that is what you seek as supreme general Meiji we will stop you here you will advance no further ”

“Brother I bet it was them that killed Heer nii-san” said the girl named Anenko unsheathing her long sword.

“ Then die its as simple as that”

Meiji left arm begins to twitch uncontrollably, His Ki begins to emanate it from it. He grasp his Ki tightly and fires several Ki attacks towards Ishida and Kami. They fuse together and take the form of a spiral. It lands a direct hit killing Suji and destroying his entire quarters. The flash of light covers the entire sky. Meiji smiles but when the smoke clears Kami and Ishida are no where to be found only Natsukashi appears dismounted from his horse.

“ Well That was dumb, you couldn’t hurt my Nintendo DS with a low level attack like that. I know that technique its called Akai Boushi (red eye). Instead of summoning Ki from ones print or core the user summon it from the nerves containing Ki particles. he focus a vast amount of energy in to his left arm that if it isn’t released he could lose his arm. But the way you used its as if you were spiting in the masters who invented that technique face. Let me show you how its done…”

The girl with the single braid takes out her sword and dashes towards Natsukashi. She swings her sword whom takes the form of a giant tsunami with glowing eyes.

“ Go Ryu Kinzoku! (Metal dragon)”

The Tsunami attempts to swallow Natsukashi whole, Natsukashi smiles as the wave is absorbed in to his body much to Aneko’s horror. She’s too much in shock to notice Uzui strike. Uzui strikes Anenko several times in back leaving large gaping holes, Anenko explodes her arms falling right beside Meji’s feet.

Kaigun blindly dashes towards Natsukashi. However Natsukashi jumps high in to the air and holes appear in is body as the Tsunami gushes out and falls on the soldiers drowning them and possibly Drowning his own. Natsukashi land on top of the box containing the immense fire ball and begins to laugh hysterically.

“I’m going to wipe away you dustier trash from the face of the earth!” Dissolve the seal!”

Ishida and Alexis both Dissolve the seal using several hand signs. The Kanji on their back disappears and the fire ball is release it drops on to the countless bodies below. Meji’s might have not heard him he was to busy staring at his sister severed arm. He then realizes that the fire ball is descending at immense speeds.

He tries to move yet can’t his foot as been tied down with a sticky oil substance. The fire ball spares no one the entire battle region is reduced to hellfire in one instant the entire Duisters army is wiped out, cries of pain go unanswered. In the fiery rubble Natsukashi laugh echoes though countless dead souls. Its about the only noise that is made.
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EP 7: Feelings fueled by Fire, Attack on the Shohei-Maru.

The sun was quickly setting. It fueled the flames of the now dead Duisters soldiers. Bodies rotted, turn instantly to ash by the flames as if they never existed. Natsukashi surveyed the area, heads of those now dead were broken in two by the hoofs of Natsukashi’s white horse.

“ easy there Howaido” said Natsukashi has he smiled and stroked Howaido’s mane.

Soon enough Kami appeared next to him, he gave him a swift bow and started to give his report.

“ Natsukashi-sama, the Duisters soldiers have all been eliminated”

“ Okay tell me something I don’t already know” said Natsukashi slightly agitated.

“ Well General Suji-Dono was killed and we lost an additional 50 soldiers due to friendly fire from the explosion”

“Death’s well deserved after all they are humans after all”

“Aren’t you human too?” thought Kami yet he decided not to say it.

“ Those stupid Kaminari, stupid Duisters that being able to anticipate our attack led to their demise, using ones power against them it gives me an awesome feeling.”

The flames intensify making Howaido slightly tense, Natsukashi tames him and looks intently at the flames before him.

“ Natsukashi, what do you see when you look at the flames?”

“ Kami how’s your leg?”

“ It’s fine sir”

“ If you want to keep don’t ever ask me that stupid question again, when I look at flames I see war nothing else. Listen! tonight we rest tomorrow we’ll completely over run Dustier plus I want to finish my Nintendo DS game I still can‘t get Gohan up to level 57 damn it!”

Kami looked at his lord” What an odd combination of an adult like mind and a child like nature, war brings trauma to little children which they carry for the rest of their lives. For Natsukashi however he sees that as a strength and some how maintains his child like nature with his adult ruthlessness.”

“ Finally! At last we can retreat, shit my ass is sweating in this damn heat its bad for my sexy skin, I‘m sweating like Wilbert from charlottes web” said Ishida.

“ Ishida are you holding that sword again?”

“ No why you ask?”

“ …..No reason…(cause your freaking brain dead) huh any way we need to analyzed this sword and its effects every time we hold it makes us feel stupid I don’t know it has the same effects on you though Ishida.”

“ What’s that suppose to mean!? Anyway before I killed that guy he mumbled something about Yawata no Kami yeah some crap like that..”

“ The War God!?”

The Fire roared in to the sky forming a wall around the perimeter where the fireball had exploded. Natsukashi’s army had over come the Duisters despite overwhelming numbers. The Kaminari, manned suicide bombers history was very short almost like a dream. Yet they were inspired by the countless generations before them. Today the Cannon that launched these men still remain intact even though affected by the passage of time. It is said that each time it rains it’s the men crying over their failed mission. What Irony… that the fire wall continued to burn in to the next day.
Back at base Xu axe, Kazoku and Kumicho being escorted to Hiccoron-shogun office by none other than Yamasawa. The man kept snickering and laughing he whispered in each one of their ears how they were going to be punished and how horrible an unforgiving man like Hiccoron could be.

I’m felt scared yet I tried by best not to show it, Kazoku on the other hand was sweating bullets. And gulping very five seconds it really annoyed me. I looked a Kumicho she seemed perfectly calmed, I felt no presence of fear with in her maybe she’s been through this before.

We arrived a huge wooden door Yamasawa slowly opened it, snickering and trying my patience I still wish for the day I could shove my foot down his throat. Once inside we came face to face with the general himself Hiccoron. He was a sight to behold six stars on his chest he had incredible height and stature. His red eyes glowed I could feel his killer intent it was suffocating me.

Yamasawa saluted and prepared to give his report.

“ Sir these three children were responsible for the ruckus’s caused in the mess hall, two of our recruits were severely injured by these brats. In addition they ruined the mess hall.”

“ Well that why its called a mess hall isn’t” said Hiccoron sternly devoid of emotion.

“Well I guess but still harming other recruits is strictly forbidden among the ranks, they should be punished”

“ Well Yamasawa what about you, I mean this ruckus wouldn’t have gotten out of hand had you done your job”


“Save it Yamasawa if you can’t handle a bunch of recruits then please let me know. So I can have a reason to take your tongue and shove it down you disgusting throat”

“…..right forgive me sir”

“ I have no tolerant for lazy asses”

Hiccoron grabs Yamasawa by the throat and begins to choke him. He’s choking him so hard that the sides of his neck are sinking in, Yamasawa eyes are bulging out as he struggles for air.”

“ What Yamasawa you want air?”


“I can’t hear you, wait is it possible that I’ve got you tongue?”

Hiccoron thrusted his hand in to Yamasawa throat and grab his tongue. He started to pull tongue hard Yamasawa was screaming like a lunatic the pain was unbearable having your tongue pulled out hard and being choked at the same time. Finally at last Hiccoron let him go, Yamasawa fell to the floor gasping for air he kept breathing in hard as if he had been submerged under water.

“ You pig, your lucky your married to my cousin or I would have killed you disgusting humans” said Hiccoron as he kicked Yamasawa hard in to the stomach, to be honest I was enjoying this but I think that freak wet himself.

“ That’s right you humans on the floor. That’s exactly where you belong bowing beneath our feet, keep that in mind the next time you become lazy. Now on to you three…”

That freak stiffened, I stared at his eyes for along time and he did mine its as if he was trying to bring out the fear with in me I could say it was working.

“I’m all up for bloodshed, however I will not allow chaos among my ranks. You all sentenced to chamber 3 of 7. I don’t want to completely kill you, but it will be interesting to see if you survive those hell conditions. After all that is the purpose of this training camp to make sure you humans become strong enough to serve our kingdom. Thank the heavens that you aren’t slaves like most of your human counter parts. You are dismissed…

Two Hanyo elite soldiers come in to escort Kazoku, Xu axe and Kumicho to their chambers. These men have large horns on their heads and spiked clubs on their backs.

“ Oh before I forget” says Hiccoron resting his had under his chin” Syria since you have gone through these chambers before, only you are suffer the fate of Chamber 3 final stage. Survive that and so will your baby…”

“Yo who’s Syria?” asked Kazoku. Axe looked at Kumicho and saw that she was very tensed so he guessed Hiccoron was referring to her.

Kumicho/Syria gave Hiccoron a stern look as she and the others were being lead away, he couldn’t help but smile.

“Yamasawa why are you still on the floor?”


Meanwhile on the Shohei-Maru the trip was going smoothly. The sky was like an open blue sea and Kazuya was acting like a little kid. He was marveled at how high and fast they were going, he still couldn’t believe this was really happening. Itagawa scowled at Kazuya childish behavior but at the same time he chuckled at his supposed innocence.
Suddenly with out warning the ship shook violently it had just been attacked from behind.

“ What the hell was that?” asked Gouso

“Don’t know but one of our wings was hit pretty bad”

Kazuya looked outside and saw an arrow that hit one of the wings, it looked to be made of fine craftsman ship plus it was one of the biggest arrows he had ever seen.

Behind the air ship the attackers about five of them had on white tiger skin for clothing and huge bow and arrows. They had holes on the back of their ankles jet stream were coming out from with in enabling them to fly. One of the archers pulled tightly back on the string the huge arrow flew making a swoosh sound. It hit the other wing oil was beginning to leak from it.

“ Remember we were order not to destroy the ship” says one of the attackers.

The main attack nods. They all get in to position and put ample pressure on their ankles they immediate dash towards the ship they jump high in to the air and land on top of the giant ship. They suddenly grow giant claws and claw their way through the layers of metal, one of them makes it in to the ship however his face is met with a punch, his face sinks in as his body goes through a metal pole. The pole goes through his chest staining it with blood. He coughs up blood as his eyes roll back. The other five jump down the one who delivered the punch was none other than Kazuya backed by Itagawa.
They fire simultaneous arrows through the corridor, Kazuya gathers his Ki and manages to dodge them he grabs one of the arrows and throws it back at his attacker. It rips through his jaw and shatters it. They fire once more, this time at Itagawa. Itagawa dashes towards the arrows he grows six arms, shocking Kazuya he manages to hold all the arrows in place. He snaps the arrows in two and delivers simultaneous Ki fire towards the attackers blowing up the end of the corridor however he manages to only one leaving two remaining.

“Damn kids they’re going to blow the ship from the inside” said Gouso trying to keep the ship steady as his men try to fix the two damaged wings outside. They have a metal rope tied to their waist which is connected to the edge of the ship should they fall off.

Back at the battle site, smoke fills the corridor. Suddenly out of the smoke one of the attackers dash out at immense speed he charges towards Itagawa who gets in to a defensive stance. The attackers give Itagawa hard right kick to the face sending him flying in to the next corridor.

“ Damn I’m going to ruin my Kimono.”

Kazuya tries to deliver a jab the attack blocks he shoves his foot into Kazuya’s face. Due to the jet stream coming from his ankles Kazuya faces is suck into the ankle whole like a vacuum. The second attacker dashes and gives him a harsh head butt, Kazuya begins to bleed profusely. He spins in the air the jets streams circling his body, he gives Kazuya three spinning kicks to his abdomen. Finally he gets his face out of the hole and shakes off the pain. However the pain resurfaces and he vomit’s the two attackers both knee him in the stomach. His face collides with the floor hard, he struggles to get up, they try to give him another kick Kazuya blocks and backhands them in to the wall. They recover and shake the concrete from their head, Kazuya gets a good look at them.

“White tiger skin, the Byyakotai?”

They try to claw at Kazuya, he jumps in to the air allowing the recovered Itagawa to ram them both in to the wall. Both their bodies bounce of the wall as they hit and cause a huge"Thump" they quickly recover however.

“What do you want?”

The Byyakotai do not answer, they begin to focus their KI. Their muscles expands and grow to immense proportions. Tiger stripes appear on their faces and biceps their ears begin to grow in to cat like ears so their eyes. White spikes appear on their chest and back.

“ Well..Well I see the kitties have come out to play I didn’t think you have my back Itagawa”

“though you are human my mission is to escort and make sure you arrive in Kanto safely I can not let my hatred towards your kind interfere with my mission”

“Spoken like a true Hanyo”

Kazuya rip off what was left of his Kimono revealing his chest and back which still had the arching whip marks, it made Itagawa kind of cringe.

His Kami’s print tattoo was located towards his waist, he gathered immense Ki from with in his body. The wheels of the Kami’s print began turning metal sparks were flying everywhere even amazing the Byyakotai.

“It’s clear that you are after my life.. And I’m just fine with that, after this too bad you won’t be”
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Preview from Next Ep

The rage of man consumes his soul, As Kazuya transforms in order to combat the Byyakotai, what horrors await, Axe Kazoku and Kumicho?

Next Time, Akai te dei
Arrival of Tetsujinn, Demon chambers!?

the clock is ticking…
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Ep 8:Arrival of Tetsujinn, Demon chambers!?

A old woman is seen she’s washing dishes, the dish slips from her soap soaked hands. It brakes as it hit’s the floor she bends down to pick up the broken pieces in the broken pieces she’s Kawashita’s face. It startles her she slowly backs away her back its something she looks up and sees a pair of black orbs looking at her, the eye’s of a young boy.

“ Grandma why are you on the floor?”

She sighed and smiled and slowly lifted herself up she stared in to the boy’s eyes hoping that tears would not over come her.

“ nothing child I just fell”

“ Well you better be careful grandma you’re old you could brake a hip you know”

The Old woman chuckled and she ruffled his hair,” Iseda you should wash up dinners almost ready”

Iseda nodded and went on his way, the door creaked an old man walked through it. Before he could let a word out the old woman rushed out to him and buried her face in his chest. She couldn’t stop crying…

“ Dear what’s wrong?”

“ Its Kawashita… he’s dead…”

It was silence for a few minutes, he then started to speak…

“ How do you know that?”

“ Trust me, a mother always knows” said the old woman barely maintaining her composure.

“ But I don’t understand I heard we were pushing the Kanto back, that their supplies were dwindling, they couldn’t have been forced to use the elite Kaminari ..no. no”

He breathed in heavily he knew his son was in the Kaminari unit but he didn’t think his son would die so soon. Especially leaving a son so young behind with no mother and now possibly no father. He didn’t want to jump the gun however.

” maybe they didn’t use the Kaminari elite this time” he thought” Maybe he’s still alive”

Suddenly the man herd war drums, he told his wife to stay inside with their grandson until he checked it out. He walked outside the sky was a pinkish color it looked very beautiful however the view he saw from a far was not. He saw an entire squadron carrying the Kanto war banner many of them on foot, only one on horse back that was Natsukashi.
He and the other villagers looked on at the site, women were crying their hearts out men tried to hold tears back. Children just looked at the adults with confused faces they had not yet understood the effects of war, they were quite sheltered from the troubles of the world. Natsukashi halted to stop. He scanned the villagers and looked at them intently he saw the fear they had in their eyes.

Not to say he enjoyed it, but Natsukashi loved the respect he was getting, he was getting obedience through fear. However the fear in their faces brought back painful memories that he tried his hardest to shake off. He tried to hide his trauma yet he wasn’t doing a good job. He was sweating profusely, his eyes wide open Uzui noticed this yet she remained silent. No matter how strong you tired to be the trauma of war is always the most painful on children.

“ Natsukashi-dono?…” said one of the child soldiers

“ No…,No… I’m fine” he says retaining his composer, acting like an adult.

“ Now listen here! Your Dustier army fought against our imperial might and have been completely annihilated.

Tears of mothers weeping was herd everywhere. fathers crying bent on one knee, tears were staining the floor. Kawashita father felt as if he was going to faint, the ground looked shaky cold sweat ran down his neck. “ Kawashita…”

“ From now on this country and all its inhabitants belong to the Kanto imperial empire”

A tomato hits Natsukashi in the face. He wipes off the tomato and looks for who throw it. He sees a young woman much older than him yet still young.

“ You bastard’s how can you do this to your own kind!”

“ Dear calm down”

“ No, our sons gave their lives to protects us, to protect this village and this country and you expect me to kneel”

“ Ms quite while you’re in the presence of the imperial guard”

“That bitch better shut up” says Ishida cracking his knuckles.

However she keep talking as tears were coming down her face. Natsukashi could take it no longer he spit out a needle which went through her forehead she feel back the blood gushing from her forehead and back.

“ Kill all the Women, And put the men to work destroy this village and build one in tribute to the emperor!!!!”

It Remained quite for a couple of seconds until Natsukashi gave them an evil look which prompt them to start the horrible murders.

The Old man quickly ran home he couldn’t bear the site of Women and children being cut down for no reason. His wife opened the door he quickly gave a her hug and began to explain what was going on.

“So Kawashita is dead” tears once again forming.

“ Yes he is oh god its horrible they are dismembering women and children and putting men to work to their deaths. I refuse to let Kawashita and us suffer the same fate as those poor people, there’s only one option to ensure our safety from such horrible deaths.

The Old man walks towards the drawer. Inside he pulls out a pill containing cyanide.

“Lord wasn’t that a little extreme?” asks Alexis

“They annoyed me so what? First law of the Hanyo those who are inferior are to be ruled by fear”

Alexis stared at Natsukashi and smiled at the little conqueror he might be human but to any one that truly didn’t know him he was as much a demon as those Hanyo.
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Part 2

Sakuya watched as her brother, Axe and Kumicho were being led inside the chamber. The Odd thing was the entrance to the chamber was a small metal door with the word demon in kanji on it. Aside from the kanji word demon the door looked perfectly normal, Sakuya couldn’t help from looking on the other side of the gate her eyes filled with sadness and worry Kazoku couldn’t look at her. It hurt to much but he also realized something, Yamasawa had done this purposely.

Now that he couldn’t be with his sister he couldn’t protect her, he was now separated from her. He had to survive the chamber and prayed that his sister survives being with out him. As far as Kazoku was concerned, there is no point in surviving to see your dead sibling.

Meanwhile on Shohei-Maru Kazuya suddenly began a drastic transformation. Itagawa looked from a far, this was the first time he will see a human transform before his eyes and he was somewhat curious.

“As if we’ll stand here and let you transform” says one of the Byyakotai. He kneels down and forms his body in a sphere. Spikes are coming from with in his back he quickly dashes towards Kazuya. Kazuya kneels down and places his hands on to the ground his eyes glowing with intensity, steam coming out of his body he looked like a blazing tea kettle. Byyakotai tries to ram Kazuya and shred him through his spikes, the steam turns in to a giant fist and gives him a hard placed punch forcing the Byyakotai to undo his form and crash hard on to the ground. He sneered as he wiped the blood from his lips he suddenly felt dizzy and lost his balance from a second.

“ Are you okay?”

“ I don’t know, that man’s punch…I felt as if he knocked the wind out of me”

The steam wrapped around Kazuya’s body like a cobra to its pray. From his tattoo or birth mark ,iron wires began to spring out and wrap around his body transforming his body in to Iron. His frozen eyes glowed bright blue his face had transform in to a medieval helmet.

His arms were bigger than his body at his elbows he had long tube filled with large amounts of energy, his back contained holes steaming pouring out of them. Itagawa looked at him in amazed to think that there were humans still alive this strong. But that was the reason the Kanto took advantage of these humans so that they wouldn’t get their hands dirty.

“ Do you think you’ll frighten us with your tea kettle, bucket man?”

“ Oh so you can speak I was afraid cat got your tongue. You no longer face Kazuya but Tetsujinn (Man of iron)”

“Man of iron, and you think he’d be more creative” says Itagawa with a sweat drop.

“Man of iron or not I’ll cut through that soft plate”

Both Byyakotai charge towards Itagawa and Kazuya/Tetsujinn. One of them blow air in to his body causing his body to grow to massive size he then exhales causing the spikes on his back to fly everywhere, damaging wherever it could land.

Gouso and the others feel the fighting aftershock.

“ Don’t they understand the Shohei-Maru is not meant for fighting inside, Its very weak on the Inside opposed to the outside which is very well armored. An explosion inside could easily rip through the ship all the way down to It’s core”

“Well then tell them that” says one of the control men.

“Why wont you tell them that, I’m not getting involved damn youth telling me to go tell them lucky I don’t slap you upside the head”

He sighs ”Old people”

Itagawa dodges the spikes and dashes towards the Byyakotai member. H tries to give him a punch the Byyakotai dodges and gives him a hard place kick to the face. The Byyakotai unleashes blades from with in his elbows and attempts to slice Itagawa. Itagawa uses his arms to block his attack their they stand for a few seconds. Attacker and attacked looking in to each other eyes.

Itagawa hold on to his blade preventing him from inflicting Injuries. He snaps his blade off shocking the Byyakotai who begins to bleed profusely from his elbow. Itagawa then begins to unleash a fury of punches towards the Byyakotai. He pummels his body through fast punches and quick jabs.

“Gyokusai!!!( Shattered jewel)”

Itagawa slams both his palms against the Byakkotai’s head. He sends compressed air in to his skull immediately shattering it. The Byakkotai’s head explodes, blood staining Itagawa’s face as the body collapses. He looks as his hand stained with blood he truly hates the sight of blood on his hands and look to see if there a bathroom still intact on this ship.

“ um I’ll be back I’m just going to go use the bathroom I see you can handle this Kazuya”

“C’mon call me Tetsujinn it took me all month to come up with this name”

“ No”


“No my hands are so filthy,filthy,filthy” says Itagawa as he walks off

Kazuya focus his direction towards The remaining Byakkotai, The Byakkotai launches him self with even more speed than before. He attempts to kick Kazuya, he blocks with his forearm metal sparks once again flies off his arm. The Byakkotai spin around violently, his blades clashing with of Kazuya’s armor. Kazuya gives a well place punch to the abdomen, he coughs up blood. However the Byakkotai recovers and starts dishing out numerous fast pace kicks to Kazuya’s head leaving dents in his armor, Kazuya looks at the Byakkotai’s feet and see they are glowing.

“Time to settle this fight! The Byakkotai slams his fist together, the tighter stripes on his body fly off and form in to spinning shredding vortex. The spinning vortex fires a Ki shot at full blast, Kazuya dashes towards it and pours energy in to his fist making it grow. He slams the blast to the side causing it to rip through another section of the ships top corridor.

He then quickly using his steam flies towards the Byakkotai and strikes his fist through the attackers heart. Energy tube slides in to his elbow in an instant the Byakkotai body is transformed into pure energy. The steam stops pouring from with in his body he then begins to absorb the Byakkotai in to his being with in a few seconds the battle is now over.

“My body needs enormous energy to keep it running in this form. Damn even at 65% of my power he was able to somehow put a dent in me, it seems my lack of combat has made me quite rusty literally”

Suddenly Kazuya eyes open wide he grasp his heart he begin sweating bullets.

“Not using my Kami’s print in a while has seemed to have a strain on my heart. Looks like I need to get back to training”

Back at the control room, Gouso noticed that hail was beginning to fall he also noticed rain begin to fall on to the windshield, each country as different seasons right now in the Kanto country its winter season has just started.

“There it is! it’s the Kanto docking station!” says Gouso as he gabs the intercom and begin once again to speak.

“ Those of you who are still on the ship we have just arrived at the Imperial capital Kanto thanks for fucking up my ship and have a nice day!”

Itagawa listen to this as he washed his blood soaked hands” Damn I think a flood the toilet”

Kazuya managed to chuckled at this, finally they have arrived in Kanto.


I entered the Chamber Kumicho was in front of me and that freak Kazoku was in back of me. I could feel that he was scared don’t ask me how but I some how have been able to sense other peoples emotions. The chamber was very dark, the only thing that seemed to give it some light was the candle lights etched in to the rock but even them the cave seemed devoid of any human compassion.

The guards looked straight ahead I felt that hey wanted to rip us apart themselves. Suddenly a boy chained to a much old man ran past us the guards made no effort to capture them, I looked back and found out why. Shadows crept and consumed these souls, carnage splattered against the cave walls I could hear their cries all of them in vain, I wounded why did people call for help when they knew help wasn’t coming it was a waste of time in my opinion. We finally arrived at Chamber 3.

The door had a blood stain in the shape of a 3 anyone would common sense knew that was made with no paint. The door slip up, anticipation was building Kazoku was biting his nails he even tried to bite mine. Kumicho remained perfectly still and silent as the door completely opened a bright light flashed through as we entered.

My heart was racing the guards pushed us in, soon enough the door completely closed leaving us trapped inside. The annoying bright light vanished what appeared before me I couldn’t believe my eyes we were in a completely different world. The sky was red as if the gods were furious, crows were feasting the remains of dead humans.

“ What the hell is this place” says Kazoku with a huge snot dripping from his nose

“ This place is where are types of evil come from, hell would to nice of a word to describe this place. We need to find a place to stay before night fall”

“So I guess we might be here awhile” I asked

She simply nodded, we began to walk straight ahead with no clear direction of where we were going though Kumicho might have since she has seemed to be through this before. As we walked I saw the strangest of things demon and human alike some dead some living. Human’s being walked by demons as if they were dogs, some being hanged and laughing as the demons repeatedly hanged them, Women being horrendously rape before my eyes, children with burnt faces or no faces.

The sight was horrible but we weren’t being attacked the demons and human went about their about their business until we were confronted by a couple of men wearing scars.

“ So what do we have here boys, a bitch and a couple of pussy ass kids” said a giant man holding a long broad sword surrounded by 3 men. They all snickered.

“ C’mon guys we don’t want any trouble so we’ll just be on our way okay he, he”

“ Hey why are you so scared I mean we are all humans here, so as good humans handle over what ever you got!”

“We’re inside a prison what money could we possibly have!”

“ Prison!? What are you talking about you redheaded freak?”

“finally someone agrees with me”

“I wont say it again, give us all your money”

“ Listen you gorilla we don’t have any money so get out of our way you worthless insect”

This angered the giant man and his men. He swings his large club and attempts to hit Xu axe, Xu Axe dodges he then punches the man in the gut, the giant man just laughs in his face.

“ You think your weak punches can hurt me” The giant swings his giant palm and smacks Xu axe right the face sending flying in to a crowd of soulless humans. They jump on him trying to rip his body to shreds. Kazoku jumps in and gives them a hard place kick using his metal leg that sends them tumbling towards the ground. He tries to help Xu axe up however Xu axe smacks his hand away.

“ I don’t need you interfering”

“ A thank you would have been nice, asswhole”

“Now what do we do with this girl” says the man grinning.

With out saying anything Kumicho walks over to the man and gives him a hard kick to the balls, the man gawks and quickly kneels down.

“ No matter how strong you are men always have a weak spot”

“Why you! Bitch!”

They all try to attacker her at once, she gives them powerful knee attackers to the face that breaks each of their jaws.

I sat there and wondered” How could at times I be so powerful and at other times I could be so weak I vowed and swore to myself that some how, some way I would find away to control the Kami’s print inside of me, this is the only thing that will help me find my purpose”

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Axe,Kazoku and Kumicho continued their jounrey through the horrible world of chamber 3. Tensions begin to arise bewteen the three and pasts are at long last revealed. at the sametime the nation of Genbu plans to moblized their forces

Next time Akai te dei.

The stories of sad children in a horrible era.
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Ep: 9 The stories of sad children in a horrible era.

The Ship safely docked in Kanto, however it need to be repaired from the inside due to Kazuya’s fight. Had it been a smaller ship and had the damage been less repairs would have been easier but a ship and damage of high proportions it could take along while. Gouso looked at his shipped and sighed, Kazuya walked out of the ship it took security to hold Gouso back.

“ Why you bastard you damaged over 1/3 of the ships top floors”

“ Sorry Oyaji (old man) it was either the ship or us I’m sure everything will be fine just be sure to clean the blood out okay” said Kazuya with a playful smile.

“ Why you!!! Do you have any idea how long it took to build the world’s most powerful battleship!”

“ Not a clue any way thanks again” said Kazuya as he walked away with Itagawa not so far behind.

“ Its hard to stay mad at him” said Gouso looking towards his way.

Kazuya breathed in heavily it has been five years since he was last in Kanto, yet to him it seemed as If was yesterday. “We began to walk the weather was really bad, both hail and rain feel on to the ground. There was hardly anyone in the street just Hanyo guards patrolling around, most people were inside their cozy homes enjoying the warmth of their homes. The city sure looked beautiful in this kind of weather old temple covered in snow gave it a nostalgic look. No poverty no war people in Kanto must have been the most luckiest people in the world not to experience the horror of war as the humans have had to put up with. There in the distance I saw it the imperial Palace.

The Palace was busy with day-to-day affairs this was the core of the whole Kanto war machine. A man wearing a lot of eye shadow and a long kimono spotted Kazuya and Itagawa immediately.

“ Oh my dear god, It’s Kazuya omg its Kazuya” said the man practically tripping over his kimono running towards him, every one else turned their heads almost all hanyo they all gave him dirty looks.

“ Nice to see you too Shimizu” said Kazuya scratching the back of his head

“ Boy how long has it been hmmm who the cutie behind you is” says Shimizu giving an Itagawa a wink.

“It feels cold, very cold” say Itagawa shaking Shimizu wink freaked him the hell out.

“You should have let us know you were coming and you should have worn a better outfit, boo, boo”

“What do you mean I was told to come here immediately I was told father was dying.”

Itagawa nodded in confirmation.

“Hmm that’s odd your father is sick but he isn’t dying. Did you arrive on the Shohei-maru?”


“Then he might have sent a private message then with out letting anyone know I swear that old man”

“Can’t blame him I mean look where we are”

Shimizu nodded in agreement ”Well we cant have you guys in these rags I have the cutest little outfits wait here!”

“Shimizu waits!”

“Oi is he?”

“Itagawa don’t ask”
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Part 2


“ Ow!!! My jaw the bitch broke my jaw!!!!” said them men all at once

“ I’ll brake more than that if you don’t leave us alone”

They coughed up blood the pain they were feeling was intense but that didn’t stop them. They came rushing at Kumicho once again all at once, she focused her energy, her knee her elbows and knees began to glow impressing Kazoku and Axe. She quickly elbowed them in gut once more followed by a jumping round house kick that sliced their heads off, they feel by Kazoku’s feet. He jumped back shocked, suddenly from behind a rhino went charging in Xu axe jump and pushed him out of the way saving his life.

“You saved me Axe”

“Don’t get used to it”

The rider of the rhino was a huge muscular man he had gray skin no eyebrows and a huge spike under his chin.

“It seems these humans were no match for you little girl I shall make you my wife”

Kumicho gets in to fighting stance, she dashes and tries to give him a powerful kick he easily block with his forearm and gives her a powerful punch to the face. Blood slides down her lips she land on her feet however and begins dishing out numerous punches each of them blocked. He grabs the spike and takes It out of his chin he begins to use it as a weapon. He slices a thin line across her face she falls on to the ground. Kazoku runs towards the man and tries to head butt him the man kicks him hard in the stomach and grabs his head and thrashes it hard in to the ground.

“ Am I that useless” say Axe looking on.

Kumicho gets back up and focuses her Ki in to her left elbow she dashes at deafening speed and tries to give a hard elbow to the chest. She lands a direct hit making him gawk for a second, he then grabs her and put her in a bear hug.

“ Aww how about a hug” says the man as he continues to straggler her in his bear hold, Kazoku dashes towards, the man tries to smack him away Kazoku dodges and delivers an uppercut.

“Yup got you bitch!” thought Kazoku

The man spites a spike out of his mouth and Into Kazoku’s chest, Xu axe had enough of being on the sidelines. He dashes towards the man and tried to strike him with his palm. As his palm contacts with the man’s body everything freezes and that voice once again pops in to Xu axe head.

“Use me I know you want to kill the bastard, killing is what you are Xu axe feed your hatred in to me!!!!”

“ Who are you ?get out of my head!!!”

“Shut up and use me!”

Xu axe eyes glow red aura starts emanating from his body He gives the demon man a huge punch to the ribs shattering some of his organs forcing him to let go of Kumicho.

“Impossible, he hit me and it hurt!!!!!! However, something is odd he hit me with the same amount of force I have how this can be!!! No way in hell is this brat stronger than me”

“ He used AIKI- using the opponents force against him by copying his abilities, I never seen someone use the Kami’s print like that before” said a man with the tattoo of a dragon his face and a long beard with chains and shackles on his feet and arms”

The demon shoots out several spikes Axe dodges them and kicks the demon hard, his face sinks in. He recovers and they clap hands together as a testament of strength like playing mercy.

“You might have acquired my strength but I’m still going to kill you little boy!”

Xu axe rips his fingers off causing the man to have great pain. He the proceeds to send multiple punches blood staining his face axe is out of control.

Kazoku run up to him in order to stop him he grabs him by the wrist.

“That’s enough”

Axe punches Kazoku in the face hard.” What’s wrong with you! Bastard”

Axe dashes with a crazed look on his face, he begins dishing out punches Kazoku manages to block the first dozen. Axe brakes through his guard and sends him flying with a huge punch right in to Kumicho.

“Are you my angle?” says Kazoku with heart shaped eyes

“Not on your life kid, now tell me what’s wrong with him?”
“I don’t know he did the same thing against that guy in the mess hall”

The man apparently not dead yet tries to attack however, he is stabbed by a long sword this effectively ending his life. The attacker wipes the blood off his sword on to the ground. He see Xu axe getting ready to attack he dashes toward Xu axe and knocks him out with the other end of his sword.

“Axe hey you bastard what have you done to him!” yells out Kazoku.

“I just did you a favor had I not knocked him out he surely would have killed you”

“He looks familiar she suddenly gaps as she gets a good look of the man’s face,”

“Are you. She gulps Ou-kaioh?”

“No I am not my name is Sen-Kaioh he’s my son why…”

“Where is he!!!!? Tears streaming down her face anger and sadness taking over her at the same time.

“I don’t know I haven’t seen him in a long time, don’t even know if he’s still alive…but why do you ask? Did he do something to you?”

Kumicho stays silent and wipes her tears away she still shocked that she was able to cry she hadn’t done that in along time.

Suddenly out of the ground, a huge demon with large fangs appeared behind her. Sen-Kaioh throws his swords towards the middle to the demons forehead; it slices right through its skull causing the demon to fall.

“The Day passes quickly, come with me if you wish to live”

Kazoku had so many questions about this man” why did he was he wearing chain and shackles, and why was he helping them?” despite this Kazoku and Kumicho decided to go along. Sen-Kaioh picked up the unconscious Xu axe and all four of them began to their long dreadful walk.

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Last part

The Nation of Genbu is the second largest nation in the western world, the nation of Byakko being the first. It has the largest human population in the western world at this time. The Nation of Genbu prohibits any one of Hanyo ancestry in to their cities; they despise the hanyo almost as the hanyo despise humans. A man wearing an imperial emblem sits on his throne he is surrounded by at least 20 advisors everyone quite down once he sits down.

“The Imperial Kanto army threaten our forces what do you suggest? Advisor Kyu”

“Emperor Jujisei (cross star) I advisor that we should surrender to the Kanto army”

This creates an out roar through the throne room.

The emperor arches a brow.

“Let me explain the Kanto Empire has absorbs the two great nations of the western word in to their empire along with smaller nations even Dustier has fallen. (Unknown to them the Dustier king and his cabinet has committed seppuku). They’ve sacrifice their army in order to stop the Kanto assault but in the end we knew it was futile. We are still recovering from our 20-year war with Byakko. Our army is not ready to fight such a mighty empire the people are tired of war we must protect the people.

“And you think surrendering to these demons, will protect the people?”

The advisors turn around and see a woman with long braided hair in full fledge armor her name is Anan.
“ How dare a woman interrupt this man only council!” Says advisor Kyu in an out rage

“This woman is my army’s leading general Senzo Anan so is careful how you address her, however I have to agree with advisor Kyu, Anan you were out of line”

“Forgive Me, Lord I just couldn’t stand outside and let this advisor continue to speak rubbish”


“Everyone please listen years ago our ancestors degreed that no Hanyo or Hanma be allowed in to our cities, this was to protect the humans from the hanyo possible reprisal attacks. As you know long ago we believed that we were the only race qualified under the heavens to ruled this world and thus we got rid of the demons and Hebi-jinn (serpent race)”

“ But now because of such thinking it is our race that is now endanger how can you believe that letting the cities fall to these demons will make everything better? The Hanma and Hanyo have waited years to commence their revenge. Not only that we have humans being forced to work for them and humans who have betrayed their race, I don’t blame them however”

“ Ms. Anan do you realize what your saying? Such words are treasons” says an angered advisor Kyu.

“ All I am is speaking the truth. Humankind has had such a violent history its only fitting that this happens to us”

“ So you think that we should let the human race die because you think we deserve it!?”

“Well lets see you want to let a bunch of Hanyo and Hanma’s in to the city so what do you think will happen? They grow stronger each day not even our Kami’s print can match up to their strength anymore. They even kidnap those who know the Kami’s print secretes. It has been like these for 50 years do you want another 50 years of hell?”

At this point, the entire room grows quite, the advisors snickering have stopped. Anan looks right in to emperor Jujisei eyes and awaits a response.

“ So Anan what is your plan?”

“Lord with your permission I request we make an alliance with the Byakkotai”

The whole room gasps the quite atmosphere that has surrounded it has dissipated and has been replaced with loud commotion.

“ Are you mad!? How can you request this!? Don you not remember that the Byakkotai had raped and killed 4000 of our citizens?”

“Something that would have not happened had we not started the war” Anan says this quite rudely which only angered the council further.

Anan stares in to the emperors steely eyes, its like an endless staring battle between the two. Finally after much intense staring the emperor rises everyone once again quiets down, it became like it was before.

“ I have decided…..”

Both advisors and Anan wait in suspense.
Mean while back in chamber 3, Xu axe Kazoku and Kumicho along with the mysterious man Sen-Kaioh wondered in to a hopeless desert where the atmosphere was so heavy and hot it made it difficult to breathe.

“I’m hungry, I want a soda, and I want to go to the bathroom!!! Omg I got to pee, this is taking forever, and this is stupid”

Kazoku’s endless rant began to get on everyone nerves.

“Damn it are we there yet?, why are you so flat chested Kumicho, omg I need to pee”

Finally, Xu axe couldn’t take it anymore, he snapped.

“Listen you freaking asswhole if you keep talking I’m going to rip out your voice box and beat you with it!”

“Damn buddy calm down, all I’m saying is I need to use the bathroom”

“So piss on the floor and shut the hell up”

“In front of a lady? Xu axe dude you have no class”

Xu axe curls his hand in to a fist and punches Kazoku straight in the eye.

“Ow! You bitch! What was that for!?”

“Just be thankful you still have your voice box”

Kazoku runs up to Xu axe and try to punch him, he misses he then goes for a roundhouse kick and kicks Xu axe square in the face.

A brawl is about to begin between the two, until Kumicho intervenes.

“You two.. Stop fighting”

Her simple words cause a cold win to fly by it brought chills up and down their spine. After the boys had stopped fighting, she turned her attention to Sen-Kaioh.

“Where are you taking us?”

“Why ask do you ask do you have a place to go?”

“I knew of a place where we could seek shelter yet we decided to go with you because you seemed truth worthy. Now I’ll ask once again, where are you taking us?”

Sen-Kaioh stares at her and smiles” I guess this would be a good spot”

“In the desert!” shouts Kazoku and Xu axe and unison.

He waves his hands gracefully as if he was a bird flexing its feathers. In an instant a huge house appeared in the middle of desert Kazoku’s jaw dropped it nearly reached the floor.

“Well there you have it” said Sen-Kaioh smiling.

“Let me get this straight you can materialize a house out of nowhere!?”


“So tell me why you decided to do here in the middle of the desert!?”

“The desert is the safe place for now”

“What are you talking about, that forest we passed looked perfect”

“You mean the one that tried to eat you and crows were pecking on your head?”

“Good point” says Kazoku with a sweat drop.

Night was dawning the once hot desert had become very cold in the distance a wolf howls could be herd. Moreover, the moon had shown bright red as if foretelling future bloodshed. Once everyone had settled in and Kazoku had empty both the fridge and drained the lizard they crowded around the fire warming the house. Kazoku put his hands near it feeling its warmth, while Kumicho talked with Sen-Kaioh.

“ Why are you being so nice to us?”

“Well young lady I think you should answer me before I answer you, besides you were in trouble and seemed new to the land I figure you would like a little nice treatment in this harsh environment”

“I’ve been here before, I know how to survive here we don’t need your help”

“Damn bitch calm down this is a sweat deal” thought Kazoku”

“Why are you acting so bitter towards me? Is it because of my son”

This struck a nerve in Kumicho what followed next was a complete explosion of rage.

“Yes it’s because him! Your son fucking RAPED ME!!!!!!!”

I had not expected this from the calm and collected Kumicho. The next thing I knew she jumped in to the air and dashed towards Sen-Kaioh and using her knowledge of the eight limbs (Muay Thai), she goes for a straight punch to the solar plexus. Sen-Kaioh disappears and reappears behind her he gives a hard chop to the neck, which forces her to stand down.

“Now C’mon I saw that attack coming ages ago, yet I am impressed that you know Muay Thai ancient style, Muay Thai boran”

Kumicho sneered at Sen-Kaioh.

“Look me and my son were captured and sent here to this chamber eight years ago. Until one day a group of demons ambushed us from then on we have been separated. Till this day I still tread on something with in me tells me he’s still alive its impossible that he would do such a thing.”

“Well he did. And that makes no sense a man like you is probably the strongest in this chamber you could surely leave”

“ I refuse to leave with out my son, I strike it as odd that you supposedly ran in to my son when this is the first time I’ve ran in to you. Besides I’m not the strongest in this chamber the end of the chamber is full of powerful warriors who tare people apart just for the enjoyment”

“I’ve made it out this chamber through much hardships but no warriors that are as strong as you say”

“Then you must have found a shortcut out of this chamber no way you could have nearly reached the end and still be standing. In either case I have no quarrel with you if it’s my son you are after then all will be answered once he his found”

“ So since we’ll be traveling together tell me about yourselves?”

“Who the hell agreed that” thought Xu axe.

“Well since I’m the most important I’ll go first, my name is Ichini Kazoku I have a younger sister named Sakuya and…”

“And all of you have been sentenced to chamber 3 for being involved in a fight with other recruits”
More over your parents died when the Liang family betrayed them and locked them inside a house and burnt it down”

“How…did you know that?”

“ And you Kumicho you grew up with out a mother and you gather used to be Genbu’s Muay Thai champion. Until he was tortured and carbonized. Where as you were sold in to slavery and raped several times until you were finally sold to the Kanto imperial army… funny how I can access those memories but my son supposedly raping you those memories I can’t find hmmm..”

Kumicho had heard enough she gives Sen-Kaioh several punches but none are affective. With a few quick jabs Kumicho was back on the floor. Sen then turns his attention towards Xu axe, he stared in to eyes he was looking for answers to Xu axe past but could find none all he could sense was overwhelming hatred.

“Oh my god” said Sen holding his head from the tremendous pain he was feeling.

“This boy has a very dark heart, I’m not able to access his memories a boy like this is needed in this generation…interesting”

“hey you haven’t explained how you know such personal things about us”

“ I am 700 years old age gives you wisdom my boy I am able to tap in to people memories at will. The reason I asked you is to see if what I already knew matched with you say since we humans have a bad habit of creating false memories”

As the others are in shocked at this realization, each day the western world gets closer to engulfing its self in to a full scale war. Can the only two remaining nations Byakko and Genbu join forces and also can Xu axe and the other survive this ordeal

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Emperor Jujisei announces his desicion, Xu axe and the others are ambushed by nomadic hanyo's, and Hiccoron begins to put his sceret plans in to motion.

Can the world survive this enchroching darkness?

Next time, Akai te dei: the presence of the Dai Shogun,survive for the sake of brother and sister.
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EP 10: The presence of the Dai Shogun, survive for the sake of brother and sister.

The room waited in suspense as was about to announce his decision. Bullets of sweat trickled down Anan’s neck she waited in anticipation, as did everyone else.

“Sorry Anan-san but I’m going to have to side with the advisors on this one”

An evil smile spread a crossed advisor Kyu’s lips.

Anan was devastated but she knew she needed to comply with what her lord wanted at least for now. She bowed down in respect to the emperor and began her shameful walk down the throne room. She could hear laughter and snickering of the other advisors but she dared not look, she was full of such shame she felt like committing seppuku. Therefore, she left not saying a word and not giving the emperor a chance to explain himself.

“Lord you are truly the divine one under the heavens. You have done a great service for the Genbu people”

Secretly the emperor “thought I hope so“.
Nightfall, a figure dressed in black clothing walked toward a horse. The horse had supplies packed on it, it seemed this person was preparing for a long travel. Suddenly a punch came its way, it blocked and tried delivering a kick however the figure had disappeared.

“Who was that?”

Suddenly from behind, the black clothed figure was put in to a strangle hold. The figure elbowed the attacker and judo flipped him over however he landed on his feet.


“You think you could fool me Anan I knew you would go any way”

The blacked clothed figure removed her head coverings to reveal that she was Anan.

The emperor walked towards her with a sly devilish smile. He was just an inch away from pressing his lips against hers when she looked away.

“What’s wrong?” said the emperor worried

“What’s wrong?” she mocked,” I’ll tell you what’s wrong I’m having an affair with the emperor!”

“Hey lower your voice the whole world doesn’t need to know”

“It should not only am I sick of this I’m sick of the lack of respect I get from the male council. I am supreme commander of this army but a mule gets more respect then I do. Should it get out that I’m sleeping with you people would think that the only reason I got the job was because of that and nothing more.”

“That’s not true you are a fierce fighter and plus my family won’t let me marry someone who is of…”

“Of what! Low class? Say it, everyone else has. They know my father was a murder and my mother was a prostitute so what else is new? Hey maybe I’ll be one too!”

The emperor hand comes and smacks her a crossed the face (she got bitch slap ^_^)

“Hey don’t talk like that, listen I love you and the only reason I said no to you is because I don’t want to see the person I love in a body bag I’ve seen to many of those already”

“You say that now but once you impregnate the empress it will be a different story”

“No! I’m even trying not to sleep with her when she asks for sex I run!”

“Is this supposed to be funny to you?”

“Thought I could liven up the mood”

“It isn’t working”

“I’m trying to get out of this marriage with empress dowager, the person I want to have a family with is you and don’t forget that its just family gets in the way. I have confidence in you I just don’t trust those Byakkotai’s.”

“We are living in an era where no one can be trusted, my lord you of all people should understand.”

Anan said this as she stroked his cheek and followed by a punch to the face.

“What the…”

“I don’t let any man hit me not even if it’s the emperor”

“OW that hurt”

“Don’t be such a bitch you should stop being lazy and start training again.”

The emperor sighed and then smiled” Listen your right tomorrow I will revoke my decision and in addition I will place 5000 soldiers under your command. Tomorrow you will set out okay.

Anan smiled as he said this.

“But when you get back, this will all be over with and I want my pay back okay.” he said with a sly smile which made her blush. She nodded in agreement and secretly thought, “Finally I will have the chance to rescue my brother as well.”

Suddenly Anan heard something moving amongst the bushes. She instinctively threw a shuriken at the bushes where the weapon logged it self in to someone’s heart. A body fell out wearing similar black loathing it was a spy.

“My lord you should be weary of spy’s there are many who wish to dethrone you”
Nevertheless, unbeknown to her someone else was watching in the wake with a sadistic smile on its lips.

“Brewwwwwww its cold!” said Kazoku. The mourning had just dawned and the fire had long since worn out. He walked over to the window in his heart shaped boxers and became in disbelief at what he saw.

“No fucking way….Its snowing!”

His loud voice had awaken the others, they too looked outside and saw that the land which was once desert have become a huge blanket of snow.

“The freak was right, it is snowing,” said Xu axe.

“Stop calling me that”

Kazoku was so happy he ran outside despite how cold it was.

“Its so freaking cold but I don’t care!”

“Moron, hey how is it that this land has changed to a land made of snow”

“I’ve been here before in this chamber the weather and land changes constantly. One needs to adapt to all types of conditions or die trying,” says Kumicho.

“You, Youngsters never know when to shut up do you?”

They looked back to see that the old man Sen Kaioh had awakened. He walked up to where the others were standing and saw that the land had change to snow.
“Well look at that, its snowing”

“No really? What was your first clue?” said Xu axe mumbling.

Sen-Kaioh ignores his comment his face grew stern.

“Hmm this is not good”

“What do you mean?” asked Kumicho.

“Well if you’ve been here before then you know what happens when the land changes”

Kumicho eyes grew; she knew perfectly what he meant.

“Okay enough with the secret glance stuff, what’s happening?” asked a clueless Xu axe.

Kumicho immediately ran outside followed by Sen and Xu axe they ran down the hill made of snow and made their way towards Kazoku who was harmlessly playing in the snow.

“Wooo! I am playing in the snow… Lalalalala”

“God who gave this freak singing lessons”

Kumicho suddenly jumped in to the air surprising all. Kazoku had not noticed the harpoon coming straight at him; Kumicho delivered a thundering kick shattering the Harpoon in half, one half fell in to the snow while the other half the sharp side fell in between his legs.

“Hey watch out a man needs that part you know!”

“You should be paying attention to your surroundings”

In the distance a man surrounded by a huge army appeared. A blizzard began to blow each step he took he left a huge footprint in the snow. His men stayed behind him he looked large from a distance but when he reached Kumicho and the other s he was shorter than Kazoku.

“You are trespassing on our land leave or die”

Silence passed and then laughter.

“Hahahahah no freaking way this is the guy that shot the harpoon? He so freaking short”

“Hey are you listening!”

“What baby gonna cry? Awww you took a poopy in your diapers hahahahah!”

Kazoku then took a snowball and threw it at his face.

“Now buzz off loser”

Suddenly the once small man transformed in to a large man with an Ice Helmut and Ice shin and elbow guards however the idiot that was Kazoku kept laughing.

“Man is this kid joke or what? Wooo that was a good laugh”

Soon after, Kazoku opened his eyes and saw that the once little man had become a furious giant the only words he could mutter were…

“Holy sh*t”


Meanwhile at Tetsuo base the remaining the children were being trained to their body’s limits. By jogging, dashing, lifting heavy objects, harsh weight training they were slowly becoming stronger thanks to their new trainer unfortunately the beat up Yamasawa.

“Any one who does less then one thousand push up’s will be shot at!”

“Na Sakuya when you think Kazuya-san will be back he left once again with out saying anything and it’s been 2 days”

“Well Toru I hope he’ll be back I can’t take more of this what I’m really worried about is Onni-chan”

Suddenly a gunshot went off all children stopped and looked to towards one direction one of their nakama was on the ground dead.

“You think I’m playing I told you less then one thousand push ups and you’ll be shot at the bastard stopped at nine hundred ninety nine”

Sakuya could not take anymore.

“Hey Sakuya stop keep doing the push up‘s” pleaded Toru.

Yamasawa turned around and saw Sakuya looking at him.

“What do you want kid go back to doing push up’s or you’ll be shot at too”

“Why are you always so mean towards us kids? What did we ever do to you?”

“Hey get back to work”

“No I’m tired of this! All for the sake of an empire that doesn’t even care about us”

“That’s it! Eat lead!”

Yamasawa fired his pistol towards Sakuya everything stopped. All she could do was think about her brother and hoped that he would give her strength.

When everything returned to normal, the bullet had missed Sakuya by a mile.

Yamasawa could not believe it and neither could Sakuya.

“What just happened?”

“It seems you have achieved Speedo in a short amount of time”


“Speedo: By using and training with heavy weights both your physical strength and leg strength increase since you are putting more Ki into them thus your body accustoms to the new energy and can achieve overwhelming speed. I guess I wasn’t wrong when I made you used 5 ton weight’s”

*sweatdrop. ”Oh yeah”

“But it seems that your spirit has not just broken but I’m able to overlook that if you and your big boobs get back in line”

“I refuse”

“Sakuya c’mon” yelled the other children

“No this man is the reason I cannot see my brother” If I can’t be strong who else will?” thought Sakuya.

“Your brother? Oh you mean the idiot with the funny colored hair hahahaha yeah he and those other retards are now stuck in the chamber with no way out what are you going to do?”

Using her newfound powers Sakuya focused her Ki and tried to use Speedo however, Yamasawa counted her speed and backhanded her.

“You may have reached Speedo but you are a hundred years to early”

“He moves fast for a fat man”

“It seems killing you wouldn’t be fitting, I know a way to brake you” said Yamasawa with a sadistic smile

“Hey let go, give it back” yelled an officer.

Toru had stolen an assault rifle and aimed it at Yamasawa.

“That‘s as far as you go”

“So we have another kid that has guts I’m glad I’m the one training you brats now and not that soft ass Kazuya. Well if you have the guts shoot me”

“I will”

“But sir”

“That bullet will never hit me”

Suddenly a feint yet strong aura began to circle around his body his Kami’s Print birthmarks began to glow radiantly.

“What the? My eye its making me see his body heat? And those red spots must be his weak spot”

“I might be big but I can’t dodge those shit like a ballerina!”


Toru begins to fire bullets simultaneously,” Speedo X5” Yamasawa begins dodging the bullets with ease his speed is so astounding that every time he moves he leaves after images of himself.

“See I told you huh? What the? The bullets are still coming after me!”

Bullets began to tares through Yamasawa skin from all sides his blood splattered everywhere.

“Arrg those bullets some how locked on to my Ki and I couldn’t out run it he must have a special ability”

“Well it seems that the training wasn’t in vain both of you have been able to tap in your Kami’s print in a short amount of time. But I’m still going to brake you!”

“How can he be standing after all those bullets?”

Suddenly a fist met with Toru solar plexus knocking him out instantly.

“Toru!” yelled Sakuya and the remaining children “C’mon lets help”

“Stay right there,” said a solider snickering holding a loaded Uzi.

“Now for making me bleed excessively I’m gonna….”

“Yamasawa-Taichou what are you doing?”

“Arrg huh? Impossible…”

A man with spiky golden hair and silver eyes stood before him dressed in a long cape with a Kami’s print shaped broadsword by his side. He was accompanied by five top ranked generals behind him some hanyo some human.


“You shouldn’t stammer Yamasawa-Taichou you look like a fool when you do.”

"Hiccoron-Shogun the Dai shogun has arrived"

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The meeting between Hiccoron and the suprmeme commander of the army the Dai shogun commences. Meanwhile Xu axe and the gang have their hands full fighting the Ice Hanyo's. will the Ice powered up Hanyo end their journey? And can Anan escape the turmoil of the state and reach the nation of Byakko in one piece?

Next time,Akai te dei. The mighty plan that crumbles all, Xu axe! no confidence.
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EP 11: The mighty plan that crumbles all, Xu axes no confidence.
Part 1
“You shouldn’t stammer Yamasawa you look like a fool when you do”

Yamasawa could not speak he was in shock to see the entire army’s commander right in front of him.

“Surely you are aware of the meeting that is to be held today, you should clean the blood off your face and head to the meeting at once”

Yamasawa tried to rise to his feet however; he fell hard on his butt causing a big crack on the ground, which earned a chuckle from the Dai shogun.

“Hehehe really Yamasawa you poor fat man you are truly an embarrassment”

Yamasawa gave him a stern an angry look as he once again rose up and reluctantly gave him a salute.

The Dai shogun saw the attitude and lack of respect that Yamasawa gave him with mini seconds Yamasawa was once again on the floor he was on the floor bleeding more then ever before.

“When did you?”

“Yamasawa as the Dai Shogun I deserve respects something that as an officer you lack of that’s very shameful am I right?”

Yamasawa grunts a yes.

“I only gave you a little flicked to the stomach and you’re still conscious? Well I guess that’s why your skills is still needed now go get yourself cleaned up”

“Only a little flick? It felt like he dished out 12 punches all at once I think he fractured my ribs what a horrifyingly strong guy!”

As Yamasawa got up and walked away, he looked back at the kids with an angry look on his face he swore he would get revenge for this ultimate humiliation.

The Dai shogun and his officers now shifted their cold eyes to the children scaring them.

“Aww I think I wet myself why now! Curse you bladder”

“I saw your awesome display of power at least that idiot is doing something rights you are Kazuya’s troops are you not?”

The children nodded.

“Hmm I see it seems this unit will be the best one yet if you are trained to your full potential Yamasawa is not right for this job do not worry Kazuya will be back shortly”

“Remember those who survive through impossible odds are in end rewarded greatly. You will be the future warriors of our great empire and you will defend it to the last man. It is not your fault just blame your human ancestors for your fates”

He looked at the children they all had confused looks at their faces of course they were not properly educated on how the humans had tortured and raped the Hanyo’s demon ancestors.

“Of course you don’t understand yet” whispered the Dai shogun.” In any case, you did hit an officer and that cannot be overlooked. Lieutenant general Iwosoku and Kawaji take these children to room 707”


They disappeared and reappeared behind the Sakuya and Toru and put them both in to a strangle hold both Sakuya’s and Toru’s eyes rolled back they were both unconscious.

“Do not worry children I promise I will not hurt them but I will punish them for hitting a superior officer no matter what an officer puts you through you can’t hit them now take them away”


Just like that, they disappeared with out a trace.


A large man fat yet muscular steeped forward he was wearing a different color uniform than the rest while every one’s was camo his was black. He was wearing long black gloves, which covered him large fists. His large frame blocked out the sun he towered over the other children.

“This is drill sergeant Ranpo he will be taking over Yamasawa place for the rest of today’s training session he will show you the proper techniques of maintaining and enhancing your Kami’s print Ki”

Ranpo cracked his knuckles and a huge mean grin appears on his large face.

“Ranpo don’t kill them okay remember the last time you trained a children unit?” says the Dai shogun.

“Aww but sir I’m sorry but I just get really excited and plus I didn’t mean to step on those kids they were just so tiny hehehehe”

With in the throats of the remaining children a huge gulp went through each one of them.

“You remaining three come with me the meeting will start in one hour’s time”

“Yes sir!”

“You dare attack me!” yelled the man

Kazoku became easily frighten and stuck his head in the snow.

“Fool he looks just like an ostrich” said Xu axe.

“Who are you?” demanded Kumicho.

“I and my army are the Ice buntai and I am their ruler Ice-O you are trespassing on our land and you must leave at once or die by our hands”

“Fine we will leave”

“No! To late that boy insulted me and now he must die”

“I can’t let you do that”

“Humph why not?”

“Xu axe?”

“Man that’s messed up how could you say that after I defended you!”

“Just be a good ostrich and stick your head back in the snow”

Kazoku took one glance at Ice-O freaked out and stuck his head back in the snow.

Ice-O glance turn towards the old man Sen-Kaioh they stared at each other for a few minutes not one muttering a word. They just stood there looking at each other but their eyes showed no hatred towards one another.

“You seem familiar old man”

Just then, when it seemed that he was talking to Sen-Kaioh he gave Kumicho a hard elbow to the face. She spit out blood that landed on his face.

“Our lord has started the attack we shall join in as well!”

Ice-O’s men dashed down from the mountain with a loud charge. Only when they reached the bottom of the mountain were they halted by Sen-Kaioh.

“You shall not pass,” said Sen-Kaioh and surprisingly Ice-O in unison.

Everything grew quite for a moment and both exchanged smiles for a second.

“This is my fight gentlemen stay out of the way I‘ll get rid of these intruders”

“I’ll make sure they’re out of the way don’t you worry” says Sen-Kaioh with a thoughtful smile which rather angered Ice-O.

“I don’t get it this place was a desert before how is this, their territory?”

“In this chamber the land changes from time to time yesterday it was the territory of Sabaku-O the desert king however he did not appear, today it is the territory of the Ice-han demon hanyo”

“Are you telling me that every time the weather changes we are going to encounter guy like these?”

“Pretty much this is the first time I’ve encounter an ice demon though”

“That’s stupid and I’m tired I’m going back to the house”

“Xu axe!” She yelled out

Just then, Kumicho wipes the blood off her lips and dashes toward Ice-O she grabs his head and pushes it toward her knee. Her knee strike connects with his face however, what her knee has shattered was just a huge chunk of ice.

“He disappeared? Where?”

From below ice-O reappeared and tried to strike her, she dodges and sends a quick jab towards Ice-O shattering his body once again. Afterwards he reappeared behind her and kneed her hard in the neck. She spat out blood but recovered and delivered a spinning elbow to his face this time actually hitting him. She tried a straight punch but he caught it easily and began charged up his fist with immense Ki. His fist turned in to a huge fist made of Ice and aimed right for her.

“A Muay Thai’s fighter walk is very essential for a Muay Thai fighter “Yaang Sam Kun” (The three step walk)

She concentrated her energies to her legs and gracefully dodged all Ice-O’s strikes.
She raised her self on her toes and let all the power go to her right leg, her leg began to radiate with energy and she delivered a thundering kick, thunder from the sky rained down as she destroyed the iced fist with her kick. Ice-O was overwhelmed and was knocked down. After that smoke was arising from her left leg, she took a deep breath to calm herself down.

“Yay! Go Kumicho” said Kazoku sticking his head out of the snow and sticking it right back in.

“Damn ostrich” said Xu axe as he was about to turn the knob to enter the house. Through the interior of the house one of Ice-O,’s warrior cut through the house with his long spear and completely and utterly destroyed it.

“Damn one got away,” said Sen-Kaioh as he backhanded another one of Ice-O’s warriors.

The crazed demon waved his spear like maniac ready to attack Xu axe at anytime.

“Boy why do you not take stance or is it that your legs are shaking so badly you can’t move?”

Its true Xu axe was so terrified he could not move his legs at all.

“I’m scared… I truly am scared this isn’t like fighting a thug I’m fighting a real demon and yet I can’t”

“C’mon, boy do not let me be wrong about you” said Sen-Kaioh.

Xu axe had a heart ripping fear. He could not control his power nor could he bring it forth he waited for the demonic voice to guide him. He did not know what to do his body froze up and became irresponsive. Xu axe had concluded that he hated fear for along time he felt like he had escape the grasp of fear but he had not escaped anything he was merely suppressing it.

Meanwhile Ice-O had arisen again with out so much as a scratch.

“You damaged my knuckles those are some power kicks you’ve got there but no match for me “

Kumicho got back in to her Muay Thai stance, Ice-O stretched out his arms a harsh blizzard began blowing hard pushing Kumicho back a bit but she maintained her defense.

“Pretty good defense you got there but how long can you hold out? (Kaiten)!”

The blizzard the transform in a huge vortex attacking her straight on it was tearing through her skin. She was bleeding from her arms and thigh she felt dizzy from Ice-O earlier knee strike and collapsed on one knee.

“Give it up woman you are two weak to face me but you fought bravely maybe I’ll make you my wife your pitiful human life seems to have some value”

Kumicho was breathing hard she stumble to her feet and got back in to her stance.

“Still wanting to fight? Boy you are persistent”

He began moving at a very fast pace doing so he created ice sculptures of himself. He then gives a hard kick to the stomach, his ice shin guard piercing her stomach causing her to bleed further. Ice-O’s sculptures suddenly came to life and pursued to beat the leaving hell out of Kumicho.

“I cannot ignore the cries of a woman, I must end this now”

More Ice warriors came charging in with spears and swords. With a wave of his palm Sen-Kaioh sent them all flying and crashing in to each other. Suddenly a warrior runs towards Sen with a large sword and slashes at his side he is in shock when he realizes nothing has happened.

“The eight wave length technique hardens the exterior and interior of the body if you think you can beat me with that you are a thousand years to early”

Sen Kaioh gives the attacker a hard chop to the neck he then takes the warrior head and using his hands he forces it hard to the warrior’s chest simultaneously breaking the neck.

“Hissatsu no waza Kubi-hishigi” (Killer move, The Can opener)

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Part 2
The Ice warriors were hesitant to attack Sen-Kaioh and started to back off until one of them tried to stab Sen-Kaioh from behind. He dodged and the ice warrior wound up striking his comrade in the heart. Sen-Kaioh then placed his palm on the warrior’s chest and sent his Ki in to his body. Sen-Kaioh then picked his body up and threw it at the incoming warriors where the body exploded on impact taking many with it.

“This man’s a devil!” said the warrior’s in fear.

“I’m a devil? Surely you jest this is coming from people who kill everyone who gets sent here as a prisoner”

“We gladly do it we are in debt to our hanyo brethren and soon all the demons will be released from this chamber and reclaim our world”

Sen-Kaioh then looked at the snowy mountain and caught an idea. He raised his hand and slammed it hard on to the ground; the vibrations cause a huge avalanche. The snow came crashing down, crushing everything in its wake. Sen Then deflected the avalanche from coming any further towards others; in the end Ice-O, army was decimated all buried under inches and inches of cold snow.

“You bastard! My army!”

“They should know better then to defy the eight wave lengths technique you would think since they were ice warriors they would be able to survive such a thing. If they couldn‘t was because they were weak.”

“Eight wave lengths?”

“Yes now Ice-O you will contend with me”

“Oh you seem pretty confident”

“Why should a master have any doubts?”

“Fine challenge accepted”

“Wait!” Said Kumicho struggling to stand

“Stupid bitch aren’t you satisfied yet”

Ice-attempted to give Kumicho a punch however she blocked it much to his surprise. Her shin’s and her elbows began to glow with Ki emanating from them she got in to her Muay Thai stance and charged towards him head on.

“She’s using her life force”

Ice-O tried to block, Kumicho destroyed his Ice clones and managed to destroy his ice shin guard and elbow guards followed a direct hit to the chest using all her power. She completely shattered through his chest, Ice-O finally coughed up blood as he bent down, blood dripping from his chest and mouth.

“Muay Thai “eight limbs of destruction”

“She did very well however at price, she doesn’t seem to have a Kami’s print she used her life force anymore fighting and she could die”

“Very good girl you surprised me you actually manage to brake a few of my ribs but all futile”

Kumicho collapsed on to the ground blood came gushing out of her knees and elbows she cried in agony she felt as if her arms and legs were about to explode.

“For you see girl you have not already noticed I can regenerate as long as there’s snow”

From with in Ice-O’s knuckles huge spiky icicles sprouted from with in he charged towards Kumicho ready to deliver the final blow. Before he could to that, he found his icicles between Sen-Kaioh’s fingers. He, Xu axe and Kazoku blocked his path.

“So you decided to get your head out of the snow huh?”

“And you decided to finally move huh?”

“Lord what do we do?” asked the remaining Ice-O warrior holding his spear tightly.

“We kill them I take it these are the prisoners Hiccoron-Sama was talking about”

“I felt Kumicho flat chest ness calling me and…”

Suddenly a fist connected with Kazoku’s head.

“Ow that hurt”

“I’m still alive you know”

Sen Kaioh looked at Xu axe he could smell his fear, the cold sweat dripping from the side of his forehead.

“Xu axe”

“Why are you so afraid?”

This shocked Xu axe he had not been expecting that from Sen Kaioh.

“Who said I was afraid”

“Xu axe I can tell the best thing a person can do is admit his faults and learn to overcome them”

“I’ve led a hard life no parents no family constantly fighting just to survive I began to grow an overwhelming hatred for people and I learned that anger is power. I never had confronted people with this so-called Kami’s print, when I did, I fought and that is the reason I was sent here. but when I was fighting it wasn’t really me something had come and possessed me and fueled me with power and hatred but now I can’t hear the voice I don’t know how to tap in to my power. I do not even know why I am tell you this you probably know it all.

Kazoku listened to Xu axe and at that moment, he began to understand why Xu axe is the way he is. Suddenly out of nowhere, the ice warrior jumps in the air with his spear and tries to strike Xu axe and Kazoku at the same time. Kazoku pushed Kumicho out of the way in ensure her safety. Ice-O tries to tear out Sen-Kaioh’s eyes with his icicles; Sen-Kaioh snaps his Icicles and attempts to backhand him. Ice-O does a back flip and jumps in to the air. From beneath the ground giant hands made of snow sprout out and attempt to smash Sen, he dodges swift fully and gets in to a sumo stance he raises he leg and slams it hard on the ground his Ki vibrates from his body destroying the hands instantly.

“Xu axe, listen I know your past just as I know Kazoku’s and Kumicho. However, they are things part of yourself conscious that I could never know like what you just said. Xu axe the problem is that you do not know how to tap in your Kami’s print; you do it when you are not aware. Xu axe you have that Kami’s print gives you the power to use Aiki-Jutsu you are able to absorb and copy your opponent’s power and strength giving you the advantage. If anger is, your driving force then let anger and rage be your strength.

At that moment in time Xu axe knew what he had to do. He just has he had overcome his fear and become stronger. He would defeat fear so he would no longer have to suffer and bow down to it anymore.


At Tetsuo base the long awaited meeting between the general’s was finally about to commence. In all his glory, the Dai-Shogun walked in along with his three generals the original five of Dai-Shogun’s general are said to be the strongest force in the western world. Hiccoron walked forward and shook hands with the Dai-shogun but anyone could see that there was clearly tension between the two. The general’s took their seats around the long table and the meeting began.

“Oh Yamasawa I see you made it”

Yamasawa had band-aids and stitches on his face he gave the Dai-shogun a cheesy smile.

“Yamasawa what was that about” asked Hiccoron stern fully.

“Nothing sir”

“Well Hiccoron lets get started we are wasting time what is the current status report?”

One of the general’s with red skin and spikes under his chin arose and saluted the Dai-Shogun.

“General Akashi reporting, we have approx 476,000 in active duty in over 60 divisions with 2 million in reserve. As you know all the lands between Seiryu and Suzaku have been conquered including the lands leading to Genbu we have more then 100 smaller nations under our empire’s flag it’s only a matter of time until Genbu and Byakko fall.”

“I know all of that get to the important part you are boring me”

“Right as of three days ago the small nation of Duitser fell; the army now has a base and are awaiting more men and supplies in order to take the nation”

“Duitser a small nation like that should have been take over in a day”

“It seems that the reason for was that the special elite team under Natsukashi-dono did not move in time thus Suiji-dono and the entire infantry were killed”

“Natsukashi should have been punished to lose the entire infantry like that”

“The infantry is comprised of weak humans who do not have the Kami’s print or any Ki control”

“That doesn’t mean that the Human army should be so weak they should be just as strong as the Hanyo army we should be strong in all points understand?”

The men yelled in unison”Ha!”

“Now tell me the reason you asked me to come Hiccoron you look like you have a lot on your mind”

Hiccoron grinned at this and stood up.

“Dai-Shogun for years we have served our emperor gaining lands to expand the empire. However we serve a weak king the entire empire is practically under our military control”

“Hiccoron are you suggesting usurping the throne?”

“The lord is getting old in a few years time he will elect his successor and do you think that will be?”


“That is right if that human Kazuya ascends to the throne everything we are doing here now will have gone to waste. I refuse to let that happen the Hanyo should reign supreme over all races just like our ancestors. The king is practically a puppet with no real spine our control over him is obsolete all we need to do his make him abdicate the throne and pave the way for a new dynasty”

“And who would be the new ruler of this dynasty? You? As if I’d bow down and serve you”

“Don’t you understand the only reason we have been able to keep this recent breed of human’s down is because of each of us has achieved Akuma (devil)-Ryu assassination style the same style that our demon ancestor use against the human’s centuries ago. When if Kazuya ascends to the throne the Kami’s print will be used against us instead of for us.”

Hiccoron words made the Dai-Shogun open his eyes widely. The Dai-Shogun stood quite Hiccoron saw his reaction and continued to speak.

“We all believe in absolute victory and the unification of the empire is near we have been able so far to open three out of seven chambers to the demon world our ancestral homeland. The execution of humans has been greatly increasing by sending them through to meet our demon ancestors soon we will completely destroy the barrier to demon world so they can take their revenge on the humans remaining here we can’t killed them all off you know who’s going to do the slave work?”

Hiccoron had a wide grin which greatly irritated the Dai-shogun and his generals. Hiccoron generals were praising him and clapping as though Hiccoron was celebrity and they were his fans. The Dai-Shogun crossed his arms and had a very stern look on his face he was greatly displeased with what Hiccoron was saying.

“So Hiccoron does your plan to usurp the throne have to do with the recent attack on the Shohei-maru?”

Hiccoron opened his eyes wide he was greatly enraged a grin appeared on the Dai-shogun’s face.
“What!” Said Advisor Kyu in shock” You want to revert you decision and try to make an alliance with Byakko?”

Emperor Jujisei nodded” This is what I want”

“But lord!” yelled all his other advisors in unison.

“Enough I have decided to go back on my earlier decision”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you my lord my spies caught you and the general Anan last night and herd every word”

“What blackmail!”

“That’s right if you don’t want the people and the empress to know of your floundering ways you will do whatever we ask”

The emperor clutched his fist tightly he could do nothing but comply.

Anan returned to her quarters after along day training the men, she was very tired her body ached from all over. She stripped down and step in to the shower while letting the cold shower rain down her long unbraided hair she had a lot on her mind.

“I hope the hear out the emperor”

Anan blushed as she thought about him; she turned the shower off and wrapped a towel around her wet body. As she exited the bathroom she felt something was not right, from behind a man wearing all back tried to kick her from behind. She blocked the kick and with a kick of her own and pushed the offender back she had not realized that her towel had fallen.

The man dressed in black even through his blush seeped through his mask. Anan slowly looked down and saw that she was completely naked she eked and threw her slippers at the offender.

“You bastard you saw my Vagina!” she screamed extremely angry and upset” Now what do you want! Who are you?”

“I am Hadou one of Kyu-sama shadows I came to tell you that you little trip to Byakko has been canceled”

“Why is that?”

The council has found out about you little affair with the emperor if you do not want the public to find out you will cease trying to reach Byakko.

Anan could not believe what she was hearing nor did she know how to react at that moment it was as if her world was crumbling.
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Xu axe starts a battle with Ice-O, A confrontation ensues when the Dai-Shogun calls Hiccoron out on his ambitions. Anan has a ultimatum and a vigina will we see both lol J/k.

Next time, Akai te dei. Battle scars, Mind games, decisions
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EP 12: Battle scars, Mind games, decisions
Part 1

Two days has passed since Kazuya and Itagawa had arrived in Kanto. Initially Kazuya was going to meet King Ein, however Shimizu had insisted on them resting and getting comfortable before having a meeting with the King. Kazuya did not want to be reacquainted with a city that hates his guts. All he wanted was to see his dying father and get this over with. Many would think this was crude of Kazuya, many would also think that he did not care about his father it was though the exact opposite.

Kazuya cared a lot about his father and honored him after all it is because of him that Kazuya was able to keep on living. What Kazuya had honored though was mainly his father’s past when his father actually had dignity; it has been five years since they last saw each other or even talked with one another. His father had attempted to speak with him but Kazuya always declined his letters. He did not hate his father he just felt no reason to speak with him especially when his father had approved of the war and the children being conscripted in to the army. But he himself couldn’t judge after all he was a Kanto imperial soldier even though all he wanted was to help the children in the camp he was just as guilty as his father, Hiccoron and everyone else.

“If only I had been stronger,” he said to no one in particular. “I should have started a rebellion instead of following my father, I’m such a coward”


Kazuya turned his head and looked straight in to the black orbs belonging to no one other than Itagawa.

“Yes?”-questioned Kazuya

“You look deep in thought it seems like you have a lot on your mind.

He closed his eyes and chuckled “Out of all people why would you ask that Itagawa?”

“Because sir that look on your face is depressing especially when the day is so beautiful”

“Deal with it; it’s subject to change once I see my father”

“Are you implying that it will become worse?”

“Well look where we are, in the heart of Kanto not a human around for miles there’s no way I could be optimistic in this situation?”

“I see your point,” said Itagawa stoically, here take this he said throwing a pair of stylish imperial clothes at him. Kazuya caught it and looked at Itagawa quite puzzled.

“Itagawa as you see I have enough imperial clothes and…”
“That man…huh… Shimizu-san said that it would be proper for you to wear this since you will be seeing the King today”

Kazuya’s faced remained unchanged, however somewhere inside he was a bit happy to be reunited with his father after five long years. However, it had been Kazuya who did not wanted to see him.

“Oh and tell that Shimizu to never follow me around ever again” said Itagawa with a tint of red on his face.

“Well you know he’s gay”

“Even so!” Someone like him has no reason to call himself a man,” Said Itagawa crossing his arms.

“Fine I’ll tell him but if he starts calling you Itagawa-Chan he’s hooked on you and your screwed”

Kazuya laughed, Itagawa saw this is and smiled even though as a hanyo he strongly felt he should hate this human for some reason he could not. He thought about how things would be if Kazuya were king, maybe he would bring about change that worried Itagawa slightly however he saw that Kazuya could be a good ruler given if he was more serious, maybe stop the war. Even if Itagawa knew the war to be, very important he was not a typical Hanyo fanatic. Itagawa knew though that Kazuya would never become ruler not as long as Hiccoron was Shogun and held significant power over the empire.


“What did you say?” questioned Hiccoron; he could not believe what had just come out of the Dai-Shogun’s mouth.

“You act like it’s such a surprise, did you not hear? Kazuya and his escort were attacked by the Byakkotai on the Shohei-maru”

“No I was not aware of this” said Hiccoron trying to sound surprised, however he knew about the attack he had been the who contacted some of the Byakkotai and ordered the hit. He wondered if the Dai-shogun saw through his façade, “So did Kazuya survive?”

“Yes he did, he’s in Kanto now”

“Damn it” was all that Hiccoron was thinking, he had carefully planned this so that the King would be enraged at the Byakkotai and blamed them for the death of the crown prince thus letting the army launch a preemptive strike on Byakko and taking the nation swiftly and . “Well it wasn’t all lost” he smiled sadistically, since Kazuya is alive he figured Kazuya would tell his father what happened and either way Byakko would be theirs. Worst-case scenario, the Byakkotai would surrender before any blood was shed. After the entire nation was very tolerant towards the Hanyo and Hanyo’s were actually living there. So for Hiccoron it was all a win-win scenario he would crush the remaining two human kingdoms thus unifying the empire and become emperor himself but for the meantime he needed the help of the Dai-shogun and his resources.

“Well it’s good to know that Kazuya err the crown prince is fine”

“That was so fake,” Thought the Dai-Shogun. “Anyway on your offer to betray the emperor I’ll have to decline”

“That doesn’t surprise me at all,” said a smug looking Hiccoron.

“See had you offered to split the empire, I would have considered it but I’ll make it perfectly clear I’ll never serve you”

“You should know your history, in ancient times a descendent of demon, A Senzo Gaeri would serve a true demon”

“And you should know your rank shogun. Besides for you it should be pitiful to know that a Senzo Gaeri like me surpasses you greatly in power not to mention I also have a the Kami’s print”

Hiccoron clutches his fists, he is pissed had he clutched any harder one would think, that blood was going to spew out from with in his hand.

The Dai-shogun stood up from his chair “Well I guess that concludes our meeting huh gentlemen?”

“So your going to rat me out to the emperor,” asked Hiccoron.

The Dai-Shogun chuckled, “Hiccoron you know as well as I do that the emperor virtually has no power. We do his bidding sometimes but the ones with true power are actually you and I. If Kazuya or our king dies, you and I will be the only ones fighting for the empire. Why would I tell the emperor what your planning to do when it would simply ruin the fun?”

Hiccoron stood silent, he was nervous “Just what is this guy planning?” he thought

“King Ein won’t live forever, and if Kazuya a human ascends to the throne most of the Hanyo people will be in an uproar. However for the humans it would be beneficial for them and then we will probably find ourselves in the mist of human retribution. However if Kazuya dies we will be the only two left, It would be quite interesting wouldn’t you say?”

Hiccoron could not find words to reply, his tongue had dried up he knew his words would no longer have power in them. He was ashamed that he felt like this, anyone who had suffered under Hiccoron’s treachery would have loved to see him in this state. His stoic personally replace by one of worry and despair. His staff looked at him worryingly they could not believe that their stoic and ruthless general was practically having a mental breakdown.

“Well Hiccoron I will leave you with much to think about” said the Dai-Shogun coolly.


Before The Dai-Shogun and his officer stepped out, Hiccoron called out to them. The Dai-shogun slowly turned around his emerald eyes meeting with Hiccoron’s red rubies eyes.


“The war games will begin soon, I trust you will attend”

“Oh the contest? The same contests where you and your generals select the strongest recruits by having the recruits battle each others to death.”

“Huh…Yes with the recent addition of children from Seiryu it should be quite interesting”

“You’ll say anything just to forget what has recently transpired here I will consider your invitation hope it’s as promising as you make it out to be”

And with that, The Dai-Shogun and his group left. Hiccoron had a furious look on his face he still could not believe that he was humiliated by the Dai-Shogun.

“That damn Dai-shogun, humiliating you like that?” said Yamasawa

As if, he needed one of his own men to point out the oblivious.

“Yamasawa you idiot!” Tonight you will clean all of the bathrooms”

“Wait! What did I do?”

“You dare question me!”

“Huh no right away Hiccoron-sama” Yamasawa hurried out of the room mumbling something along the lines of “No respect for the fat man”

“Dai-Shogun, laugh while you still can soon you will be bowing before me as you beg for your life!”
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Part 2
Anan was speechless she could not comprehend what she has just heard.

Hadou gave out a cynical laughter.

“Your expression says it all my general”

“Why, you!”

“No need to get angry this is for the best”

“For the best? Do you have any idea what those Hanyo’s will put us through? We will be reduce to slavery just like Seiryu and Suzaku”

“So what?”

“What did you say!” said Anan with evil eyes.

“You shouldn’t stare at people like that. Anyways I rather live under the Hanyo then fight a fruitless war with an enemy we can’t win against”

“Spoken like a true coward”


“What kind of man are you? You would give up on your country just like that!” she spat.

“You can say whatever you want but it won’t change a thing”

“As if I’m afraid of blackmail I will personally tell the empress what’s going on. For the sake of our people I will take responsibility for my actions”

“If that’s the case you won’t leave this room alive”

Hadou gets in to fighting stance; suddenly shuriken appears from with in his hands. He unleashed them towards Anan. Anan quickly dodges them; the shuriken’s find themselves lodged in to the wall. Anan run towards her drawer and opens it quickly, she pulls out a bra and panty and quickly puts it on (rather super fast actually). She drops her towel and gets in to fighting stance-puzzling Hadou.

“At least now I can fight you with out worrying about you seeing something”

“But I already saw your…”

“Arrg Damn you!”

Anan runs toward Hadou and attempts to kick him, suddenly shuriken’s appear on his body as she tries to kick him. When she sees them, she hesitates and backs up a bit.

“Yeah you better back up unless you want your foot to get cut up”

Hadou sends energy in to the previous shuriken’s; they release themselves from the wall and dash towards her. Anan does a back flip and evade them; they fly right in to Hadou’s chest for a minute it looks as if he is dead.

“Do you really think my own trick will kill me, General? My body is made of all kinds of weapons I am able to control them by will”

“A Ki controller? You better be really strong if you plan to go up against a Kami’s print user like me,” said Anan rather confident.

“Typhoon of despair!”

Hadou begins to spin around and transforms in to a huge typhoon destroying practically everything it path. While spinning several dozen shuriken’s fly out from with in his body and try to slice up Anan is cut up a bit, blood beginning to seep from her arms and legs. She dashed outside and jumps in to the air; Hadou’s typhoon is getting closer towards her. No one was near her quarters at the time so she would have to put an end to this herself.

“You can’t escape me general”

His spinning motion increased dramatically it was ripping through the air and the ground below. Anan remained in the air for just another second; suddenly a whole barrage of shuriken this time a lot larger than before came dashing towards her.

“He’s not a normal Ki user I guess I have no other choice”

All the shuriken’s land on her and explode upon impact for a moment it seems as if Anan is truly dead.

“Mwa hahahaha mission accomplished”

The smoke dissipates revealing something unexpected, Anan’s entire body was covered in rock with the symbol of tortoise on it (Genbu=Black tortoise)

“What! How can this be? She’s alive”
“I have a Suzaku Kami’s print and I have learned Genbu’s abilities as well. This metamorphic rock is stronger than steel and provides excellent defense. You maybe a Ki user but if you don’t have enough and skill in controlling Ki and if you don’t have a Kami’s print it’s impossible to defeat me”

“You bitch!”

Hadou went on the offensive charging with all his might. Anan winced from the pain, the cuts on her legs and arms hurt bad but she was determining to end this. She focused her energy; rocks in the shape of wings sprouted from her back. She could not stay in the air forever the rock wings were too heavy for her to use for flight. She concentrated even more and began to generate heat from her body; suddenly the rock wings begin to turn bright red.

“This is the end,” said Hadou as he launched a energy beam through the typhoon.

She extended her red molten rock wings and spun around sending a beam in the shape of a huge boomerang.

“Tenshi Exile!”

The boomerang beam cut right through Hadou’s body; blood spewed everywhere.

“I can’t believe this how can she use two Kami print powers?”

This were the last line Hadou was ever going to utter, Half of him collided with the ground below while the other half wound up a few feet away from him.

The guards on patrol noticed the light show in the sky and rushed over to Anan’s location.

“I can’t believe that guy managed to wear me down he was surprisingly strong for a Ki user”

Anan felt like she was going to feint, her breathing was heavy she had lost significant amount of blood from Hadou’s earlier attack. Feeling very weak her eyes rolled back, her body felt limp as she lost consciousness; she began to fall out of the sky. She was about to hit the cold concrete when she luckily fell in to the arms of her Lieutenant Janken.

“Don’t worry general I’ve got you” He blushed seeing the state his general was in.

“Could you get your head out of your pants and take her to the infirmary” yelled a very aggravated captain who happen to be a female named Doll.

He nodded numbly and rushed her off to the infirmary accompanied by other soldiers.

“What could have happened here” said Doll looking over at the two half’s that was once Hadou.

“This just had to happen after lights out, listen everyone survey the area at once”

“Hai!” said the men in unison.

“Jeez I wonder what happened to her.” Said Janken looking at his general worryingly.

“She’s lost a lot of blood” said the doctor replacing her blood I.V with a new one.

“How could someone get on to base with out us knowing?”


“Anan? Did you say something?”



“That bastard…He doesn’t understand… I need to find away to get up and stop advisor Kyu from blackmailing the emperor”

She could not move at all, she felt weak and she hated it.
Ice-O jumped in to the sky, he formed a snowball in to his hands; and then with all his might he threw it at Sen-Kaioh.

“A Snowball? You’ve got to be joking”

As the snowball closed in, it grew to an immense size, spikes coming out from with in the snowball; it began spinning violently towards Sen-Kaioh. Sen-Kaioh tried to hold off the snowball, the spikes were cutting through his fingers causing him to bleed.

“Hahahaha, you’ll definitely pay for what you did to my soldiers!”

He clasped his hands together, from all directions a powerful blizzard was blowing through.

“Ow” said Xu axe as the blizzard was cutting through his skin.

“Hahahaha, it doesn’t hurt me because my arms and limps are made of metal, OW! My neck!”

“You pathetic humans, we can stand up to unbelievable temperatures while you humans will freeze to death”

“Oh really so why did your warriors die in that avalanche?”

The Ice warrior had no response for that, instead, he grew angry and began waving his spear around.

“You pompous brat! I’ll show you why no human gets out of this world alive, its our jobs to put you through hell the hell you deserve now bare witness to my Sojutsu!”

The Ice warrior jumped in to the air and jumps back down, he tries to slice Xu axe, Kazoku and Kumicho however, they manage to dodge.

Kumicho then collapses not being able to go on anymore.

“Hey freak!”

“What did you just call me?”

“Take that girl and run for it”


“Listen; if you don’t leave she’ll die”

“But where will I go?”

“I don’t care! Anywhere that’s not here”

“You think you can take him”

“Oh yes” said Xu axe in very low demonic voice that deeply scared Kazoku.

“Fine got ya, hey why do you care if she stays alive or not”

“To be honest I don’t but she’s helped us, the least we can do is repay the favor”

“Fine I’ll leave and give you the spot light”

Kazoku picks Kumicho up bridal style and begins to run off.

“I’d be happier if her boobs were bigger”

“None of you will escape!” said the Ice warrior however something blocks his path. At first, it appears as if to be lines however it materializes in to Xu axe.

“Astounding speed, did he have this power all along?”

“Get out of my body, you hijacker!”

Xu axe Kami’s print was now in control.

“You know you’re a nagging bitch. You want me to come and then when I finally come you want me to go” says Xu axe inner demon.

“I don’t want you controlling my body”

“Kid you should be thanking me, had you been a normal human boy with no Kami’s print your body would have been frozen by now”

“I don’t care; I don’t like the fact that a thing is controlling my body”

“A thing? I resent that, I’m simply a demon from the depths of hell that was sealed in to this thing”

“A demon?”

“Yes, now shut up and let me handle this!”

“You can have fun talking to yourself in the next life!”

Said The Ice warrior, he picks up his spear and tries to strike Xu axe. Xu axe dodges with ease, The Ice warrior tries to stab Xu axe repeatedly but repeatedly fails. Xu axes eyes grow intensively red the look on his face is insidious and evil, it strikes fear in to the heart of the Ice warrior.

“What’s wrong with him? He wasn’t like this before”

The blade of the spear begins to shine and transforms in to pure energy. He waves his spear the huge energy dashes towards Xu axe; he deflects it; while he is not looking however, the ice warrior tries to strike him. Xu axe places both of his hands on to the edge of the spear to prevent the Ice warrior from striking his heart. They both struggle for supremacy.

“Damn, he is pretty strong, can’t wait to kill him!” said Demon Xu axe.

The Ice warrior powered up, he was driving Xu axe in to the icy ground.


Suddenly Xu axe body began to heat up, his arm turned into pure fire he broke the blade of the spear and then he jumped up surprising his enemy. Xu axe and launched his fists right through the ice warrior stomach, the Ice warrior cough up large amounts of blood. Xu axe harshly removed his hand from the hole he had just cause, ripping out the ice warrior’s intestines and dropping them on the ground. The snow becomes tainted with blood and guts, the ice warrior collapses on to ground. Xu axe then with a wave of his hand incinerates the ice warrior once and for all.

Sen-Kaioh meanwhile is having trouble holding off the giant snowball made with spikes. Hs fingers are cut up, blood is gushing out of his hands.

“ Do you think I’ll be done by this?”

Sen-Kaioh eyes glow bright, as energy begins to swirl around his body. The shackles on his wrist completely come off revealing fourteen holes, seven on each side. Just before he is about to attack, two snow hands forms on the side of the snowball and pulls him in. It begins spinning even more violently.

“Hahahaha Now you’ll be torn to pieces from the inside”

A fist suddenly connects with Ice-O’s face knocking him hard in to the ground.

“Who did that!” said Ice-O trying to shake off the punches after affects. He looks and sees Xu axe his eyes red and his arms with fire swirling around them.

“ You pack quite a punch, but your going to have to be a lot stronger than that” Says Ice-O has he opens his mouth sending an ice beam towards Xu axe. As the ice beam comes towards him, He quickly dodges and reappears in front of Ice-O he fires his flames towards him. The flame completely engulfs Ice-O body however, it does not affect him.
Ice-O heads butts him hard causing him to bleed from his forehead, he then sends a devastating kick to his liver forcing him to cough up blood.

“ Damn it, I forgot this kids power still hasn’t matured yet it still at its low phase. Plus my full power hasn’t reawaken yet either”

Ice-O was about to elbow him however he blocked and gave him a leg sweep causing Ice-O to fall down. Xu axe sends more energy from his Kami’s print in to his right fist the flame on his right fist became even larger, He jumped in to the air and soon dives attempting to crack through Ice-O’s skull. Ice-O uses his ice to slide out of the way, Xu axe winds up punching through the sheet of ice leaving himself open.

“ Oh crap”

Ice-O then transforms his left hand in to a huge power drill made of ice, he smiles sadistically at Xu axe who seems to be frozen in time.

“Lights out”
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Xu axe battle with Ice-O reaches its climax, And despite protests Anan manages to get to the imperial palace, what will she find when she gets there?

Next time, Akai te dei. Unforgivable! Axe and Ice desicive battle.
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