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PostSubject: Prolouge   Fri Feb 16, 2007 5:08 pm

In an unmeasurable void of supreme nothingness two vague figures floated. On was the untamed figure of darkness, the other an untamed figure of light. The two figures sat as if waiting for something as they had since it had all ended and came like this. They seemed to know something was going to happen, that it was all going to change. They had been waiting in the void of nothingness which had seemed to last forever, and technically it had. But then it happened the light and the dark felt it was time. The two figures of light and dark melded together. As they did so all of the infinate nothingness compacted on the spot where the light and dark had fused before any time could even pass and in doing so the power caused a shock shattering the nothingness and bringing an end to the void, bringing forth Finale.
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