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 Issue #3: "He is called... The T-Bot"

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PostSubject: Issue #3: "He is called... The T-Bot"   Fri Feb 16, 2007 6:11 pm

"The city is in shock today after a seemingly super-powered individual attacked and killed Lucious Stapleten, a top aide to the Mayor who had just been pronounced innocent on rape charges. The unidentified teenager appeared outside the courthouse and halted the limousine, killing it's driver, and then attacking Mr. Stapleten, all the while ignoring police warnings. Police opened fire on the individual and shot several rounds into him, but the boy survived to continue his attack, using Stapleten as a human shield while the police opened fire again, and then proceeded to smash his head into the ground viciously before escaping in a cloud of smoke. With his final words, the teen threatened to kill Mayor Kingsley with his own hands."

"Police Chief Myers had no comment on the situation or leads as to who the boy might be. WBCB News has learned that the Mayor has been moved to a secret location that is heavily guarded and will remain there until the teen is apprehended. We will have more news as the situation develops. Back to you in the studios, Craig."

Adam returns to his Father's lab to see his father hurriedly packing up his belongings. Adam stumbles towards him.

"You've been shot.. let me take a look at you."

"What kind of a robot bleeds?"

"You're not a robot. You're still human. It's a miracle you're still alive."

"Alive... right."

Richard curiously pokes around inside of one of Adam's wounds with a metal instrument as he removes the bullets, and is amazed at what he discovers.

"This is incredible! Your tissue is interacting with the mechanics inside of your body, effectively regenerating your wounds and replicating the alloy I used inside of you to fill them. Your body is rapidly making you stronger, more durable."

"Great, I am going to need to be stronger."

"Adam, I have to leave."

"Where are you going? I need you to make some improvements."

"I saw the news today. You killed someone, Adam. They're going to come looking for you, and they are going to come looking for me. As soon as they find out what you are, they are going to want to dissect you. Both of us need to disappear."

Adam slams his fist into his father's desk, shattering it right down the middle, sending papers flying in every direction.

"You brought me back from a murder, did you not expect me to want justice? That man, he was with the Mayor, and two other guys. They're the ones that killed me."

"No Adam, you were killed during a gang initiation. Two boys already confessed and are in jail. They won't be getting out anytime soon."

"What? That's a lie!"

"Adam, they found their DNA at the scene!"

"It's all a lie! Why don't you believe me!?"

"T-Bot has changed you Adam. I don't know if I can believe you anymore. You were never aggressive in the past. Today, you are a murderer. I can't support what you are going to do, but do not blur the line of distinction between justice and revenge. Your body is not invincible and you will find yourself killed if you continue to be reckless. I love you son, and it was worth all of those days of research and work to see you again, if only just this one time. Goodbye, Adam."

"Where are you going!?"

"I don't even know where I am going, and it is probably best that way. Like I said, I need to disappear, and you do too."

Adam watches his father hail a taxi and then drive away. He watches the back of his father's head get smaller and smaller as the car moves further from him.

Meanwhile, the Mayor has recieved the report and recognizes the kid. He irately bangs his fists on his desk as he calls his associates.

"Stone, Queen.... get in here!"

Jack Stone and Michael Queen, brick walls of flesh walk into the office of Mayor Kingsley. The african-american man named Queen is slightly larger than Stone, and they are both dressed in expensive suits.

"I have a problem. I want to know what this kid is and why he's alive. Bring him to me alive, understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"We'll handle it, Sir."

The entire day, the news was full of speculation and new information regarding the incident surrounding the death of Stapleten and the enigmatic character that murdered him.

"WBCB news has just learned that police have identified the mysterious teenaged murderer as Adam Sanderson, a local seventeen year old Senior from Thomas Jefferson High School. Adam was pronounced dead in March of this year, but his remains were confiscated by his father, Richard Sanderson, a local nobel peace prize winning scientist. Reports indicate that he had intentions to bring his son back to life using cybernetic and biological symbiosis, under 'Project T-Bot'. Police have been searching for both Father and Son since earlier today but so far have not been able to track them down."

"The Police are urging anyone that may know of the whereabouts of either Richard Sanderson or his son, Adam Sanderson, to contact the authorities immediately. Any information leading to the arrest of either of these individuals could result in an undisclosed monetary award. Police also urge everyone to remain calm and to not approach or confront either of these individuals as they are extremely dangerous. Please keep your doors locked and windows shut, and avoid going outside if all possible. Back to you in the studio, Craig."

"And so this day gets even more wild. It is a tale of a modern day Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, brought back from the grave. In this case it is a well-known scientist using science that is not yet well understood to bring back his son. Does this 'T-Bot' have the memories and emotions that he did before he died? Has the award of a second life with superhuman abilities brought him a sense of immortality and an above the law attitude? The dead now walks among us, is anyone safe?"

"What power would hell have if those imprisoned there could not dream of heaven?" - Dream
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Issue #3: "He is called... The T-Bot"
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